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Matty Healy - Grand Rapids concert. Got me some photo editing software to fix some of my pix.  I think this was probably one our favorite concerts because we added it on a whim instead of going to camp out for the Chicago show.  We hauled butt up to Michigan after my daughter’s last class was out and camped out got barricade.  Was one of the coldest concert camping experiences—got down to the 20′s and frost on the tent the next morning.  The things you do for a band wink wink.  

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hi!!! I want to ask about the streaming (I have holidays rn so I'm not v busy) but I am not sure how to do this that it counts, but I really want to help!!!

hello!! thank you for supporting our boys!!

streaming on melon/genie is most important!

currently we are #95 on melon and almost dropping out BUT THANK THE GODS!! 

melon is currently holding an event that gives us free 30 streaming passes to use. HERE is an indepth tutorial to get it, then you can log in melon with that account to use your free passes. melon/genie only counts streaming once every hour so i recommend streaming the title once every hour for max usage. my friend @nakamuto is also handing out free accounts for people willing to stream

for genie, if you’ve bought an nct or sm album in general it will come with a code which you can redeem for 100 streaming passes. (we are doing a bit better on genie thankfully on 40 something when i last checked)

if you need additional help fy!nct has a tutorial here

this twitter account also literally has everything here

for streaming on youtube, here is what you need to do:

- open a incognito tab, search up cherry bomb mv (you can also watch their official live performances as those count), make sure the video is HD, make sure the volume is above 50%, and now watch the entire video without stopping or pausing at all! close the tab, open a new tab and repeat the process

if that is a hassle you can also download these extensions:



here is motivation if you need it:







and thanks again!! nct feels the love

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Love the costumes so much and the cats are so adorable. I was wondering if they ever get agitated when you put the costume on them. How do you make them cooperate?

As we built them we go through a series of test fittings. If something is off with a portion of the build the cat will inform me and we’ll edit it to fix the issue. All of our costumes are designed to come off in under a second by gripping the costume at the back of the neck and pulling forward, and the models know to slip backwards. It’s mostly good communication and an abundance of treats.

at the very end of my dream last night I looked out of the window of the diner I was in and asked my old biology teacher, Dr. Pickering, to identify a bird I saw outside, which he did and I can’t remember what it was called, and then I asked what this one was, which he said was a ‘Zeebo’, and then we all watched a huge number of very odd birds walking along this river together and it was very nice and I miss him terribly

character aesthetics: aaron dingle (emmerdale) in blue

The update is upon us! I decided to, using the decoded message in Odin’s journal, describe what is said here!

Jotun modir

is my guess? I couldn’t find the first letter. If anyone else can translate it better than me, that’d be greatly appreciated, since that probably isn’t english haha.

Edit: Thank you @5kyc0der for the first letter! And @scatterbrawn for the translation of the words! Our hypothetical translation is ‘giant’s rage’!

Edit 2: It’s been confirmed to be ‘giant mother’! I’m assuming that means something akin to ‘mother of god’? We’ll have to see~

Edit 3: it’s supposed to read ‘jotun’ not ‘sotun’ oops !!! fixed now! our original translation of ‘sotun’ from the runes was incorrect but it looks like this is it!

-Mod Unnamed

different memories, shared love

Levi is on his tiptoes, trying to reach that box from the top shelf that has tea leaves inside of it, when the kitchen door creaks open and Eren steps in. Levi instantly drops back to his feet and furrows his brows. Sure, the sun has already risen so you could say the day has begun, but Levi knows it’s not even half six yet.

Eren’s hair is a mess, which is not a surprise, he’s wearing the pants of his uniform and a white shirt. His grey eyes are wide open and his lips are slightly parted; he looks utterly confused. There’s something more in his expression, too, and from the deep sea of his eyes, Levi finds it; Eren’s alarmed. Eren’s holding white flowers in both of his hands.

”Captain -” Eren starts but cuts himself off, biting his bottom lip. Levi can feel his eyebrows dropping even lower at the weird tone of Eren’s voice. ”I didn’t think you’d be… up yet.” Levi lets out a short breath that could count as a pathetic chuckle. He can tell the other hadn’t expected to see him.

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