Knocking Dead - S7 E1: Robert Kirkman discusses Rick’s snot bubble and other bodily fluids

“Not only was that snot bubble absolutely 100% definitely real- Andrew Lincoln is superhuman when it comes to weird stuff like that… I can’t remember exactly what episode it was, but it was… Season 4, episode 9 or 10, when uh- I think it was 10- after Rick has been in the house with Carl and Michonne shows up, when he’s like near death after like fighting the Governor, those guys break into the house and Michonne and Carl are gone and Rick is hiding under the bed. And they’re filming that scene, and Andrew Lincoln goes to the director and goes, “So I know we’re air conditioning this house, but there’s no air conditioning in the apocalypse in the summer, do it’d be pretty hot in this room, right. So I’m pretty nervous, so while I’m under the bed I’d be sweating a lot.”

And the director goes, “Yeah. Yeah you’d be sweatin’ a fair bit.” And he goes, “Okay, great.”

And he went over into the corner and he started- laughs- flexing his muscles and going FWOOOOOOOOOOOHFF for like, five minutes! And the director went over and was like, “Andy… Andy what- we can mist you! What are you doing?!” And he was like “Nah man I gotta feel it, I gotta generate this from the inside!”

If you watch that episode, he has sweat beading on his forehead and dripping down his nose and like hanging off, in a FULLY air conditioned room, and just, puddling! On the floor beneath his face!

So, yeah, that snot bubble was real.”

I wisely took today off from work and after barely sleeping, I began watching reaction videos and checking out what fans had to say about S7 E1.

Sadly, a lot of fans are blaming Daryl for the death of Glenn, whether it’s warranted or not. To people who hated Daryl to begin with, this is going to be their justification for ripping him to shreds. It remains to be seen if the surviving Team Family members will blame Daryl as well, but I can imagine that nobody will beat Daryl up about the consequences of his actions, more than Daryl himself.

The thought of him alone and at Negan’s mercy is gut wrenching. The only person who can pull him out of this nightmare, understand what he’s suffering through and restore his belief that he is a good man, will be Carol.

I can’t make any sense of this yet. I love Glenn as much as I love Daryl and I just can’t hold his desire to do whatever he could to stop a madman from hurting his family for one more second, against him.

Daryl’s bravery is beyond measure and he is a good, decent man. For Daryl to come to terms with what happened and to recover from this pain, he’s going to need his rock, his best friend and the person who loves him unlike any other.

They are going to need each other like never before.