EDH Deck Tech: Norin

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This week we have something exciting! One of my favourite commanders, for being really original, Norin the Wary! The design of this card is so unique & weird and makes place for such a cool deck. The ability of Norin is odd enough that people are mostly unfazed by it; most of the time your opponents will just think “yeah whatever” and let Norin resolve; especially since you always play Norin on turn 1. Let’s see why you should play Norin and why he’s so good!

Making Use of the Blink

Since Norin blinks every time anyone casts a spell or attacks, he will blink OFTEN, like, very often. So you need to take advantage of that constant blinking. Genesis Chamber is amazing for that, every time a creature comes into play another token comes with it! With this card, Norin will provide you a small army of tokens!

Being Aggressive with the Blink

So, while Genesis Chamber provides you a bunch of tokens, those little 1/1s aren’t much use without something to give you the edge. Purphoros gives you that edge. Cards like Impact Tremors, Ogre Battledriver, Into the Web of War, Warstorm Surge & Pandemonium are all cards that will make your deck a force to reckon with by just putting little 1/1s on the field constantly.

Reusing those Triggers

Since the deck relies on creatures entering the battlefield, might as well have some good ETB effects on top of that! Playing cards like Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet will make sure that your creatures are always coming into play, providing you goo value from your Solem Simulacrum, Filigree Familiar, Duplicant, Fanatic of Mogis, Spawn of Thraxes, Inferno Titan, Stingscourger, Mindclaw Shaman & such!

We Need More Creatures!

Since you want a lot of creatures coming into play, you might as well go the token route! Krenko is amazing at that, creating a crazy amount of tokens over & over again! And since you’re playing Cloudstone Curio & Conjurer’s Closet, you might as well play cards that come into play with tokens, like Myr Battlesphere (which is insane with Genesis Chamber), Pia & Kiran Nalaar,  Mogg War Marshal, Beetlback Chief & Siege-Gang Commander.


This is not necessarily the usual way to go with the deck, but since you’re playing a bunch of goblin tokens generator, you might as well go the Goblin way on top of that, giving your deck another angle of attack. Listing all the good Goblins would take forever, so really you should just look up tribal EDH, Legacy or Modern goblin decks and pick what you want; but cards like Moggcatcher, Goblin Matron, Goblin Chieftain, Goblin King, Goblin Recruiter, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Bombardment (paired with Goblin Sharpshooter) & Quest for the Goblin Lord all come to mind as great Goblin cards, but there are far more good cards. 

Combo Win

If you’re in the type of meta that plays combos & stuff you should always have one too, just in case. If you don’t want to combo off you can just use the individual cards separately as they are playable, and if you’re in a pickle you can combo off for the win. Playing Kiki-Jiki with Zealous Conscript can make you an infinite number of ZC and you can attack everyone for lethal. But, I mean, Kiki is just a value machine & Zealous can be VERY good even by itself.

Keeping a Plentiful Hand

As a red deck, especially filled with small stuff, you will get empty-handed fairly quickly. You need ways to keep your hand full and cards like Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Magus of the Wheel, Skullclamp, Memory Jar, Wheel of Fate, Dragon Mage & Chandra Ablaze are good ways to keep a grip full. Your opponents sort of benefit from it too, but having to discard their hand can disrupt their game plan and it will most likely benefit you more.

Bigger Threats

Since most of your creatures will be 1/1s, granted that they will deal damage when coming into play, you still need a little something more. Cards like Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Gauntlet of Might, Eldrazi Monument all take your small creatures and turn them into massive threats, also you get some nice extra mana out of it!


It’s all fun & games, playing creatures & stuff, but you still need something more; answers. You don’t need that many, but it’s nice to have an option to deal with problematic things. Since you’re playing Red, those answers can often just aim at your opponents face too. Cards like Blasphemous Act, Chaos Warp, Incendiary Command, Vandalblast & just any XR burn spell could do it; I have a soft spot for Bonfire of the Damned. Thunderous Wrath is pretty good too, especially if you have ways to manipulate the top of your library.

Various Effects

Here are some cards that are very good to include but don’t have a category to go with; stuff like Sensei’s Divining Top & Scroll Rack to filter your draws, cards like Sol Ring, Ruby Medallion & Mana Vault/Crypt to ramp, Panharmonicon to have some more triggers, Goblin Welder & Feldon to reuse cards from your graveyard (paired with Wurmcoil Engine for extra value) & Dualcaster Mage for a surprise answer to control players. There are more cards, but I just wanted to mention these ones.


I’m not a fan of this strategy, I talked about Goblins earlier as I think it’s a better direction than Chaos, but most build of Norin I’ve seen don’t really play Goblins, and they tend to embrace the Chaos cards; stuff like Confusion if the Ranks, Warp World, Grip of Chaos, Planar Chaos, Possibility Storm & all. It makes for a more crazy and weird deck and makes unique games, but I feel like the deck loses so much by doing so and could be just a GOOD deck instead of being a “LOL RANDOM” deck. That’s just my opinion though, so instead of Goblins, you can play Chaos if you want; the rest of the deck doesn’t really change.


There you go, all you need to know to make a Norin the Wary deck! So, as I said, you can either go the Chaos or Goblin route, but the rest of the deck stays fairly similar. I really love this deck and it’s by far my favourite Mono-Red deck as it’s more interesting than a straight-up Purphoros deck or Krenko deck, it’s sort of a mix of both! If I missed anything let me know! I’ll see you guys next week for another deck tech, which should be Standard!

Topi’s Daily Card #839:  Realms Uncharted

The obvious comparison most people make with this card is Gifts Ungiven, for pretty good reasons. The art is echoed in this one, and it also tutors for 4 cards, although all of these need to be lands.  Depending on what you get it can be a fine way to fill your graveyard with lands you can get back easily, or to get some fixing.  The uniqueness of the cards isn’t a downside in EDH really, and this card goes best in ones that care about lands hitting the graveyard, so Gitrog Monster and Titania are both fine choices.  It’s one of those cards that’s great in a few, and okay in most decks.  It all depends on what you grab, and what your deck can do with it.

Budget MtG Blog Seeking Budget Combos/Synergy from Community

Hey Folks! Shawn here.

For over two years (coming up on 3 this February), CommanDollar has been a blog about budget-as well as talking about some controversial issues. At the center of that idea is the means to play Magic: the Gathering while not being necessarily terrible at it. To that end, we constantly seek budget combos/synergy-and where better to get them than our followers?

If you have a budget combo-and I use the term budget loosely here, as each person’s idea of a budget can be different, submit it to us! Here are the easy steps to a 10/10 presentation of a budget combo/synergy:

1) Go to our main page, click on the menu (upper right hand corner), choose “Share your Story!”, and make it a photo submission
2) Find a budget combo/synergy that you like
3) Find pictures of the cards and slap them together into a single photo (I prefer using this site because it’s free and very user-friendly)
4) Look up the prices of the cards (using your favorite website like starcitygames, mtggoldfish, etc works, maybe use pucatrade as well)
5) Follow the format! Make sure we know the price (and the date you looked the price up), the cards and how they work together. You can even share a story of you using the cards together, what deck(s) it would work best in, etc.

Now, why do this? Simply put, the blog is in a transition period. We’re seeking new members, and a time to conduct interviews for them all, and we are also a blog about a community experience. We want you to save the $$, and we want you to have fun. This community has a lot of potential, and this is just the first of many steps I hope to take in a positive, new direction. 

If you choose to submit to us a budget combo, we will share a new one every Friday, so be on the lookout for yours to appear! Until then, commanders, game on!

People often talk about some of the best art in magic, but almost never is Ignite Memory included on that list. A, frankly, underrated Storm card outside of EDH, this solemn yet creepy artwork needs to see recognition a little more. 

@ the anon who is asking about enchantment edh decks

I hope you’re ready for the car manual of guides. I have a lot of feelings about enchantments

Give me some time cuz I’m about to get thorough


Nona po vet: “Ku i kom djemt’ o ku m'kanë mbetë?”
N'pragun e shpisë, marre e madhe na ka prekë
Gurë o për gurë, kullën tonë jonë tu e rrzu
Kthehmuni djem, nonën qysh bon me harru 


Veq edhe njëherë të ecim
Dhe t'jemi bashkë si dikur
Zemra për zemrën e tjetrit
Të jetë për ne si flamur

Dora që zgjat kur rrëzohem
Është ajo që ne na mban
Mos e lejo të harrohet
Se nuk kemi tjetër vatan

CommandTower-SolRing-Go 1000 Follower Giveaway

I would like to start by thanking all my followers. You are the real MVPs, and so because of that, I want to treat you all with a giveaway

Back at my 100 follower giveaway, I knew that for 1000 I wanted to do something a bit bigger and foil out the same prize I gave out last time. But, since foil full art lands are hideously expensive (when buying 20), and only having one winner felt a touch unfair, this time will be slightly different. This time around there will be two winners. What will each person win? Well, a foil Command Tower and a foil Sol Ring, as both are this blog’s name sake and my two favourite cards in Magic.

The idea with this, is that by having these cards, you will be able to start your own, brand new, EDH deck, or begin to bling out your old one.

The exact prints are as follows

x1 Judge Promo - Command Tower per winner

x1 From the Vault Relics - Sol Ring per winner

So, there are a few ground rules.

First: You must be following me to enter. If you aren’t, your entries won’t count.

Second: 1 reblog is 1 entry. 

Thrid: 1 like is another. 

Third and a half: No giveaway blogs. 

Fourth: This will end on the 30th of November 2016 at 11:59pm AEDST. 

I can ship internationally, so don’t worry about that. There will be no extra cost.

I will then select the winner within the week, contact them for address information, then send it out. Due to me being foreign, this could take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Please keep your ask box open, and ready as, if you don’t contact me back, I will choose a new winner. 

I will ensure each card is packaged safely and heavily to try and avoid any warping or damage in transit, however accident can happen. 

As always, good luck to everyone who takes part. If you have any questions that I failed to cover in this post, I’ll happily answer them if you send me an ask, or leave a comment. 

And once again, thank you!