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I would be totally down for some "most embarrassing moments" from any Twilight character that strikes your fancy (or five, or ten...)

I meant embarrassing stories from my days as a twilight fan as a child but I will do my best, my headcanons are kinda meh.

Once Carlisle blew his cover by asking the nurse to give him some leeches for blood letting, lets just say HR was not very happy and neither was Carlisle’s patients.

When Jasper first went back into civilisation he pushed a human girl into a bush because he was shocked that her ankles were showing and “it is far too improper for such a young lady to reveal her ankles.”

Also when Alice and Jasper first met Alice took him to the pictures and when it started this 6 foot, muscled, scarred warrior screamed the loudest, most high pitched scream possible. He was terrified by the moving pictures at first.

Also he was convinced that electricity was magic at first. It was so bad that until 1956 Jasper’s “origin story” was that Carlisle and Esme adopted Jasper after his horrific childhood in an extreme cult.

Edward once spent 6 hours learning the cool dances of the 60s from Jasper but Jasper accidentally taught him the dances of the 1860s not the 1960s and Eddie looked like an idiot when he went to the prom and tried to fit in

Jane totally called Aro dad and Aro LOVED it much to Jane’s mortification.

“[Oswald and Edward] are both outcasts in their own way and in a way that actually complements each other. Oswald is more emotional, whereas Edward is very cerebral and they both have lost everyone in their lives.”  -   Robin Lord Taylor.

These two characters complement each other so well and they will always end up entwined in each others lives, one way or another.

STEP ONE: accept the “keetz = kravitz” theory with joy

STEP TWO: remember that while lydia and edward wear bananas color combinations, kravitz is just about always in black suits


kravitz: lydia, can we maybe wear something with… less colors today?

lydia: no keetz, edward’s prepared a beautiful matching set of 3 outfits in bronze, red, teal, and yellow

kravitz, holding back tears: i hate this fucking family

Assassin’s Creed AU where everything’s the same except the characters are named after their voice actors

Featuring memorable characters like the Syrian Master Assassin Philip

And the Italian Mentore Roger and his best friend, the famous Renaissance painter Carlos

Among many other interesting characters such as

and, lastly,

(Images from Assassin’s Creed wikia)