• Theresa: We have to throw your brother out of power
  • Hero: He doesn't seem THAT bad tho
  • Theresa: Oh yeah watch this
  • Logan: tHIS IS MY ALBION
  • Hero: Oh shit you're right wow we just gotta do that then wow what an asshole
  • Hero: *kicks Logan out*
  • Logan: oK BUT Theresa told me to do it!!!!11 Crawler why
  • Hero: wtf
  • Hero: Theresa you bitch

Aaaaaaand here it is (minus final hair and makeup)!

One of my two Fan Expo cosplays: Page from the video game Fable 3! I’ll be wearing this on Thursday and Saturday with two other members of a Fable group; Briar Rose from Fable/Fable The Lost Chapters and Theresa from Fable 2/3.

This will be my first video game cosplay and I am quite pleased that it’s gonna be Fable. Hoping I see some Fable fans there! :D

  • Walter: Of course I'm their father figure.
  • Jasper: But I take care of them more ???? I am their father figure I'm practically their father
  • Walter: No no I'm all manly and heroic I'm their father figure
  • Jasper: What does that make me ??? Fucking fight me Walter
  • Walter:
  • Walter:
  • Walter: You're the mother figure
Down by the reeds - Hammer

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Swim the sirens of Oakvale
Out to the seas.

Down by the reeds
Down by the reeds
Float the souls left unbroken
by White Balverines

Down by the reeds
Night-blooming weeds 
Embrace those who go dancing, 
In sad moonlit dreams.

Down by the reeds
A twisted path leads
To Banshees who breathe out
A cold winter breeze.

Nobody knows.
Nobody sees.
The sirens of Oakvale
Down by the reeds.