No but for real, how phallic does ‘Sweet Pompeii’ sound. 

(I’m aware the song is originally ‘Sweet Nothing’ - Calvin Harris, but to me it doesn’t sound even remotely as phallic being sung by Florence Welch!)

Surely it isn’t just me who sees this, maybe I’m just blinded by my insane attraction to Dan.

‘You took my heart, and you held it in your mouth.
And with the word, all my love came rushing out.’ 

Suuuurrreeeee, Dan…




‘It isn’t easy for me to let it go. 
Cause I swallow every single word.’ 

who is ‘swallow’ing the ‘words’ that just made the ‘love’ come rushing out of where?


‘…every sigh, eats away at this heart of mine.
There is a hollow in me now.’ 


‘eats away this heart of mine’ 

where are you ‘hollow’ hey dan? all your ‘love’ come ‘rushing out’ of your ‘heart’ again? must have been all that ‘eating away’

YEAH OKAY I HAVE A PROBLEM… I need to go to sleep.


norialavellan }

But if you close your eyes
            Does it almost  f e e l  like
                                    Nothing changed at all?
                                                            And if you c l o s e your eyes
                        Does it almost feel like
                                                You’ve been here before?
                                                                                    How am I gonna be an  o p t i m i s t  about this?
                                                                                                How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

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hey :)

Opening Credits: Cousins - Vampire Weekend 
Waking Up: Didn’t See It Coming - Parachute 
First Day At School: Peaches - In the Valley Below 
Falling In Love: Anti-D - the Wombats
Fight Song: The Draw - Bastille 
Breaking Up: Disappear - Parachute 
Life’s OK: Talk! - the 1975
Getting Back Together: Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend 
Wedding: Given the Chance - The Kite String Tangle 
Birth of Child: Semi-Automatic - Twenty One Pilots 
Final Battle: Portugal - Walk the Moon 
Death Scene: Walcott - Vampire Weekend
Funeral Song: Kidnap - CRUISR 
End Credits: Texas - Magic Man 

One of the oldest “Beware of the Dog” signs in the world. Domus del Poeta Tragico, PompeiiThe House of the Tragic Poet  is a typical 2nd century BC Roman house in Pompeii, Italy. The vestibule floor was decorated with a mosaic picture of a
domesticated dog leashed and chained to an arbitrary point. Below the
figure were the words “CAVE CANEM”, an ancient warning equivalent to the modern “Beware of the Dog”.