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Aiden: Oh? You're a unique looking Mew... though I don't think the mustache is a regular part of your appearance. If I may? -holds up a handkerchief- My name is Aiden. I noticed that the temple here is maintained but doesnt appear to have too many visitors. Is this normal for the time of year?

It has nothing to do with the time of the year… this place has only existed for 2000 years and noone has ever visited this place.

You understand how I feel now right? I HAVE LIVED 2000 LONE YEARS. My only friend is a piece of rock in the sky and this voice in my head! The only ones that I talk to are other entities and legendaries but I wouldn’t consider them as a “friend”…

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I understand if this is a sore subject but how did you loose so many followers? I thought that whole village worshiped you? Ah my apologies if that sounded rude I ment no offense

I can’t really tell you the exact reason but I’m not surprised if I was overpowered by another god. Who would worship such a powerless god?