Sesa Abou Douh, An Egyptian Woman in Al-Boghdady, Egypt, Opens Up About Why She Has Been Living As A Man For Over 40 Years.

After the death of her husband, faced with the task to provide for her and her daughter who was yet to be born at the time of his passing, Sesa Abou Douh did the only thing she could: she began to live life as a man in order to work.

“For 42 years I’ve been suffering for my family. My brother gave me nothing, nor did my father, only my mother, God rest her soul…God gave me the strength.“

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I saw that bloglikeanegyptian received an ask from an anon who said they were a bit jealous of other MENA countries with pretty/intricate traditional dress/clothing, so I thought I would post this. These are images of preserved tunics from the Coptic period of Egypt that were for everyday wear. I also threw in an image of some bombass golden shoes (our people were stylin’). I’d love to reintroduce this type of garb to the Egyptian public, it would be really cool to see.

Goddess of the Day: May 22

Isis - also Auset.  Goddess Queen of Egypt. Goddess of magick and healing, Isis is the most well known deity of the Egyptian pantheon. She is the patroness of women and children, and the honored protector of marriage and vows of love.  The ultimate wife and mother, Isis uses her wisdom and sorcery to strengthen ancestral bonds, manifest change, and transform the world.  The lotus flower and the sycamore tree are sacred to Her.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide)


I watched this movie again last night. 

Do you remember this scene? It was so incredible. My goosebumps were so epic they could have broken my windows. 

The animation stands up to this day. 

Beautiful. Fantastic movie. 

It’s been almost a month since the last update but I finally managed to finish chapter 10! Yeah!

My finals are coming up so don’t expect the next update before the end of june… It will be an important on (plotwise)

Summary : Marco Bodt was living a peaceful Shepherd’s life with his family, but after a succession of misfortunes, he lost his freedom and ended up serving under the tyranny of Jean, the young prince of Egypt.Jean was a spoiled brat, but there was also more to him than the eye could see. It would take Marco a lot of patience and kindness to discover it.

Chapter extract: Jean slowly got up too and it looked like he was trying to make himself as small as possible when he asked. “Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not” Marco reassured, running his thumb over Jean’s hand where they were still joined. “But next time let’s go slower okay?”Jean vigorously nodded his head, biting his lip in regret. Marco’s muscles would probably ache the next day, but he couldn’t be mad at Jean.


Problems with the story of Moses and the Jewish exodus.


Sculpted in sunk relief with a boat sailing on the Nile or a canal, the rippling water indicated by parallel zigzag lines, a sailor crouching at the stern controlling the steering oar, with a royal man on deck, wearing a short kilt, seated on a tripod stool beneath a triangular deck-house, a young princess standing before him, holding a bouquet of flowers and a line rising up, perhaps controlling the sail billowing before her, their faces all deliberately damaged, the boat with rectangular bosses along its length, preserving extensive traces of red and blue pigment