$50 Road to Wrestlemania Commissions (10 Slots)

Hey wrestling fans! Wrestlemania 32 is coming to Texas on April 3rd 2016, and I’m planning on going. I need money for 2 tickets (which tend to be $150+ for a big event like this), Merchandise (2 t-shirts), and general spending, so I’m offering fully inked and colored drawings of your favorite wrestlers for $50.

They can be from any federation (WWF/WWE, NXT, NJPW, WCW, ECW, FCW, CZW, TNA), past and present. Superstars, Divas, Broadcast folks, Tough Enough crew. You name em and I’ll draw em. Tickets go on sale in November, so time is of the essence.

Here’s the rules:

No porn. Yeah I know my claim to fame is drawing smut, but I don’t do smut of real people who don’t do porn for a living. Sexy is fine, but no sex.

Single characters only.

Email me at katzchen41@gmail.com with your requests. Please include your username along with detailed descriptions and references. I will send you WIP’s and keep you posted on the commission progress via email, so please respond as soon as possible. The quicker you get back to me with your suggestions and approvals, the quicker I can finish your art.

Paypal only. Work starts as soon as I receive your payment. My paypal is the same as my email katzchen41@gmail.com. ​To make sure that you send the right amount, go here for a handy PayPal price calculator thefeecalculator.com/

10 Slots. Let’s go! :D












1.WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

2. WWF Wrestlefest

3. Virtual Pro Wreslting 2

4. John Cena’s Sexy High School Adventure

5. WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw

6. 3 Count Bout

7. RustleCuffs: WWE All Stars (2nd Impact)

8. Kinnikuman Grand Prix 2

9. Wrestle Angel Survivor!

10. WWF Wrestlemaina: The Arcade Game

11. 5 Star Wrestling

12. Power Move Pro Wrestling

13. Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II

14. RustleCuffs: Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try this At Home!

15. Celebrity Deathmatch

16. Funaki Hybrid Wrestler

17. Legends of Wrestling

18. WWE Wrestlemania XIX (STINERMANIA)

19. ECW Anarchy Rulez

20.  WWC/Astral Bout 3

21. RustleCuffs: Ahh Harimanada SUMO WRESTLE!

22.  Action Arcade Wrestling 2   

23. All-Star Wrestling Featuring Virtua   



26.  WWF Betrayal    

27. Rumble Roses (PS2)    

28. Rustlecuffs: Def Jam Vendetta

29. Smackdown Here Comes the Pain! (2nd Impact)    

30.  Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III - Zaibatsu Wrestling Federation In Your House - LIVE!  (WWE 2K13)

31. Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III - Best Friends All-Star Royal Rumble Invitational  (WWE 2K13)


The Dudley Boyz “greet” the Heatwave ‘99 crowd
[July 18th, 1999]

You see the words “fearless” and “ballsy” thrown around a lot. Hell, you even hear a lot of people say that they “don’t give a fuck” a lot, but… really, let’s be honest, most people care more than they’ll ever let on.

The Dudley Boyz flat out did not give a fuck. They were just as full of piss and vinegar as they were tough, and they had no fear telling anyone what they thought. This promo is cited as being legendary, and for good reason. It may very well be the most controversial promo in history. Non-PC as can be, this one is definitely not safe for work!


#Arrow & #TheFlash Promo - Justice Moves To Its Own Beat