By popular demand, here’s an extensive multicolor land list for budget deckbuilding


Orzhov - Orzhov Basilica, Orzhov Guildgate, Scoured Barrens, Foresaken Sanctuary, Tainted Field, Salt Flats

Isolated Chapel, Godless Shrine, Shambling Vent, Concealed Courtyard

Dimir - Dimir Aqueduct, Dimir Guildgate, Dismal Backwater, Salt Marsh, Submerged Boneyard, Frost Marsh, Jwar Isle Refuge, Dreadship Reach, Tainted Isle, Waterfall Cavern, Rootwater Depths

Drowned Catacomb, Watery Grave, Choked Estuary, Sunken Hollow, Fetid Pools

Golgari - Golgari Rot Farm, Golgari Guildgate, Foul Orchard, Jungle Hollow, Tainted Wood, Pine Barrens

Woodland Cemetery, Overgrown Tomb, Hissing Quagmire, Blooming Marsh

Rakdos - Rakdos Carnarium, Rakdos Guildgate, Urborg Volcano, Cinder Barrens, Bloodfell Caves, Akoum Refuge, Molten Slagheap, Tainted Peak, Lantern-Lit Graveyard, Cinder Marsh

Dragonskull Summit, Blood Crypt, Foreboding Ruins, Smoldering Marsh, Canyon Slough

Boros - Boros Garrison, Boros Guildgate, Stone Quarry, Wind-Scarred Crag, Scabland

Clifftop Retreat, Sacred Foundry, Needle Spires, Inspiring Vantage

Azorius - Azorius Chancery, Azorius Guildgate, Coastal Tower, Meandering River, Boreal Shelf, Sejiri Refuge, Tranquil Cove, Calciform Pools, Cloudcrest Lake, Thalakos Lowlands

Glacial Fortress, Hallowed Fountain, Port Town, Prairies Stream, Irrigated Farmland

Selesnya - Selesnya Sanctuary, Selesnya Guildgate, Elfhame Palace, Tranquil Expanse, Arctic Flats, Graypelt Refuge, Blossoming Sands, Saltcrusted Steppe, Tranquil Garden, Vecc Townships

Sunpetal Grove, Temple Garden, Fortified Village, Canopy Vista, Scattered Groves

Simic - Simic Growth Chamber, Simic Guildgate, Woodland Stream, Thornwood Falls, Skyshroud Forest

Hinterland Harbor, Breeding Pool, Lumbering Falls, Botanical Sanctum

Izzet - Izzet Boilerworks, Izzet Guildgate, Highland Lake, Swiftwater Cliffs, Caldera Lake

Sulfur Falls, Steam Vents, Spirebluff Canal, Wandering Fumarole

Gruul - Gruul Turf, Gruul Guildgate, Shivan Oasis, Timber Gorge, Highland Weald, Kazandu Refuge, Rugged Highlands, Fungal Reaches, Pinecrest Ridge, Mogg Hollows

Rootbound Crag, Stomping Grounds, Game Trail, Cinder Glade, Sheltered Thicket

Triple Lands

Shards - Seaside Citadel, Crumbling Necropolis, Arcane Sanctum, Savage Lands, Jungle Shrine

Khans - Sandsteppe Citadel, Frontier Bivouac, Nomad Outpost, Opulent Palace, Mystic Monastery


Any - Command Tower, Transguild Promenade, Rupture Spire

Any with Stipulations - Exotic Orchard, Forbidden Orchard, Reflecting Pool, Pillar of the Paruns, Primal Beyond, Mana Confluence, Ancient Ziggurat, City of Brass, Grand Coliseum, Haven of the Spirit Dragon, Ally Encampment, Rainbow Vale, Sliver Hive, Spire of Industry

Charge Counters - Vivid Grove, Crag, Creek, Marsh, Meadow, Mirrodin’s Core


Basic Land

Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Myriad Landscape, Panoramas

Land Type

Bad River, Flood Plain, Grasslands, Krosan Verge, Mountain Valley, Rocky Tar Pit

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squoodlesthenerd  asked:

Why'd you stop playing Standard? I'm wondering if I should get into it. Also how did you find your EDH playgroup?

I just fell out of the format after I started college. I was able to find my playgroup because my LGS has a dedicated Commander night (LGS owners, please do this!).

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Aserla Bajri

doctornsara  asked:

Suggestions for UB Bird shenanigans EDH? (etb trigger abuse, +1/+1 counters, evasion etc) People hate Derevi, and I love birds, so I am considering running Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker or Kangee, Aerie Keeper.

More than ¾ of the CD team agree…

…is the best choice for fun, silly, and even broken Bird based nonsense.

In fact - here are 4 decks worth of Kangee idea’s for your consideration from a stunt we pulled forever ago.

- Mr. X

redwolfe98  asked:

Hi Zach! This isn't an EDH question, but one about modern. In a mono black deck, what is the difference between using Night of Souls Betrayal versus Curse of Deaths Hold? Because I know one of them affects all creatures and the other only affects your opponents stuff. But I saw a decklist that used Betrayal, and I was just wondering what the difference is? Thanks so much!

Night of Soul’s Betrayal is one mana cheaper and can get around Leyline of Sanctity.

That’d be my guess.


With the new card Annointed Procession being spoiled, there are now four different enchantments with replacement effects that double token creation. This sets up the following scenario in my Rhys the Redeemed commander deck: 

I control all of the permanents shown above, with the Illusionist’s Bracers equipped to Rhys.
I activate Rhys’ second ability, which will create a copy of the single Elf Warrior token I control.
This ability causes both the Bracers and Rings of Brighthearth to trigger, making two copies of the ability. 
The first copy resolves, and tries to create 1 token. This creation is replaced by an effect of one of the four enchantments (say, Parallel Lives), so instead we attempt to create 2 tokens. Rather than make those, another replacement from another enchantment (say, Annointed Procession) takes place, and would create 4 tokens. However, Doubling Season instead tries to create 8 tokens, and Primal Vigor will finally replace that and create 16 tokens total. Whew! 
Now, the second copy of Rhys’ ability will resolve and try to create another 17 tokens, but again there will be a chain of replacement effects, going from 17 to 34, 34 to 68, 68 to 136, and 136 to 272, giving us a new total of 289 tokens.
Finally, the original ability resolves, and another series of replacement effects take place, trying to give us 289 but doubling to 578, then doubling to 1156, and again to 2312, and at last to 4624 tokens. 
This means that, starting from a single token, we will end up with a grand total of 4913 tokens. That’s seventeen cubed! Hopefully I will get the opportunity to pull this off in a few weeks when Amonkhet is released!