So I finally saw the Syndicate Cinematic Trailer and I noticed a thing or two.
1) Evie was not in it at all! WTF UbiSoft?
2) Jacob sounds a bit like Edward. Not Welsh like he was in Black Flag, but it could be heard in a way. Don’t tell me we’re gonna be playing as another Edward fella?
Song and action were badass though. You at least gotta give it credit for that.

anonymous asked:

So after finishing the ME trilogy for the first time naturally I have a lot of questions I can't necessarily answer for myself... With the destroy ending, and how all synthetics would eat metaphorical dirt because of it, does this mean that the Geth suffered the same fate? Even though Legion made it so all the Geth would be there own person more or less, wouldn't they still count as synthetics? Or not?

Hello. First of all, congratulations on finishing it for the first time! :)

So, to reply to the question: yes, the Geth suffered the same fate because they are still synthetics even if they are sentient.

Basically, synthetic is an alternative word for artificial intelligence. Synthetics aren’t organics but they can be sentient (individual capable of feeling or perceiving things subjectively or as you put it “being their own person”). Synthetic does not mean sentient. 

The Destroy ending doesn’t kill all sentient life, otherwise it would kill everything. It only kills synthetics. Some of them happen to be sentient.
I hope that helps :)