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Many look on this conflict between Christ and Satan as having no special bearing on their own life; and for them it has little interest. But within the domain of every human heart this controversy is repeated. Never does one leave the ranks of evil for the service of God without encountering the assaults of Satan.
—  Ellen Gould White, The Desire of Ages, p. 86
In childhood and youth the character is most impressible. The power of self-control should then be acquired. By the fireside and at the family board influences are exerted whose results are as enduring as eternity. More than any natural endowment, the habits established in early years decide whether a man will be victorious or vanquished in the battle of life. Youth is the sowing time. It determines the character of the harvest, for this life and for the life to come.
—  Ellen Gould White, The Desire of Ages, p. 71

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an eixes thn eukairia na gnwriseis kapoion p exeis kanei follow kai se exei kanei follow[sto tumblr] ti 8a ekanes?[a8hnaio follower]

Ti ti tha ekana; Koita eksartatai poios einai o skopos sto na ton gwnrisw px ekeinos exei allous skopous kai egw exw ton diko mou skopo dhladh na kanw mia fusiologikh suzhthsh kai oxi na suzhthw tis malakies pou the thelei ekeinos twra o kathenas me ton tropo tou vevaia 

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Egw ton anthrwpo mou ton vrhka alla pleon mas xwrizei h apostash. Mia terastia apostash. Ponaei polu

αποσταση αλλο και αυτο,σκεψου να σας χωριζε ενας δρομος μονο και να ησασταν χωρια εκει να δεις πονος

ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΤΕΛΟΣ Ο ΠΟΝΟΣ,δεν θα πεσουμε σε καταθλιψη ολοι μαζι αρκεταα,θελω χαρουμενα ασκ


Ava Lord is the archetype of the femme fatale: a siren, a perfect seductress who can transform herself into men’s deepest desires. She adapts. For her husband, she’s like a princess. For Dwight, she’s a lover. For Manute, she’s a goddess. She’s like the perfect thespian and she’s like an animal. She’s not intellectual. It’s all with her guts. She starts with her body. She adjusts to how men react. She’s quite dangerous!

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Gamaei kala toulaxiston o florws o gomenos s? Alliws ela na soy riksw egw enan poutso na thn vreis kaula m...

Αν μιλούσες σαν άνθρωπος μπορεί και να σου απάνταγα. Και καυλα σου δεν😂

Fun Fact: J.A Bayona, director of episode 2 ‘Séance’ wanted to shoot the séance scene in different angles requiring Eva to perform her 10 minute monologue 30 times each day for two days. She did all 60 takes straight, no cuts. Day two was dedicated to acting against the green screen. According to director J.A Bayona, all the gasps heard during the séance scene were the real reactions of those present during filming.