i went to club tortimer to check out items/possibly do some tours and nobody else was on the island when i got there so i went outside and was about to go after a shark when this dude arrived. i looked at his TPC and was like “well hey that sounds good” and then i start hearing clinky sounds so i walk towards the center of the island and he is just dropping bag after bag of 99,000 bells. i think he ended up giving me about 5 million total, omfg

i thanked him profusely and all he said to me was “bye” right before he left, hahaha. i know for people who dupe bells become sort of meaningless, but this nearly doubled what i had in savings so i am super grateful. i see a lot of negative talk on here about club tortimer experiences and i don’t doubt that there are some little shits out there who just want to troll, but there are also some very generous strangers. SHOUT-OUT 2 MAYOR JACK, WHOEVER YOU ARE


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