someone please takes vegas away from me


Does Darkipier is gay? It’s more likely than you think (i’m not talking about Mark btw xD), but if Dark is opossite of Mark, does that mean Dark is gay? xD No i quit it, i’m sorry x’DDD remember: respect Bi people, because there’s nothing wrong with it <’333

tadashi-ler  asked:

Pls do Normaler for that otp thing ;n;


Send me an OTP and I’ll tell you who:

-accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night: oh gawd, def oncer. But then again, also Norma. At some point when Norma sleeps over at Oncer’s, they’d just randomly find themselves waking up on the floor snuggled together with the blankets they’ve dragged down with em

-gives the other piggy back rides: this is an awfully ridiculous question i mean DEFINITELY ONCER, C’MON (of course, that still doesn’t mean Norma can’t easily carry him. bridal style even.)

-tries to act tough but is really a giant sap: fucking. norma.
I was gonna reply with “both” but oncer is actually an openly giant sap.

-almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake: NORMA. WE ALL KNEW THE ANSWER TO THIS. RIP ONCER’S KITCHEN.

-sings lullabies to their kids: Norma. I mean, as much as a gr8 singer Oncer is? whenever he tries to sing to Helen, she’d end up frucking crying. SHE’S TRYING TO SLEEP, ONCER. THIS ISNT THE TIME FOR POP SONGS. just stick to playing the guitar for her during lullabies, bby *pat pats*

-morning person vs dead until they get their coffee: oncer is the ungodly morning person (he stops being so during his business days tho) and norma is like… a mix of both. like some days she’d just be up and chipper while some days she’s just “dont wake me up for another 5 hours or else you wont see the sun ever again”

-cries during sappy movies: THE OPENLY GIANT SAP THAT IS ONCER.

-wears a billion layers because they get cold easily: oh jeez, Norma lD
like i kinda headcanon their place to not have winter, actually. I imagine it as a fairly tropical place. (But it ended up getting colder and colder due to the valley’s destruction) so yeah, I assume Norma won’t be used to colder weathers.
Oncer has steelhard skin used to cold af conditions because he never gets enough blankets when he was a kid so y’know :’^) he just :’^) got used :’^) to it :’^)

-initiates cuddling: again, the openly giant sap that is oncer.

-hogs the covers: imagine Norma wrapping herself up in a cocoon of blankets. of course oncer still needs his WELL-DESERVED BLANKETS, HE NEVER EVEN WANTED TO SHARE IN THE FIRST PLACE. HE FINALLY HAS HIS OWN BLANKETS GLOBDAMMIT but since he loves Norma so much then he’s open to negotiations, but they just end up having a half-asleep tug of war in bed in the middle of the godforsaken night

-would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other: ONCER LITERALLY TRIPPING OVER HIS OWN DAMN STILTS FOR LEGS.