Dragon CRS-9 on the deck of its recovery ship earlier today. At 11:47am EDT, the capsule splashed down more than 300 miles off the coast of Baja California, bringing more than 3,100 pounds of experiments and equipment back to Earth from the International Space Station.

Once the capsule is back in port, SpaceX will remove time-sensitive experiments for NASA. The capsule will then travel to the company’s facility at McGregor, where it will undergo further cargo unloading and further safing.

P/c: SpaceX
Answering Kickstarter Questions

Since we sent out our first email, we have received several questions about the convention, and we would like to clear them up before our Kickstarter begins.

When does the Kickstarter go live?

We will be launching at midnight EDT on September 1st.

Can I buy multiple tickets with the same donation?

Unless multiple tickets are specified as a reward (Steven and Crystal Gem tiers), you will have to make separate donations for each ticket that you would like to purchase. This is the only way we can keep track of how many weekend passes we have sold through the Kickstarter and therefore make sure there are a certain number left for the public.

What does “receiving a booking code” entail?

Once you have donated at a level that includes a weekend pass to Beach City Con (Peridotite and above), we will email you with the booking code needed to secure lodging at our venue. Call #757-481-9000, give them the code, and you can book your room for Beach City Con 2017. Please do not attempt to book a room prior to receiving a booking code as we are not be able to guarantee you will get the convention rate without the code.

Do I have to stay at the venue to participate in the convention?

No, but certain programming will be restricted for those not staying at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center. We urge you to stay onsite if at all possible.

Is a room included in the cost of a weekend pass?

No, you are responsible for securing your own rooms. Rates can be found on our location page. The one exception to this is our Crystal Gem tier, which includes accommodations with your donation.

What about food?

Food is not included with Beach City Con tickets, however, there are microwaves and fridges in all suites and two dining facilities onsite.

Can I donate even if I don’t plan on attending?

Absolutely! Plus, if Beach City Con 2017 is a success, we hope to move the convention to different beach locations in the future, which should give more people an opportunity to attend.

What’s the difference between “guaranteed” and “priority” panel seating?

“Guaranteed” means we’ll save you a seat in general, “priority” means you’ll be seated near the front.

Will members of the Crewniverse be at Beach City Con 2017?

As of this time, we need to see how our budget looks after the Kickstarter ends before we can begin approaching possible guests. We are looking into it, though, and we hope to include flex goals for our Kickstarter that would cover possible Crewniverse guests!

What is the difference between a ticket and a weekend pass?

They are the same thing. We are hoping to offer single day tickets for Beach City Con 2017, but they cannot be purchased through the Kickstarter. Details about day passes will be forthcoming well in advance of the convention.

If I buy a ticket through the Kickstarter and book my room, what else do I have to do to register as an attendee for the convention?

We will give you several months to register through our third-party ticket seller, Grenadine. There will be no charge to do so if you have already purchased a weekend pass through the Kickstarter.

If I donate to get access to the early ticket buying window, how will I do that?

You will receive a coupon code that will give you access to an early ticket buying window on Grenadine.

Can I give out the coupon code to my friends?

Each code will be good for up to two tickets. After the early ticket buying window closes, if there are weekend passes left over for the general public, there will be no similar restrictions on the number of tickets you can purchase in one order.

We are overwhelmed with all the interest, support, and positivity already being sent our way. We are so excited for Beach City Con!

Oprah Winfrey reveals a Queen Sugar sex scene gave her an idea for Stedman Graham.
by Nicole Sperling | August 26 2016 — 3:47 PM EDT

Ava DuVernay, creator of the upcoming OWN series Queen Sugar, says she shoots sex scenes in a restrained, almost prudish way — not a lot of movement, more focus on the before and the after rather than the doing.

“I try to show what happens before and after and around, because I think that’s sexier,” explains DuVernay.

To her producer and collaborator Oprah Winfrey, whatever she’s doing is working. “Her sex scenes look damn sexy,” says Winfrey, before launching into a story about the first time she and her bestie Gayle King watched the first episode of the series, in which Charley Bordelon West (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) gets down with her husband Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett) outside in the evening by their stunning pool overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

The scene involves Durrett picking up Gardner from the sofa in a breezy, graceful move, as if she weighs nothing at all. That was DuVernay’s hope: “We did that scene five times,” she explains. “I said, ‘I want this to be effortless, like she is as light as a feather.’”

It seemed to have the right effect. When King and Winfrey watched the scene, Winfrey recalls King saying, “God, I wish somebody would pick me up like that,” she shares, laughing.

Quips Winfrey: “I said, “He’d probably hurt his back and fall into the pool. [Laughs] And that would ruin the scene.”

Winfrey goes on to describe another scene in a later episode that finds one of the main characters in bed and opening a blanket to invite his partner in. “You want to be that person,” she says. “It hits a sensual nerve. He is unhooking her bra, and you’re like, woah! I’m like, ‘I’m going to get Stedman [Graham] to unhook my bra and see what happens. Put your hand in my panty hose and let’s see what happen.

Here are the drabbles for week 1!

The prompt was:

Prompt: misconception
Genre: canon
Word count: up to 500 words

As we had an author withdraw from the challenge, double eliminations have been postponed until week 2. This means all authors automatically move forward into week 2!

That being said, we are still holding a voting period, so readers can vote for their favourite drabble and leave feedback.

Voters: To vote for your favourite drabble, simply head over to this page.

Authors: You are more than welcome to vote, but we do ask that you vote for a drabble other than your own.

Voting will close on Saturday, 27th of August, 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT.

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The Abominable Bride is driving me mad. I keep leaving it out of my infographics since there is no way of knowing if anything in that episode is real. There have been many discussions about this since the episode aired, so I decided to break down what the options are.

Option 1: Nothing in The Abominable Bride is real, except the flashbacks in the beginning. This reading was, to my knowledge, introduced by @skulls-and-tea in this post and is based mainly on the fact that Mycroft’s clothes, especially his tie and scarf, are not exactly the same as when we last saw Mycroft on the tarmac in His Last Vow. This is supported by the mindboggling fact that mind palace scenes in previous episodes have been inverted when it comes to clothes, decor, furniture etc. (as has been shown in this discussion ) This interpretation has come to be known as #tie hell and is also a part of the so called Extended Mind Palace (#emp) and Extended Dream Time (#edt).

Option 2: If the entire episode is a morphine dream as Sherlock lies wounded in hospital after being shot by Mary in His Last Vow, the scene where he wakes up in a hospital bed could be partly real. The room would be real, but Sherlock’s clothes, his lack of injury and the conversation with Mycroft should still be part of his dream. I have lost track of who has discussed this where, but @isitandwonder mentions it in this post

Option 3: All the Victorian scenes are a dream. The first and last airplane scenes are real, but the modern scenes where Sherlock wakes up on a bed and then goes to dig up Emilia Ricolettis grave are a dream. There have been discussions of several dream levels, similar to the film Inception.

Option 4: It is possible to imagine that the scenes where Sherlock wakes up on a bed and goes to dig up the grave are real as well up until the skeleton moves. It makes no narrative sense, though, since they are still in the airplane in the next modern scene. So no, let’s ignore option 4.

Option 5: Mark Gatiss has joked that The Abominable Bride opens up for the interpretation that the entire show is the drug induced imaginings of a 19th century detective. So that is the fifth option, I suppose, but several scenes in the Victorian world must be dreams as well, at least the ones where Moriarty appears.

I think I have covered all possibilities, but please let me know if you’ve thought of something that I have missed. I am also hopelessly lost as to who has made which point where, so please chip in if you want to link to relevant meta.

Tagging the people involved in the discussion I mentioned for Option 1:  @skulls-and-tea​, @adlerforpresident​,  @johnlockhell221b​, @recentlyfolded​, @lynneyginnyjoan​, @asherlockstudy​, @isitandwonder​ and @tjlcisthenewsexy​ (and a few more that I can’t tag)

TAB is not mind palace, sez Mycroft

I was just reading this interesting exchange here about TAB being a dream and not MP and it reminded me of something.

I apologize if this has been brought up before–it likely has and I’ve either forgotten or missed it. Anywho, this line during TAB from Mycroft…

MYCROFT (looking across to him): You really think anyone’s believing you?

JOHN: No, he can do this. I’ve seen it – the Mind Palace. It’s like a whole world in his head.
SHERLOCK (frustrated): Yes, and I need to get back there.
MYCROFT: The Mind Palace is a memory technique. I know what it can do; and I know what it most certainly cannot.
SHERLOCK: Maybe there are one or two things that I know that you don’t.

Isn’t this a bit odd?  Mycroft is essentially telling us that the MP technique ‘most certainly cannot’ lead to the state Sherlock claims to be experiencing. MP is a ‘memory technique’, not a state in which one hallucinates entire stories and alternate realities. Sherlock’s quip back is meant to imply that maybe he can do such things with his MP, but seriously. Isn’t Mycroft the smarter brother? Why include this line in the dialogue at all unless Mycroft is trying to tell us something (i.e. setting up a future reveal) – the sections of 1895 in TAB are not MP. 

If they are not MP, what else could they be? A dream is pretty much all that’s left. And if the 1895 segments are a dream, then in all likelihood so are the ‘modern’ scenes in TAB because one doesn’t go in and out of a dream state the way Sherlock seems to on the plane. 

@ tjlcisthenewsexy @monikakrasnorada @ wssh-watson

“...There's something here that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.”

- Amy’s Choice (Doctor Who 5x07)

What do you do to see if something is real? If it really is standing right in front of you, or if it’s an apparition, or a dream? You give it a poke.