I just had a thought so I’mma start with some context. So, there’s a web series called Everafter High, basically a fairytale version of Monster High, unlike MH though (as far as I know) EAH has a story, it follows the daughter of the evil queen, who was supposed become a modern au of her mom, and get a bad end because fate.

Instead though, during the entrance ceremony, she refused to sign the giant book that would’ve sealed the deal like the protag princess of her story did right before her. Because of this, she unchained everyone from the stories they were fated to re-enact otherwise, good thing for the ‘villains’ but the ‘heros’ and ‘ goodguys’ and such don’t know what to do anymore.

So, from what I remember of the brief time I tried watching it, the princess from her story among others of protag position in fairytales try to get her to just accept it and let things go back to ‘the way they were supposed to be’ because it benefited them, the protags.

I don’t remember where I was going with this, is this nightblogging? Have I made my first nightblog post?


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