Finding Carter is a drama about a teenage girl named Carter learning that she was kidnapped at a very young age and the mother she’s lived with and loved all of her life, isn’t her real mom. She goes back to live with her biological family and she sees how much her disappearance has affected them. Carter also has to keep an eye out for Lori, the woman who kidnapped her because Lori is bent on getting her “daughter” back.

Common Sense Media recommends this Drama for ages 14+. (1)

Finding Carter teaches viewers that one certain event or decision can change the lives of many forever. You see the obvious effects of what Carter’s kidnapping has done to her family and even more effects from other major plot points in the story. The show also shows the dangerous effects of drinking and doing drugs underage.

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Where to watch Finding Carter: MTV and iTunes

Did you know that all of the episodes in Season One are named after movie titles and all of the episodes in Season Two are named after songs. (2)

Personally, Finding Carter is one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever watched. It has emotionally sucked me in! When I first watched the show, the first season was already over so I managed to watch 8 episodes in one day. Each plot twist has me on the edge of my seat and I think all other fans could say the same. Finding Carter is unlike any show on right now. It deals with real emotions and friendships and the story line is very believable.

- M


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Big Bang Theory is a comedy about 4   guys named Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard, who are all extremely smart and nerdy. They all have a career in science and the humorous show follows them through their antics.

Common Sense Media recommends this Comedy for ages 14+. (1)

Big Bang Theory teaches viewers about the importance of friendship. You see this in many episodes when Leonard helps Sheldon out, even thought Sheldon’s demands may be specific and difficult, Leonard stands by him and helps him out and together they make a great team. Also, in every episode viewers may pick up a random scientific fact or two.

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Watch Big Bang Theory on: iTunes, TBS, and CBS

Did you know that Leonard’s glasses usually don’t have lenses in them? (2)

Personally, Big Bang Theory is truly one of the most unique shows out there. I love watching it because just like Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard, I too love a TON of geeky shows, movies, and books. The references to all of those things exist in each episode and I love catching them. The sarcastic humor is on point and even during emotional moments the characters are still joking around to keep the mood light. This show brightens my days.

- M


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