FemShep by Jason Chan

Work done through Massive Black Inc.

As a huge fan of the Mass Effect franchise, I was very excited to work on the final chapter of the trilogy.  I worked with EA to develop options for the female versions of the protagonist, Shepard, commonly referred to as Femshep.  These options were voted on by the public to determine an official look for Femshep, which was never done in the first two installments. Beyond my work with Femshep, I also worked on developing the look of BroShep for the box art and helped out on concepting the omniblade.  


I watched a DIY video on silicone moulding and thought “I can do that, how hard can it be?” 

1) create a template out of condensed styrofoam and drywall puddy

2) create a two part silicone mould

3) Mix A & B liquid plastic and pour into the mould

4) paint and clear coat

Well the template alone was like 50 hours of cutting, glueing, and sanding to get the details to be just right. The two part mold was another 20 hours or so of not really knowing what I was doing. The pour only takes 15 minutes along with some prep and clean up. Then you have to cut off the excess (flashing), sand and fill any air bubbles, and finally home stretch. Just 10 more hours of layering paint and some light sanding, apply two layers of clear coat and you’re done. One killer prop for this nerd to fight off a hoard of mindless husks. That really wasn’t hard at all…         …yes that was sarcasm.


Praise be to @rumoruka-raizon​ without his mesh import this would have never happened! 

from Raizon’s mesh I ripped it apart literally deleted half of it, straightened it, repositioned it, then proceeded to remap the UVs vert by vert… so yea I put alot of work into this. but I love Mass Effect so it was a fun experience  

Now this Mesh is very Unique it acts like a hair but to edit it you guys need to make tattoos using my guide as help 

This is an AF sims Stand alone mesh so it will work for female sims Human or Alien Teen thru Elder and any skin tone under the sun! 

included in the download link below is a folder inside it you will find the package + another folder called Asari UV guides in the UV guide folder is a PSD file and 2 PNGs for those of you without Photoshop, my guide should be  relatively straight forward but if you require help feel free to drop an ask 

note: because of the way the UVs are laid out i’d be cautious about how you add Tattoos to the tips of the horns 

when in CAS the Mesh will show off a seem when looking at it from the left or right, In game this  effect is nowhere as noticeable. 

tho because I used the S4S base model to get this connected to the Sim, mesh edges can disconnect from the forehead  to fix this try adjusting the sims forehead and eyebrows in detail edit mode in CAS

now onto what you really want hope you read the above

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Infinity by Sorael-Ignis

Commissioned Cover Art for Once More Into the Breach by @lytahalifax!

A/N: A quick note to any potential readers: This was my very first fic, which I started three years ago. Please excuses some of the terribly grating rookie mistakes I made in the first 20 chapters; by the time I got an actual editor to work with, it vastly improved into something I could actually be somewhat proud of.

A little extra background: I commissioned and premiered the “cover image” above as part of the one year anniversary. The reason why Shepard is wearing Commando armor is that because in one point of the story, she gives up her Systems Alliance commission and joins the Asari Republics as an actual Commando, due to some weird political wrangling going on at the time.

Hope folks enjoy it!


And here we have our little Quarian, showing us what the Normandy sounds like with the help of our dear Commander Shepard and Lt Kaidan Alenko D
Tali Vas Normandy: @missadventurecosplay
Cdr Shepard: @commandercait
Kaidan Alenko: @ultharcosplay
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