shadowskiel  asked:

i keep thinking about the team skull squad going to kalos and guzma/plumeria/gladion get involved in a ridiculous chase to catch yveltal before a 'revived' team flare can attempt to use it bc xerneas fucking failed and nobody in kalos is honestly skilled enough to combat them besides the protag, who's probably doing dumb shit like hanging out in the distortion world.

that sounds like an xy sequel………where’s my z version xy needs to be improved


Here’s the Jem-era clone head sent by @oak23, on an EAH body with a neck bulked up with John’s acetone melted plastic goop method (which still needs to sanded a bit more, apparently.)  I also added a bit of paint to her eyes, to give her a side glance (which is also a John Idea) and to make the light reflections more even.

And I brushed her hair to be extra fluffy.


Bite Your Tongue
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Take The Lead In Your Story
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