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Wonderbat + looking at each other pt.1/3


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Screenshots from WALUIGI!!! | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe #1! :D

Yay more Mario Kart from Seán I loved this video! I loved how into this game he was and I loved Robin’s little edits and seeing Seán rage a little bit over this game. xD I loved his other videos he did on the version for the WiiU but I think he’s a lot more into playing this version on the switch. Even when he was kind of raging at this game in this video he still seemed like he was having a lot of fun with it which is what I always love to see in any of his videos, I love seeing Seán have fun with the games that he plays in his videos because he’s so passionate about video games and it’s nice to see that passion come out and shine from him. I made waaay too many short posts about this video because I was just having so much fun with it, haha! :) 
The Mario Kart series are probably my favorite Mario spin off games next to the Mario Party series and Super Smash Bros series and honestly this video made me really miss playing Mario Kart 8 on my WiiU. I was working on getting gold and 3 stars on every cup and I had one cup left on 150cc and then my game disk got messed up or something and gets this weird error screen whenever I try to play any course from that cup in the game which also unfortunately enough was also my favorite cup in the game too. I’ve tried to find solutions because I love the game and want to play it again but most sources had no way of fixing this and basically was telling people to get replacement games which now I can’t do because my family and I don’t have that much money now compared to when we bought the game in 2015. So I rarely buy new games now because I’m like completely broke 99% of the time. 
This is why I appreciate let’s play videos on youtube and gaming Youtubers so much more now too because I can still experience games with the people I watch play them. It’s not the same as playing the game yourself but it’s still making a brand new experience with whatever game you’re watching is. I get as much excitement and joy watching Seán play and have fun with this game as I did when I used to play it by myself before my game broke on me. xD 
So yeah like I said I loved this video and I had so much fun with it and I’d definitely 100% love to see Seán play and rage more at this game. ^_^