how do you know she is the one?

I, as many others have ask themselves this question a thousand times over in their head at the start of a relationship.

heres the thing, you never really know the answer to this question. This is because there is no answer to this question rather then a feeling.

if she isn’t the first thought in your head when you wake up or the last though before bed, then she isn’t the one.

if you don’t think she is the most beautiful when she wakes up or after a long shift at work, then she isn’t the one.

if your heart doesn’t feel warmth and happiness when watching her swing her head back and forth singing as loud as she can to her favorite song, then she isn’t the one.

“a house is just a building and a home is a feeling” if the feeling of your arms wrapped around her, and her head snuggled into your neck isn’t the feeling of home to you, she isn’t the one.

when she is sick or having the worst cramps because its her time of the month and you don’t automatically go and grab her the biggest pack of timbits there is out there and some advil just to make her happy or to make her feel less pain, then she isn’t the one.

if you are asking yourself  if “she’s the one” then she probably isn’t, because if she is the one you wont need to ask yourself this question because you will just know.


Assassins Creed: Banter (Part 1)

Jacob and Evie havin a bit of banter.