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About fuckin time I did a full lineup of the entire, very large Voltaire family. They run a garage and live in a very chaotic household

It’s very common for Baseborn families in Mercia to have more than two parents. They generally have 2-4 kids in a single pregnancy, and can have up to 6 (potentially more, but upwards of 6 is very rare), so in the pre-industrial era parenting was a very communal thing, and that’s kind of carried on into the modern day. Parents may or may not be biologically related to any of the kids, but it’s also very common for one Baseborn to have kids with two others, as is the case here with Andii

(On a darker note, there should have been even more kids than this; a lot of these guys had more littermates that either didn’t hatch or died shortly after hatching)