Empress arranges my bed; fifteen pill bottles, multiple diagnoses. The room is pale yellow and blue everyday. Secret tryst of forgotten names, games to remember them. Name too long unspoken forgets the body, erects elsewhere resenting. Rain descends in a pattern of weekdays, ignored by pale moonlight. Icicles in north deliberately hung, like various lengths of night, luminous in their assembling. Three layers of fig pink pill flesh-like, a coat of sunk violet. Two injections every other hour. The Empress ensures us good sleep, maroon of medication pushing the lungs forward. I dream no more. Room is cold and perforated. I am allowed no pen too sharp, writing in markers. I am renamed, coated in black cotton soil. I have needles in my ears; kidney, liver, anxiety. Pill is sick, spills honey like rot vomit. Icicles hang in poor manners. There is frost in the breathing, sinking each night. Viola sunk, tresses like evenings in eclipse’s ether. Frost casting absentee one plane of plain soil outside the small window; highways and houses behind. Untainted. Thatched in silver of morning, of noon, of night; coat of descending violet. The whole night spends me. Rain leaking to the bottom of our days. Hours congeal into the next, suffering their surplus. Rain comes in place of days, no clock to count the moments. Exquisite movement of silence. Moments burst nameless, luminous gloss. Dazzle of red time demolished. In the end, we become. 


So, after seeing the spoilers for chapter 513, I thought of this random theory: What if Erza was born in the same time period as natsu and the dragon slayers. And since Eileen was the queen of the dragons, Erza knew Natsu, Gajeel and the rest. But when Acnologia was attacking all the humans and dragons back then, Erza must’ve gotten lost or injured. And since they were in the middle of a war, Eileen and Erza went with Zeref and the others through the eclipse gate to protect her. But Erza and Eileen were seperated, which led Eileen to believe that Erza was dead. Making Eileen hate Acnologia and want to kill him because she blames him for her death. Also, she is still angry for what he did to both the dragons and humans in the past.

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Annular (Shaped like or forming a ring.) for the space word, please.

annular- having the form of a ring

Sam hadn’t ever seen an annular eclipse. Not when the moon, angled too small, blocked all of the sun but a ring around the edges. Sometimes, it seemed, things glowed too brightly to be hidden all the way. 

But, he had seen Gabriel. Had seen him saddened, curled atop his bed sheets, staring out the star-dotted windowpane. Had seem him standing in a crowd of people, smaller than the rest of them. Sam had seen him swallowed whole, time and time again.

But, each time, his eye couldn’t help but follow. He radiated something special, the grace of an angel seeping from his pores despite his burning fall. When he was around heaven long enough, it clung to his skin, his eyelashes, the way he spoke with such softness and such thunder. It was a power he couldn’t shake, a beauty he couldn’t lose.

The next time Sam caught him, curled and making himself small, he sat on the edge of Gabriel’s bed and stared out the window alongside him.

“I’ve never seen an annular eclipse,” Sam started. Gabriel turned his head, eyes lost in the stars still. They made him feel so small, now he could not touch them with a fingertip. Now he could not crush them with a word. What use were stars always out of reach?

“No?” Gabriel asked, voice soft.

Sam shook his head. He grabbed Gabriel’s hand atop the navy blue sheets. “No. But, I’ve seen you, glowing still despite everything you have lost.”

Sam may not have seen an eclipse like that, but he’d seen the moon try to block Gabriel’s light time and time again in forms seen and unseen. He had seen it try. He had seen it fail by the way Gabriel let a small smile grace his lips there in the darkness, leaning his head onto Sam’s shoulder while they both looked out the window at the stars that seemed to sparkle just for them.

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Remain Vigilant (closed rp w/ ask-team-clst)

Night eclipsed the sky of an unnamed village in Mistral. Very little light was present upon the streets and walkways, save for a few households and the village inns. None of the villagers were seen outside, preferring to be confined to their homes and shelters due to the dangers of the night. Death was always willing to lash out at the unfortunate.

“No, wait PLEA-”

A cry for mercy was cut short as the body of a White Fang soldier was launched against the stone walls of a building. His torso was riddled with tiny holes, a clear indicator of a shotgun blast. The holder of the shotgun, a male with a face of a ghoul, looked at the sight of his fresh kill, unfettered by the bloody mess left. His gaze briefly surveyed the bodies of White Fang soldiers, beaten and broken, before turning to what appeared to be his partner standing over another grunt.

The grunt could do nothing but cough, gag and choke as grains of sand swarmed around her like an angry fleet of hornets, seeking to enter and hinder her respiratory system.

The two then heard a sound, a simple crunching of boots, causing them to instinctively turn around to the source. 






Many years ago of the royal bloody hour the sun was plunged in the darkness of eclipse and cataclysms started to fill up the planet because of control loss of the magic. And only some time pass, unknown vaults eas found under the capital where the last survived went to hide from the death. But the life in here wasn’t really that sweet and with everything new situation the rules are becoming rougher in the vailt city Anderville and no one was getting a marks of talants. The cruel rule with a number 99 appeared in this times.

We’re still a year away, but there will be a solar eclipse in America next year on August 21st. If you live on the line drawn above, you’ll see a total eclipse for 1-3 minutes. If you live outside of it, you’ll just see a partial solar eclipse. If you live near it, get the fuck in it on August 21st.


Shot by Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmüller

These amazing images capture the moon during a total solar eclipse revealing a vast solar corona. Clarity was achieved due to the incredibly remote location chosen to view the eclipse from, a pier just outside the Enewetak Radiological Observatory on the Marshall Islands, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  

All images are courtesy of the photographer.  Source: National Geographic