ok anyway i have reblogged a bunch of stuff about the episode but I kinda wanna make my own post… n like… just say… in terms of pegs’ past there were a few scenes, so I think: childhood pegs, office pegs, engagement pegs, marriage pegs…

I’m pretty sure that’s all… But like I saw that meta (and reblogged) and I have to say it’s quite accurate, and upsetting, but I feel, even if you did really wanna go with the whole complete 180 from wanting to fight to being passively compliant… like idk?? I feel like there needs to be some explanation?? like either have a reason peggy has become so subdued (traumatic experience but ugh pls don’t hurt her like no okay) but like.. or else have her written as… I don’t know?? an actual coherent and consistent character?? people change, sure, but completely altering your personality with no explanation…

like okay so childhood pegs is cute!! (nyaw she is a bb child rescuing princess??? bi af??? i love her) so anyway… smol bb pegs gay… as mentioned earlier? a bit upsetting that they are adding in more boys n relying on them to know women better than they know themselves + having the mother be unsupportive… but like… anyway, it’s done n cute, whatever, it’s her.

But then we have office pegs… like?? okay so she’s engaged. We don’t get much else so we need to know more about this, unless it was explained later (it wasn’t.) b/c it doesn’t seem like he was particularly great or suited to her… but maybe she  made a mistake? just got swept up? okay… but getting excited over her ring seems out of character??
like… she grew up alright, maybe not super poor, but the fancy “ooohh ring.” just doesn’t seem her bag? it seems like she’d be making some quip about her husband, and the girls would be laughing like “omg how could you say that you minx!!” so of thing and she’d be giggling with them? also why does peggy have no friends? also.. maybe you could show a bit of discomfort when someone says something? maybe a girl talks abt hr domestic life and she does the sort of nervous nod/smile or whatever??

Also… Peggy is surprised?? like okay… yeah… she might be a bit (although I’m kinda upset they say that she got in b/c of her brther and not b/c someone recognised that she’s rly fucking talented?? b/c she is??) anyway… like why didn’t they show how much she wanted it and was holding herself back? idk… I love hayley and I’m not saying she played it wrong… but I think darling Pegs would be more excited and nervous and “No, me? Haha.. no.. I…” and like nervously leaving the room, and then later in the day or whatever maybe pining after something? Seeing a sign up advertisement and gazing longingly at it or whatever?? And thne you could do that obvious (simple) thing where her fiance says, “Are you alright? What are you looking at Darling?” and she does the whole “Oh nothing.” to show how cut off her is from her life??

And then FhiciNIng??? EngAgEmNEt/?? PEgS??? like darling… she seems so brainwashed? I mean the whole “no, no, I’m fine.” Like tbh the whole idea of her brother trying to tell her what her future should be, yeah I couldn’t articulate it before, but that’s a really bad/uncomfortable message to communicate… pls dont… anyway…
like?? the whole “no I can’t do that, not lately.” peggy is atrickster?? her husband should know this? wouldn’t it be more *peggy excite* *husband dissapprove* “Haha, I’m sure I wouldn’t catch Peggy dead doing that…”
And the brother laughing and saying, “No I can assure-”
And then Peggy getting sad and cutting him off, “Husband would you get some drinks?” or whatever…

And then like, she’d hit him over the ear and say something like, “Mind your tongue, I’m trying to make a good impression.” or whatever, and being being like, “Peggy, he’s you husband… shouldn’t he be impressed enough with you already?”
And then she sort of brushes him off or whatever?? And makes some jokes, and maybe in a bit you see the husband sort of cut Peggy off a few times, and Peggy internally fighting her urge to be herself? be loud, cut people off, drink as much as she likes, make vulgar quips… and maybe she talks about how he has a good income anyway, and ma’s so happy she’ll finally settle down, you know how she always wanted that. And at least she’ll had one child settled in England… and who believes in love anyway? That’s stuff and nonsense, and she may as well take something good while it’s right in front of her, now getting done and dusted??
NOt all this true love crap and curbing her hobbies and all that??

And then okay… there wasn’t much to get wrong with marriage pegs… my darling… my poor bb darling sweet child bi bb peggy… I mean she felt his death… but like… I dont’ know? maybe her mother would be less “sobbing and thinking about how it was happy for her” and more like… “Darling… I’m so excited… you look lovely… this will be good for you…” I don’t know… anyway… sorry… I just?? why are the ac writers butchering this darling precious child??