Naya Rivera was cast to be a bitchy cheerleader, a sycophant and minion. She had no lines in the Pilot. Months later, Heather Morris was hired to teach the cast the “Single Ladies” dance - and ended up landing the role of Brittany, the final cheerleader to round out the trio.

Their characters now have one of the most emotional love stories on the show - together. (x)


Sigyn is a Norse Goddess who is the second wife of Loki the Trickster God. She is best known for her faithfulness during the period when Loki was imprisoned in a cave, tormented by a terrible venomous serpent. She is a goddess of loyalty and compassion, perhaps the most compassionate deity in the Northern Tradition. 


I was face to face, I realized very quickly, with a family […] Now, other shows have had that quality too. But this one had it, I thought, in a very particular way. These people like each other, they respect each other, they learn from each other, they teach each other, they need each other, they want each other. - James Lipton