Unpopular Opinions about Disney movies bc i'm a pos

-The Little Mermaid is one of the worst movies and I cringe every time i see it.
-Tangled is WAY better than Frozen and most Disney movies honestly
-The Princess and the Frog is so underrated and needs more appreciation because that movie is a masterpiece.
-Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are AWFUL for young girls as well as Snow White. They are terrible role models.
-The Lion King is overrated. It’s a great movie don’t get me wrong but I just don’t see what all the hype is from.
-I prefer Tarzan over Pocahontas
-I despise Aladdin, it’s just not my type of movie.
-While this isn’t a Disney movie, Anastasia is better than most Disney movies and The Prince of Egypt as well. Those movies are masterpieces that don’t get enough credit.
-I think Pocahontas has great songs and animation but I don’t like the actual story. I feel like a strong female character gets diminished to a girl who has a crush.
-Frozen is not even that good there i said it

Okay carry on.


Pyramidion, or pyramid cap of king Amenemhat III, height 140 cm, basalt, from Dahshur - Giza, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty. 

The pyramidion is a small pyramidal-shaped stone representing the benben or the primeval mountain, the first to emerge from the ocean at the creation of the world by the NTR Atum .. It´s decorated with a solar disc flanked by two cobras with outspread wings. The two eyes are to see the neferu, the beauty of Ra, as inscribed there in 

First Battle of Gaza

British soldiers resting between marches on March 25, the day before the battle.

March 26 1917, Gaza–The fall of Baghdad had emboldened British war planners for their prospects against Turkey.  Despite having stripped the area of many troops two months earlier, the British approved an attack into Palestine in late February.  The British still had numerical superiority in the area, and the railway and water pipeline from Egypt had now completely crossed the Sinai–though water would still prove a major restriction for operations in southern Palestine.

The British planned an assault on Gaza, similar in pattern to their progress through the Sinai to Rafah in the previous months.  Led by camelry and cavalry, the British would surround the Turkish position and attempt to quickly force them to surrender before the British ran out of water or Turkish reinforcements arrived.  The British planned to attack on the morning of March 26; however, an unexpected and unseasonable fog delayed the movement of troops and attacks could not begin until right before noon.  Nevertheless, the British infantry made substantial gains and were on the verge of cracking the Turkish positions by evening.

However, British commanders, far away from the front lines, were not aware of these successes, and had received intelligence of approaching Turkish reinforcements, and began to order a retreat that evening before the cavalry would run out of water.  The order was not adequately communicated to all units, causing substantial chaos, and the British lost around 4000 casualties over the course of two days’ fighting, substantially more than the Turks.

Dispatches back to London, however, greatly exaggerated the extent of Turkish casualties, making it seem that the British had won a definite victory.  In response, CIGS Robertson ordered a continued advance, hoping that Jerusalem would soon be captured, a task that was likely infeasible.

Today in 1916: Inter-Allied Conference in Paris
Today in 1915: Russians Press Austrians in the Carpathians

Sources include: Eugene Rogan, The Fall of the Ottomans; Roger Ford, Eden to Armageddon.


Mythology Moodboard: Egyptian mythology

Nut - Goddess of the sky, she symbolizes the firmament and is considered as the mother of all celestial objects. She is the mother of Isis, Osiris, Seth, Nephtys and according to some versions, Horus and the daughter of Shu, personnification of air and Tefnut, goddess of moisture, moist air, dew and rain.


Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God’s wonders.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) dir. Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells