Single player…

Haha, man

The first time I saw this I actually laughed really hard because when you think about it

You’re running around trying not to die all like “OH NO” and then a cutscene happens and then everybody is there and you’re like “WAIT HOW ARE YOU GUYS HERE??” and then afterwards they disappear and you’re just like “WHOA GUYS COME BACK WHAT IS HAPPENING????” and then you die a horrible painful death

Submission by thebukkit!


Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Fucking Rams!  I’m not even going to lie, I almost pee’d myself xD  At one point there were so many, I jumped on a truck and laughed, turning off the game and locked myself in the room with ALL THE LIGHTS ON!

Okay, I don’t usually say this but the Rams are absolutely terrifying! Especially when you turn around and there’s one charging RIGHT AT YOU!!

Submission by misunderstoodaudrey!