• What he says: I want to know more about Ophiuchus.
  • What he says: Ophiuchus' tragic hype failure when pitted against Kagura would be forgivable if only she'd appeared again in some way (barring her sexy nurse Eclipse form, in which her mind was altered). We have no idea what the typical Ophiuchus is like at all, or what her bond with Yukino is like. Her key is undoubtedly the only one of its kind, being black and being a thirteenth key among the Zodiac. It is easily the most fearsome spirit yet presented. But that one scene and her suicidally nefarious Eclipse plot are her only relevance. Yukino describes it as unlucky, but why is that? Conversely, Eclipse Ophiuchus describes her constellation as highly revered by medical professionals. When she summmons Ophiuchus, the snake itself is framed in the same way as Jellal's aborted Sema from earlier, and like Sema, it never gets used in the Grand Magic Games and as such, is hinted towards being utterly monstrous in power. When Yukino is depressed and no longer feels worthy of being a celestial wizard, she hands over her gold keys--very rare and valuable artifacts--to Lucy, but Ophiuchus' key is never shown. I very much doubt she was planning on throwing it down the drain, so what was she keeping it for if her self-worth as a celestial wizard was down said drain? Questions, questions, questions.

Nehelenia became Chibiusa’s ‘mini moon’. The power of the First and Third Taboo of Pluto’s power given to Sailor Moon made Nehelenia’s timeline and her kingdom skip forward into the future during her rebirth. Nehelenia was 'reborn’ during an eclipse and grew up during Older Chibiusa’s future. Since no one in the Moon Kingdom was born under an Umbra, Nehelenia was gifted to be Sailor Eclipse.            

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What do you mean Twilight was problematic? In what ways?

Well… give up everything and everyone in your life without even thinking twice for a guy who completely consumes you to the point where you have no dreams or aspirations besides being with him and on top of that you don’t even realize nor care that he completely controls every single thing you do and even watches you when you’re not around?

Even Jacob in Eclipse (more the book but the movie too) when he kisses her the first time and she literally is FIGHTING for him to let go and he won’t so she just “gives out and doesn’t feel until he stops” is hella problematic and although there are explications for it, it’s still yikes. As much as I like Eclipse because Bella finally admits she loves Jacob too, Jacobs character gets pretty harshly assassinated to be a hell of a lot like Edward. New Moon Jacob is EVERYTHING. He never would have pulled that shit! Damn you Stephanie Meyers and your unhealthy view on relationships!!