After what seemed like hours of staring at the bar, covered in countless numbers of beer bottles and a handful of whiskey bottles, the bartender finally cut Ryse off. “You’ve had enough, man. Get outta here, go get some rest somewhere.” He remarked, returning her credit card.

It seemed like the boxer wasn’t having it though. “ I-I’m done w-when I shay Im done! Anotha bottle!” To which he just shakes his head and walks away to his other customers. She turns to her bar-neighbor, “Can ya believe tha nerv’a this guy?”


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:D: Rose (I know you didn't reblog the meme but I want you do to it anyway)

Roscoe: Rose is definitely one of my favorite characters since I’ve joined this group of writers. She is intricately crafted and sometimes reminds me of my own younger brother. I admire how Eliot’s crafted the girl into someone that most of us can relate to, or at least we can say that we’ve had a Rose in our lives at some point. She’s easy to understand, but her personality entails twists and turns that I can never quite see coming. I enjoy watching her grow with her past, trauma, and friendships. I strongly wish my own character was a bit more complacent because I know both her and him would be great friends. I adore her spunk, faith, intricacy, and diversity. The labyrinthine characteristics she has all while being relatable is incredible that Eliot can pull it off. Rose is that little sister I wish I could’ve had. I know she’d drive me crazy, but I’d always love her regardless.

Rylo: Rose is a brat. I wish should would understand my ways, but perhaps it’s fogged down by the way she was raised with those mongrel parents of hers. She’s a pain in my side, yet I do admire her strength.  


Haze sat on the low hanging trees like ghosts prepping for unattainable chin ups. Humid air flooded lungs, caressing them with the invisible fingers. Sudden movements of smaller animals in the forest directed eyes to them, the rustling of brush, scratching of bark with claws and talons, and the odd amusement of owls and bats that saw humans and creatures in the dead of night. 

The evening was reaching its prime. Midnight had set in, the moon was high in the sky, the glow made the ground look like glossy photo paper. Skin ignited, appearing to the naked eye as cream, sifted through with a finishing shine. 

Resting in the soil was a long sword, it remained stagnant in the breeze, the blade could blind a set of eyes with the moon’s bright outline shining upon it. Rylo waited for the young girl to make her way to the location he’d hinted at a while before in a piece of parchment that he’d delivered to the Lost Children’s camp on the island. 

It had read: Meet me at the tip of the South forest by the sea. The moon shall guide you.

Typically he had little faith in the young ones knowing anything about places to go in Severland. He had hoped she’d been here long enough to use some sort of background knowledge that led her in the southern direction and near the water. There was realistically only one part she would get to, and at that point she would see him and the sword in the ground. 

It was almost conceptual of King Arthur and the sword in the stone. Although in this situation it was in the ground, and that took no actual willpower or strength to remove it. For Rose, the sword may be heavy, after all it was constructed for Rylo in London by a renown blacksmith. A second, more weathered and beloved sword sat in the hilt on his waist. He had yet to withdraw it. Rylo was waiting for the gremlin to approach. 

Nights made the demons within him stir, which made him a bit of an insomniac. Sleep or no sleep had little effect on him. He already hallucinated, and he was what any modern doctor would consider absolutely insane. His attention to the cruel terms that he’d been called over the years never bothered him because they made no difference. He wasn’t insane, he was a host. They were not aware of this, so their petty attempts to tear him down weren’t anything near hurtful. 

Breath clung in the air. Though it was not terribly cold outside, there was enough fog, you could blow it in a direction and it would dissipate. There was no pleasure in the waiting game, although he found it important to arrive at a place of meeting unrealistically early. 

When Rylo noticed the figure of the girl approaching through the thick, white clouds, he motioned toward the sword and called out to her, his voice was crisp with anticipation, “For tonight, this is my gift to you. It was my first sword as a young lad. You will grow into it.” His lie-since she would never age-made him chuckle. “As a pirate you must learn how to defend yourself and be constantly and consistently alert. Even in the dead of night.” The heel of his leather boot dug into the softened, muddy ground. His dark eyes adjusted to the dimness of the forest. “Your objective in this dusky twilight is to catch me and disarm me.” Rylo readied himself towards the blacked out trees. The only visible parts of them were what stretched out towards the sky. His feet lifted from the ground, with a snarl in his words he looked back at her for a brief second, “Go!” 

The trial had begun.

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♥ Rose

1: I am her mentor and she is my apprentice.
2: She is a firecracker, I see her as a sister, or perhaps even a child.
3: Murdering her in cold blood, from time to time.
4: She never fails to shock me with her reactions to just about everything.
5: Everything else about her.
6: React negatively and hold blades to her body.
7: Rose is seldom happy, so I find it difficult to even consider cheering that emotional disaster up.
8: Her disappearing for good, or going back to her old life somehow. She needs to leave that where it should remain – in the past.
9: Slaughtering her old family so she can never go back to them.
10: A testing sword fight with reeling climaxes and unpredictable moves.