bangs pots and pans everyone needs to watch san junipero, episode four of season three of netflix’s original series black mirror. none of the episodes are connected and the one previously stated is the most beautiful, heartfelt and lgbt+ driven of the bunch. like honestly you don’t even have to bother with the others since most of the eps are so emotionally disturbing with no happy ending or closure in sight. however san junipero deserves everyone’s consideration.

Robin's Return Theory

Just thought of this theory about how Robin returns and wondering if anyone has anything to add.

Emma and Killian traveled back in time to the EF and brought back Marion (who ended up really being Zelena). Marion was dead in the present, but able to return because Emma saved her in the past. What if Regina or someone found a way to go back in time again (maybe using a portal) and either save Robin Hood or bring him back from a time in the EF when he was still alive? Not sure if that makes any sense, but it could explain why the dwarves were seen on set yesterday dressed in their fairy tale land clothes. Maybe they came through a portal with him.

I don’t think some of y’all understand how important having Black Panther in Civil War is to some people. When my father was growing up, Black Panther was the ONLY Black superhero he knew. My dad would run around pretending to be him. He was heartbroken when the Avengers went to Wakanda in Age of Ultron but made no mention of his favorite superhero. I got to listen to a 50 year old man talk excitedly about Black Panther being in the movie (which he hasn’t had time to see yet. He was just so excited after some of the teaser trailers) and telling me all the little tidbits about how “He is the Prince of a NATION!! He’s a DIPLOMAT!! He’s rich, he’s powerful, he is smart, he’s just so AWESOME! I wanted to BE him!!!” If a 50-year-old man can find one of the few Black superheroes relatable and still be this excited and pumped about seeing him, imagine a young Black boy who is just tired of seeing White superheroes or Black heroes in sidekick roles. 

Representation. It’s some powerful shit.


Nine times out of ten, I’m in my feelings. But ten times out of nine, I’m only human. Tell me, what did I do wrong? Feel like that question has been posed
I’m movin’ on, I’ll always be committed, I been focused, I always paid attention, been devoted. Tell me, what did I do wrong? Oh, already asked that, my bad.


                                                           I found a way to let you in
                                                        But, I never really had a doubt
                                                       Standing in the light of your halo
                                                                 I got my angel now


#okay #i’m profoundly enraged #why is he so tol #why is he so tol and so handsome #god damnit Alec lightwood #no wonder all the girls in idris are going gaga #i can’t deal with how preciously adorable and tol he is #magnus probably swoons everything he enters a room #magnus is probably singing that taylor swift line #again and again and #again #probably until alec notices #he can’t help it though #he’s tall and handsome as hell