Golden bezel of a lapis lazuli scarab ring, with hieroglyphs reading “Chiefs of the Priestly Guild of Horus”.  Artist unknown; ca. 1186-1070 BCE (20th Dynasty, New Kingdom).  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

Some movies that I got to rewatch

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One time when I was 15 or 16, I showed my dad The Prince of Egypt which I was really looking forward to. About 15 minutes into the film he asks me “Seriously, you think THAT’S a good film?!“ For someone who loves animation and appreciates that film as much as I did, that comment really hurt me, and even several years later, I STILL get angry thinking about it since the only reason he said it is because it’s an animated film and he couldn’t see the great story past that or even pretend to like it for my sake.


Three Dimensional reconstructed C.T. scan images of the mummified remains of Tutankhamun’s mother, also known as “The Younger Lady” who was found in tomb KV35.

Said to have died between the age of 25 to 35 years, her mummy measures at 158cm (approx. 5 ft 2in), the jaw wound could have been a lethal blow. She is the daughter of Queen Tiye & Amenhotep III and sister to Akhenaten.

Taken from the book:
Scanning the Pharaohs, C.T. Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies
By Zahi Hawass & Sahar N. Saleem, published in 2016.

“ The [Fayum] paintings are the products of a multicultural society, one in which Romans mixed with native Egyptians and with Greeks descended from the Macedonian armies of Alexander the Great to create a polyglot community.  The vast majority come from two sites south of the oasis, er-Rubayat (the necropolis of ancient Philadelphia) and Hawara (associated in Roman times with Arsinoe); they combine the religious imagery of Rome and Egypt, and production of them seems to have ceased shortly before the final Christianisation of the Roman Empire. Each painting shows the head and shoulders of a man, woman or child and is painted on a sliver of wood measuring around 12 inches by 6 [30 by 15cm]. The portraits are, therefore, very nearly life-sized.”


Queen Farida of Egypt | Королева Египта Фарида by Olga

stardust crusaders is to the jjba fandom as pokemon x/y is to the pokemon fandom:

  • stardust crusaders was sort of a “test run” for stands and pokemon x/y was a test run for pokemon in 3d; neither were used to their full potential yet
    • araki frequently forgot his own rules he set for stands, i.e. most of kakyoin and polnareff’s stand abilities were ignored after they joined the squad
    • x/y had a dull color palette and messy overworld graphics, especially when compared to s/m
  • premise had all the potential to be good but failed 
    • sdc’s epic journey to egypt actually being a bunch of filler with barely any time for characters to just have some pure bonding time and not be fighting enemy stand users
    • az’s story in x/y being so brief that after tearing up a little, you just go back to the same generic pokemon story of taking down the local villainous team, and it’s the most generic iteration of a villainous team ever seen in a pokemon game
  • squad of five main characters
    • two of them barely get any attention (avdol and oldseph vs. tierno and trevor)
    • one of them gets weirdly focused on a lot (polnareff vs. shauna)
    • the protags have cool designs but are boringly written (jotaro vs. calem/serena, both as the protag and as the rival; except jotaro actually gets some genuinely cool moments)
  • sandwiched between two parts/generations that most people agree were better or more enjoyable than it (bt and diu vs. b/w and s/m)
  • absurdly well-received
    • stardust crusaders is the most well-known and influential part
    • x/y somehow got 39/40 on famitsu and 9/10 on ign??? literally HOW is it on par with b/w to some people what the fuck
  • we love it anyway because it’s part of a bigger series we enjoy

Fawzia Fuad of Egypt | Фавзия Фуад by Olga


In Egypt, 3 Muslim female police officers died protecting Christians in Palm Sunday attack

  • In Egypt, three Muslim female police officers — Nagwa El-Haggar, Asmaa Hussein and Omneya Roshdy — are being hailed as heroes for attempting to save the lives of Coptic Christians targeted in two attacks that took place on Palm Sunday.
  • El-Haggar, a brigadier general for the Egyptian police force, died while in the line of duty at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. She was 53.
  • The attack at St. Mark’s killed at least 17 people and injured 48 others; the suicide bombings took place right outside the main gates of the cathedral. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. El-Haggar was conducting inspections for people entering the church. The bomb detonated when she rushed to the aid of her male co-workers after noticing they had trouble with the suspect, Arab News reported.
  • On Twitter, Council of Arab-British Understanding’s Joseph Willits tweeted photos of El-Haggar, including one taken minutes before the attack. Read more. (4/10/2017 8:34 PM)