Where’s my revolution?

Am I the only one disappointed on how Bethesda barely used the history of Boston in the game?

The Minutemen and John Hancock are there, of course. But it seemed to me that Bethesda was only making coy winks at the history than doing anything really cool with it. Which is a shame because the American Revolution is one of the most important moments in history and the ground work is already there; a group of settlements and militia fighting against ever-present oppression, high-running tensions between citizens, and groups fighting for liberation.

Wouldn’t it have been cool to see the beginnings of a fledgling Commonwealth Provisional Government stoking the flames of independence from the Institute? Or to see when the Institute actually interacted with the surface and oppressed them ‘for their own good’ because the wastelanders couldn’t be trusted to govern themselves? To see both sides interact and seethe at each other instead of the invincible Institute smother the helpless upsiders who can’t do anything about it?

One problem I have with FO4 is that a whole bunch of fascinating events have happened before you woke up. The massacre at University Point, the exile of ghouls from Diamond City, John Hancock taking over Goodneighbor, and more could have been an amazing chain of events leading up to the tipping point of a revolution. And you could be there to help it, a figurative George Washington pushing in a new age of freedom … or a Benedict Arnold who’d rather support the Institute.

And the settlements, rather than just being babies to swaddle, could represent colonies whose support you need in order to sway the political situation one way or another. Like the sub-factions in Fallout New Vegas you could do quests for them in order to earn their favor and you’d get more military and political support. You’d feel like you’re building a nation instead of exterior decorating because what you’re doing will have consequences. (Like if your happiness percentages fall too low? Don’t be surprised if they get ‘delayed’ in helping you.)

And Piper could actually have important quests with her newspaper. The original Publick Occurrences was shut down after one issue by the British. You could help her get it running again and print pamphlets to support the revolution. But will you post propaganda to ensure blind support or print the truth to get respect?

And John Hancock? You can help him overthrow Goodneighbor to free the people and thus tip the balance of power; how are the other colonies or the Institute going to react? Assuming of course that you do actually help him, instead of crushing his rebellion or stabbing him in the back to make him a ‘tragic martyr’ so you can take over yourself. (Plot twist: he wasn’t as dead as you thought, and he’s pissed.)

Honestly if you’re not going to use the history and setting of a famous city then why bother setting it there at all? FO4 could be tweaked to fit any city in the US and it shouldn’t be that way because the whole over-arching theme of Fallout is how the new world is stumbling through the mistakes and ideals of the old one. Because war never changes and all that.

dovahkn asked:

imagine dogmeat being so excited to see preston after he's been traveling with sole for a while that he jumps up on him and knocks him over, preston's hat goes flying, and dogmeat is wagging his tail at top speed and licking all over preston's face, and preston is just laughing and scratching behind dogmeat's ears and saying "yeah, yeah, I missed you too, buddy"