✿ Gemanimate ✿ A Steven Universe Reanimate Project ✿

Gemanimate finally has a release date! A total of 49 animators across the globe have come together to create this beautiful reanimated theme song from Steven Universe. Everyone who has contributed shots has donated their time and skills to pay tribute to the best animated series out there, Steven Universe. The full list of contributing animators can be found here.

So tune in, in your respective timezone, and watch some gorgeous animation! 

Release date:

Australia: 10AM AEDT 9th October

England: 11pm GMT 8th October

Canada: 7PM EDT 8th October

United States: 4PM PDT 8th October

Merlin and the Sword (watching and group chatting)

Merlin and the Sword is a lovely trashy movie! Come and watch it with us this 27th September!


This is a very homemade streaming as… not really a streaming. We will get in the chatroom all together and then we will start the youtube video of Merlin and the Sword at the same time! The video will be in English without any subtitles, the quality is not the best so earphones might be useful. The move is one hour and a half, which means we’ll probably take a 15 mins break at 40 minutes in. 
The chat room is free and open, you won’t need to register, just to chose a nickname.

If you come in late, no problem!, we’ll tell you the minute we are at so you can watch it with us!


27th September (this Tuesday), NY (EDT) 5 pm

the time is 5pm EDT:
Rome 11 pm
Sidney 7 am the next day
New York 5 pm
London 10 pm
(convert the time here)


You can find MERLIN AND THE SWORD at this link.
The CHAT GROUP instead is here on chatzy (click on Normal connection if you get the https not allowed warning)
(refer to this post for any changes!)

…. SO

 all you need is 

  • to write down the time
  • open the video and let it load, a little before the time (link here)… well, my personal suggestion would be to download the video before
  • meet us in the chat (link here)
  • wait for the countdown!
  • (check for any changes in this post, just to be safe!)

Merlin Re-watch Reminder: Monday September 26, 4x07: The Secret Sharer  

Secrets? Me? Nope, not at all, nothing to see here, sire.
The live rewatch will happen on Monday, September 26 at 3 pm PDT/ 6 pm EDT / 10 pm GMT / 8 am Tuesday, September 27, Sydney Australia time.

Ways to Participate in the merlin_forever Re-watch:

1) You do not HAVE to watch it at the time above in order to participate, that’s just when the most people are likely to be talking in Merlin Chat about it.

2) Please post your discussion, meta, or other thoughts as comments on this LJ post!

3) If you create fic, art, or anything else related to the episode, please share it in the LJ community, or drop us a link here!

4) Help us with our Merlin Rewatch Counting Sheet

This zine will hold 12 months of art based on characters from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, with a focus on one character/set of characters per month. There will be more than one artist per month, because this is still a zine, not a wall calendar.

All artists welcome to apply. Art must be SFW and your original creation.

Applications will close October 18 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Art won’t be due until a later date.

Streaming later today!

I’ll be streaming here in a few hours while I make gauntlets for @masadist for her Fenris cosplay! I’ll stay on until around midnight CEST (3pm PDT, 6pm EDT).

It’s going to be my first stream ever, and I only have my laptop webcam to show you things, so I hope you like it!

(Please note that I’ll probably launch the stream for a couple minutes soon to get the settings right!)

@adoribulltrash, @cherrypikkins, @mlp-micoo, @sakurabunnie

(To the lovely people on Cherry’s stream, I’m sorry. For most of you, I can remember your name there but not your tumblr username :’) And I don’t really know who to tag here because I don’t want to bother anyone.)