Scenes From My Future: Save the Date

My teenage daughter is upstairs in her room, getting ready for her first date. 

Me: *sitting on the front porch cleaning my gun* 

Her Date: *walks up the steps and sees me* “Whoa! Is that a modified EE-3 Carbine Rifle?” 

Me: “It sure is! I’m getting my Boba Fett costume ready for Comic-Con next week. I’ve got the rest of the outfit inside. Come on in!” 

When speaking to his Lord, Moosaa said: ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the most beloved to You?’ He said: ‘The ones who remember Me the most.’ He then asked: ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the wisest?’ He said: ‘The one who judges himself in the same way he judges others.’ He then said: ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the richest?’ He said: ‘The one who is pleased with what I have given him.’

Ibn Abbaas Source: Imaam An-Nasaa'ee, The Book of Knowledge, Page 36


im on mobile but
im not coming back to this blog any time soon, im sorry. i feel horrible but i really can’t focus on more than one muse at a time and it seems that my other blog has all of my attention. plus, i feel too iffy being on here. the community took a sudden turn that i didnt wanna roll with.

at any mains that i had, its okay if you wanna replace me if you havent already. dont let me stop u from loving some jaehee! tysm for being there with me while i was here.

currently, i only have one blog thats active. find me at @infragain if you want to find me!


“Life is a bad dream, but then you wake up and things are different for you.” New Joyce Manor video for “Eighteen”, comin’ at ya!
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So I was browsing the Matt and Alberto questions and they was so many questions like," Matt do you enjoy kissing Harry?" "Hey Matt would you date Harry irl?" "Fuck me Matt" "Are you and Harry dating?" LIKE FUCKING HELL PEOPLE BE MATURE I mean no both Harry and Matthew have long term partners and they go and be disrespectful like that. Harry's married and Matts been in a relationship for like 5 years. I would hate to see them not interact as much on and off set.


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Relationship Status : Deceased

Favourite Colour: either some form of blue or gold

Pets: 1 floofy old dog

Last song I listened to:  …not Chim Chim Cher-ee by Colin Farrell 

Favourite TV show: The X-Files 

First Fandom: we do not speak of those dark times 

Hobbies: Sitting on this website (h elp), drawing, photography, I occasionally do other art things but not too often, and I do quite a bit of volunteer work

Books that I’m currently reading: The FBAWTFT Screenplay 

Favourite Book: I always say the Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles  but I also really like The Inferno

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: uhhh the only thing really coming to mind is either oysters or the gluten free bread my mom used to have to make for my sister 

Favourite place: I like my room a lot but it can get a bit boring so I guess I’ll say the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts because I’m that cheese that cries in an art museum because of the art

I tag: @gravesmistake, @weaponsofpeace, and whoever else would like to do it!


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