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Martin Landau Dead at 89. Loved him as Bela Lugosi in Tim Buton’s Ed Wood film. 😈⚰️💀⚰️
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Ed Wood

Edward Davis Wood Jr. was born on October 10, 1924 in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Wood reportedly loved science fiction and cowboy comics, and his greatest love was the movies.  He was working as a movie theater usher when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and he enlisted in the Marines.  He won the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for action he saw in Tarawa and the Marshall Islands.

Ed Wood’s life is surrounding by legends and conflicting stories, many of them told by Wood himself.  For example, there are conflicting reports as to when he developed his signature transvestism.  Some say he developed the love by himself in childhood, or that his mother dressed him as a girl because she wanted a girl child, or still others that his mother forced him to wear girl’s clothes as a punishment.

In 1947, after being discharged from the Marines, Ed Wood moved to Hollywood and set about writing, producing, directing and starring in various motion pictures over the years.  His first film was a classic Western called The Streets of Laredo.  This thirty-minute never-released film featured Ed as the villain. 

In the early 1950s, Wood found work at Universal Studios, working his way up to the story department.  During this time, he acted in several bit parts in theaters in and around Hollywood.  He became a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild in 1951. In 1952 small-time movie producer George Weis convinced Wood to write the script for the film The Lawless Rider.  The film was a great success, but Wood was paid only a small screenwriter’s fee, and the writing credit was listed under a pseudonym. 

Possibly to pay him back for his screenplay, George Weiss chose Wood to be the writer and director of a film he planned to make about the story of transsexual Christine Jorgensen.  When Jorgensen demanded to be paid for the story, Weiss decided to continue on with the production but change the names and call it a faux documentary film on the lurid life and shocking secrets of transsexuals.

Ed Wood turned it into a surreal biography of himself starring Ed Wood, his current girlfriend Dolores Fuller, and featuring Bela Lugosi as God.  It also featured real transvestites and transsexuals in the supporting roles.  It was called Glen or Glenda.  Due to budget constraints, Wood was forced to film scenes in two takes or less, adding a frantic speed to the film that would become an Ed Wood trademark.  Another trademark first used in Glen or Glenda was his use of stock footage to lengthen the film. 

In 1954, Wood wrote and directed a gangster crime noir film called The Hidden Face that was later renamed Jailbait, the title referring to a gun acting like jail bait for one of the characters.  The film was originally written to be a serious, non-horror, non-mad scientist, non-vampire role for the aging Bela Lugosi.  Lugosi was to portray Dr. Boris Gregor, a plastic surgeon who is forced to perform plastic surgery on a gangster so that he can successfully escape the police. Unfortunately, Bela fell ill and the part went to actor Herbert Rawlinson.

In October 1954 filming began for the science-fiction film, Bride of the Atom, later re-named Bride of the Monster.  Bela Lugosi was cast as a mad scientist trying to conquer the world. Wood spent a year raising the money to start filming “Bride of the Monster” and got only three days into shooting before running out of money.  Filming resumed in March of 1955 when Hank McCoy, owner of the Meat Packing Service Corporation put up the rest of the money for the film on two now legendary conditions: that the film would end with lightning striking Dr. Vornoff and setting off an atomic explosion, and that his son Tony would star in the film.  Prior to McCoy’s intervention, Wood had sold over 100 percent of the film to get it financed.  Bride of the Monster did fairly well for an Ed Wood film and made a good chunk of money but Ed Wood was paid only his original director’s fee of $350.

Ed planned a comeback movie for Bela Lugosi entitled The Ghoul Goes West. This film was never made. Ed’s basic idea for The Ghoul Goes West was to mix classic horror movies with classic western movies.  Ed’s unrealized Ghoul project was to have cowboys come upon a seemingly deserted wild west town that secretly is populated by blood-thirsty vampires who duke it out fang-to-gun in a tense Woodian climax.

Ed Wood’s most lasting film legacy is Plan 9 from Outer Space.  This film supposedly began because Bela Lugosi was sick and near death and needed money, so Wood paid him to shoot a few scenes of him skulking around in his Dracula cape.  Shortly afterwards, Bela died and Wood decided to use these shots in a film called Grave Robbers from Outer Space. Wood reportedly wanted the film to seem authentic and reminiscent of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds.  He custom tailored the script to better suit the people around him and recruited friends and anyone else he could find to play the roles.  His wife’s chiropractor was cast to fill out Lugosi’s character. 

As always, Ed Wood needed money for the film, and his Apartment manager also happened to be one of the leaders of the Baptist Church of Beverly Hills.  J. Edward Reynolds had acquired the rights to produce the story of Billy Sunday but didn’t have enough money to make the film.  Wood convinced him to invest the money in his film and they would make enough money to produce several religious films such as The Billy Sunday Story.  Before handing over the money, Reynolds apparently demanded that Wood and the entire crew be baptized, which Wood agreed to. 

After Plan 9 from Outer Space, wood had another near success with a film originally titled Queen of the Gorillas, later titled The Bride and the Beast. Charlotte Austin plays a woman strangely attracted to her soon-to-be husband’s pet gorilla. When the gorilla seemingly attacks her, she is put into hypnosis and it is revealed that she was the Queen of the Gorillas on a past life. Bad stock footage abounds and in the twist ending, the gorilla and the woman live happily ever after.  The film was a mid-sized hit in theaters, unfortunately Wood just wrote the script and was paid a small flat fee for his work. 

While Bride of the Beast was making good money, Ed decided to make a Bride of the Monster sequel called Revenge of the Dead or, as it is better known, Night of the Ghouls.  He convinced a Fuller Brush salesman, George Cilly, to produce the film.  Upon completion, Ed did not have enough money left over to pay the bill needed to release the film from the lab and it remained unreleased until recently.

In 1960, Glenda producer George Weiss started filming a movie called Hellborn. He shot one day on location and then ran out of funding. Conrad Brooks bought the film and sold the footage to Wood, who changed the entire focus of the film, turning it into a candid look into the world of pornography and youth violence called The Sinister Urge, which was a dismal failure.   

Wood spent the next eighteen years writing sleazy novels and films such as Death of a Transvestite, Necromania, To Make a Homo, Shotgun Wedding, Raped in the Grass, Gun Runners, Bloodiest Sex Crimes of History, The Beach Bunnies, and Sex Museum. Ed’s alcoholism got worse and his directing jobs became few and far between. He spent a little over 6 months with a company called Autonetics writing and directing films for the government. During the sixties, Wood wrote as many as 75 novels.  He tried to shift from cheap pulp novels to sociological textbooks, and A Study of the Sons and Daughters of Erotica was published in 1971, followed by several similar books, none of which succeeded to break into the world of collegiate textbooks.  Wood later agreed to write and direct films for a Sex Education Correspondence School. 

Ed Wood Jr. died on December 10, 1978.


I wonder what the professor is cooking up.  I guess the chef knows since he does have the Turkey or Chicken in his hand.

this drawing is from Harry Edwood, it was drawn on a menu card for the meal of “Les Amis de Hergé” in Nivelles March 1, 2014. On the bottom is what they had for dinner/lunch.

you know stuff like this make me really wish Hergé gave his legacy to Mr. Edwood or Mr. Bob de Moor or heck even Rodier. because these guys capture tintin and friends very well.

Lad’s In Distress

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

[Trigger Warnings: Guns, violence, murder, kidnapping, fire]

The boys were all around the age of ten the first time they were kidnapped.

They had been taken by a mob boss who wanted to teach Geoff a lesson. Gavin was scared, Ray was apathetic and Michael…?

Michael was pissed.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He snarled as he struggled against the ropes which bound his wrists together. “Do you know who we are? Geoff and Jack are going to find us. And they’re going to fucking kill you.” He spat at the man unfortunate enough to be guarding the three lads.

The guard quickly reached the end of his patience. Fed up with the young boys ravings, he reached out to slap Michael across the face with an unnecessary amount of force.

“Micoo…” Gavin whimpered.

“I’m fine Gav.” Michael assured him, spitting out the blood which had pooled in his mouth. “I really hope Geoff kills this one first though.

While Michael had distracted their guard, Ray had managed to slide his bound hands into the pocket of his hoodie to extract the pen knife which he used to weaken the ropes to the point where he could use his phone. Keeping his hands behind his back so that he would still appear to be a captive, Ray silently texted Geoff, telling him exactly where they were. He wasn’t sure if he was hitting any of the right buttons, but at least Geoff would know that they were okay.

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Fake AH Crew: Lads in Distress. Part Three

A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade.

Click here to check out Part One of Lads in Distress. and Part Two of Lads in Distress.

It didn’t take long for Gavin to get captured again. Michael had to admit, they probably should have stopped to untie the boys hands. A mass of muscled mobster held the gangly boy in one arm, holding a knife to his throat with the other.

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Jake Edwoods is such a cootie.

He treats me real nice and supports everything I do. For real I can be such a butt and instead of getting mad he just calls me out on it and moves on. He’s very aware of how his words effect other people to the point I have to make him say what’s really on his mind.

This might sound ridiculous but at the minute I’m really trying to get on his level because this guy is just too good for me.

Love him so much.