“A villain is a hero of the other side.”

This quote is so telling from GRRM. 

Many people have different interpretations of it, but I believe this is directly referring to Dany’s meteoric rise to power, and what will subsequently be her fall from grace. We, as the audience, have watched her struggle against oppressors and we have seen her strength and justice mocked and ridiculed. By all accounts, Dany is the underdog we should all want to win. We’ve watched her grow as a character; we’ve watched her embrace her strength as a woman and a leader; and hell, we’ve got to watch her dragons quite literally and physically grow into the badass killing machines we see now. This is what we’ve always wanted for Dany, and now, she’s finally going to sail off to Westeros to take back what is ‘rightfully’ hers. 

Yes, Dany is the hero we’ve wanted since Day 1, but is she really a hero at all for the people of Westeros? 

The Targaryens may have once ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but that was a long time ago, and those who were alive during their rein don’t necessarily have fond memories of that particular family. For everyone else, Dany is a foreigner, come to their land to conquer them and take what little left there is to give. The Targaryens may have once ruled, but they don’t anymore. It’s no longer their kingdom and Dany hasn’t lived there. She doesn’t know the first thing about Westerosi culture. What she is now is essentially a colonialist who believes she can free the people, but from what exactly? The people want peace and prosperity. They are tired of war and death. Would bringing three grown dragons and an army of Dothrakis, who are known to pillage and rape, really be bringing about peace? 

To them, Dany is the villain, an oppressor and one they won’t want, and she’s so used to being praised by the little people that if the little people and the ‘bigger’ people are both in opposition of her, what will she do? Considering past behaviour, Dany tends to go straight for inciting fear and violence rather than diplomacy. She believes in justice but only her brand of justice, and Gods forbid you disagree with her. Just ask Hizdahr zo Loraq. 

This kind of turn around will make many of Dany’s most loyal fans uncomfortable. Those who believed her to be a hero will be disappointed to find that she is in fact not a hero in this kingdom and that she is actually the colonist, the oppressor, the villain of their stories.  

If this is truly Dany’s destiny, then it is such an important message that resonates so profoundly right now in our world. Western society is given such a good vs bad narrative about war, and why they must invade this country and that country and how it’s for that country’s own good, but for those people feeling the effects of war living in those countries, who is the real villain? Who is really saving who? Everyone’s a hero in their story, but the villain in another’s. It’s all about perspective and that’s really so important for people to understand in this day and age. Perspective breeds empathy and we need more of that. 

Just a disclaimer though, I know you can’t empathise with terrorist organisations. That’s not what I meant. I’m talking more in the sense of bigots and racists, who completely criminalise an entire country of people, and believe wholeheartedly that theirs have done no wrong. 

Just food for thought anyway. 

Jon Snow Headcannons

Just some cutesy headcannons. I wasn’t thinking about when in the series these took place, just some basic things to get your mind going. 

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  • Jon is shy when he first meets you.
  • You notice a soft blush on his cheeks when he speaks to you and it makes you smile softly at him.
  • He slowly grows more comfortable around you; so much so, he starts to court you. 
  • Stolen glances across the yard at Winterfell leave you longing for a moment alone with him.
  • When there is time for those moments, it’s worth the wait.
  • His rough hands graze your hands and then trace up to your jaw, to your soft cheeks. 
  • With one hand cupping your cheek and the other resting against your lower back, he pulls you closer to his body.
  • Only when there’s not an inch of free space between you, he finally brushes his lips softly against yours.
  • Jon’s shy nature shows itself in his hesitance, waiting for you to give him the ‘okay’ or for you to make the first move. 
  • One of you finally gives in and fully presses your lips against the others. 
  • Your hands find there rightful places in his hair. 
  • Normally, right when you’re about to deepen the kiss, you both get interrupted or Jon pulls away. 
  • Arya had actually caught the two of you a few times, but never told a soul about what she saw.
  • It got to the point where Jon would just sneak into your room, when all of Winterfell was asleep, simply to see you.
  • He’d lay on your bed, resting beside you while you quietly chatted about your day. 
  • Soon, when you had caught up with each other, he’d be above you; his deep brown eyes looking into your face with a softness you thought Northern men didn’t have. 
  • “You’re lovely, you know that?” You’d giggle lightly at his words, causing a smooth smile to spread across his lips. 
  • “Now I know,” you’d tease, gently tickling his beard with your fingertips. 
  • He would slowly get closer, resting his chest slightly on top of yours; but making sure not to make you uncomfortable.
  • You’d tangle and brush your fingers through his hair, making he grow sleepy under your calming touch. 
  • When he got tired enough, he’d fall asleep on your chest; dangerously close to the top of your dress. With his head on your chest, his hair would spill over and tickle the exposed skin of your neck.
  • Other nights, he’d lay on his back with you resting your chest on top of his. With your ear pressed to his chest, you’d soon fall asleep to his heartbeat, cradled in his arms. 
  • These private moments, however sweet, were hard to come by. 
  • Jon was seemingly, always busy with planning, training, and simply surviving. 
  • During those hectic days, Jon sends Ghost to keep up with you.
  • You end up sneaking him snacks, telling him not to tell Jon.
  • But at the end of the day, he’d come back to you.
  • He’d hug you close to his body, pressing his face in the crook of your neck.
  • He’d end up pressing kisses to the sensitive skin there, small pecks that reassured you that he was yours as you were his. 
  • His hugs are to die for.
  • Jon just holds you so close and makes you feel so loved. It’s like everything else, the wars and the Houses, just disappears while he’s holding you. 
  • He was overly affectionate in private, so rarely was he open about your relationship in public.
  • But when you’d attend meetings, he’d hold your gaze longer than normal.
  • If you were sat close to him, he’d be touching you in some way.
  • His fingers entangled with yours of his hand resting on your leg.
  • You constantly wondering how someone as strong and attractive as Jon can be so shy about relationship things
  • You always encouraging him when he thinks he did something wrong.
  • You get to see that confident, passionate side of him when you’re alone. He’ll flirt, or try to, just to make you swoon.
  • He’d hug you from behind in your room, murmuring things in your ear.
  • “That dress looks amazing on you. But it’d look better on the floor.” 
  • Jon thinking about how much he doesn’t deserve someone like you.
  • You telling him you don’t care about his mysterious parentage, because you love him; not his last name. 
  • “Snow, Stark, or Targaryen, nothing changes. I love you, Jon.”
  • Him always swearing to protect you with his life.
  • Because you’re his family.
  • He will always fight for his family. 

Why did it literally take me a year to realise that Jon’s death is an indirect parallel to Ned’s? 

Both men died because of their honour and rigid moral compass. They did (or were going to do) what they believed was right, and in the end, they were rewarded with hostility and violence. 

  • Gendry: Never thought my best friend would be a lady, and a of the north as well.
  • Arya: I'm not your best friend.
  • Gendry: Of corse you are, why do you think I keep you around for?
  • Arya: But, I'm your only friend...
  • Gendry: And your point is?
  • Aria: My point is that I can't be your best friend, when you don't have any other friends.
  • Gendry: Sure you can
  • Arya: It dosen't work like that!
  • Gendry: Says who?
  • Arya: I don't know! That's just how it is.
  • Gendry: Yeah that dosen't sound right, My Lady.
  • Hot Pie: Here we go again...
  • Arya starts running towards Gendry with full speed. Meanwhile Hot Pie takes needle before Arya can do some serious harm.

this going to be a GoT Leak Free blog because fuck those leaks. 

i just want to enjoy s7 without going into it feeling disillusioned already. if it happens, it happens. until then, let me live, friends. let me live.