Fallout: New Vegas is an open-world game that by design is going to throw up a lot of great gaming moments. Mine occurred relatively early on when I entered a small town. I found that all of its residents had been killed or enslaved by some jerks from Caesar’s Legion, which is an army of assholes that dress like Roman legionaries for … there must have been some reason.

Anyways, the intent of this scripted moment was to introduce these assholes and a semi-important NPC to me, and also to underline just how harsh this particular world was. Although it’s an open-world game where I could potentially do whatever I wanted, I wasn’t expected to do much more than watch here; the townspeople present were beyond saving, and the Legion members vastly outnumbered and outarmed me. Attacking them would have been foolish.

So I attacked them foolishly.

The 5 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Video Game History

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>first time playing fallout 3 tonight

>randomly generate a character

>name him El Chapo because he looks mexican

>play through start of the game

>”man, overseer runs this place like a prison.”

>escape the place through a tunnel

>mfw I recreated a mexican prison break