Stunning Photographs of London from between the 1920s and 1930s by E. O. Hoppé.

1. Westminster Abbey,1925

2. London Bridge, 1925

3. Knightsbridge, 1925

4. Winter Street Scene, 1925

5. Hyde Park, Lido, 1929

6. British Museum, 1929

7. Devonshire House, 1928

8. Chinese Quarters, 1925

9. Modern Gasometer, 1929

10. Parliament, 1934

Emil Otto Hoppé (1878-1972) was one of the most important art and documentary photographers of the modern era. Born to a wealthy family in Munich, he moved to London in 1900 to train as a financier, but took up photography and rapidly achieved great success.

In the early 20th century, Hoppé began one of the most unique photographic documents of London where for over forty years he worked tirelessly to record London’s transition from a 19th century city into a modern metropolis. Systematically chronicling the landmarks and architectural fabric that defined the city of London, Hoppé’s work can be compared both in scale and modernistic approach to Eugene Atget’s photographs of Paris and Bernice Abbott’s of New York.


Women Civil War Soldiers -Educational Short

Excerpt from the feature documentary Rebel, about Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Civil War soldier and spy. It is estimated about a thousand women disguised themselves as men to fight as soldiers for the Union and for the Confederacy. Countless other women also served as secret agents.

The Smithsonian Associates Civil War E-Mail Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 8

Why does anyone volunteer to fight in a war, especially someone who would not otherwise be called upon? There are approximately 400 documented cases of women who served in the ranks, both North and South. But, why did these women fight?

The ladies may have “had their reasons,” but for the most part, we have no documentation to tell us why. There was John Williams, also known as Sarah Blaylock, who states only that she was mustered in as a private and discharged one month later when she was discovered to be a woman. Why did she enlist to fight?

Charles Freeman, or Mary Scaberry, enlisted in the summer of 1862. Her identity was discovered after she was admitted to the hospital the following November. Her discharge papers state she was dismissed for: “Sex(t)ual incompatibility and fever.” Why did she fight?

Sarah Edmonds enlisted as Franklin Thompson and describes her physical exam as “a firm handshake.” She participated in several battles and left the service when she caught malaria and feared discovery if she were treated. After the war she married, raised three children, and received a government pension for her Civil War service. Why did she fight?

The most telling story is that of another fighting lady, Rosetta (Lyons) Wakeman. She was the oldest child in a large family, and by necessity worked under brutal conditions on the family farm in upstate New York. She left home at 19, and instead of taking a job as a laundress or a domestic for pennies a day, she dressed as a man and hired onto a canal boat as a coal handler. When she learned she could earn $13 per month in the army, she enlisted as a private in the 153rd New York State Volunteers. Her early letters home tell just how oppressed she felt there. Still, she saved her army pay and sent home large sums of money and generous gifts. In return she asked the home folks for tobacco, apples, pies, and cakes. In the army she enjoyed freedoms not possible to her as a woman. And, she was having the time of her life. She writes, “I enjoy myself first rate … I have had plenty of money to spend and a good time asoldiering. I find just as good friends among strangers as I do at home.” Her true identity was never discovered, not even when she visited male friends in other regiments who knew her from home, or even when she was hospitalized with dysentery. When she died in a New Orleans Army hospital, she was buried as a soldier. She rests at Chalmette National Cemetery with a soldier’s headstone.

We might assume that women soldiers in the Civil War fought for the same reasons as men–patriotism, adventure, to rid the country of slavery. But we know exactly why Rosetta Wakeman fought. She fought to gain her own freedom. Only as a soldier was she able to live as free and “independent as a hog on the ice.”

Sidemen Acrostic Poems

Day 1- Ethan

E- Is for Excitement, always cheery
T- Is for Thoughtful, a delightful person
H- Is for Hysteria, laugh is life
A- Is for Accomplish, achieves goals
N- Is for Natural, best side of you

h a r r y   p o t t e r   m e m e - [1/1] house: Ravenclaw

“Another cool thing about Ravenclaw is that our people are the most individual – some might even call them eccentrics. But geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk, and unlike some other houses we could mention, we think you’ve got the right to wear what you like, believe what you want, and say what you feel. We aren’t put off by people who march to a different tune; on the contrary, we value them!

Haikyuu!! fic rec

kisses by buu

(T / Kagehina / 3,654 words)

Hinata learns that kissing is just as good as volleyball. Precious children getting the kisses they deserve :3

Text Spam by SuggestiveScribe

(E / Kuroken / 1,852 words)

Kenma is gaming when Kuroo wants to have phone sex. Little plot.

bang! now we’re even by Authoress

(M / Bokuaka / 11,902 words) TW blood

Similar plot to Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Akaashi is an assassin who keeps getting their targets stolen by Owl Eyes.

Color Me Wonderful by iwillstillopenthewindow

(G / Kagehina / 1,957 words)

Everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate. 

Favourites by Girukun

(T / Iwaoi / 1,480 words)

Oikawa asks Iwaizumi what his favorite thing about him is. Pure fluff.

untitled by buu

(T / Kagehina / 5,929 words)

This fucking fic ugh so good. Kageyama has unrequited love and tries to distract himself with other people. Happy ending.

Hey Let’s Get It On by jibrailis

(T / Asanoya / 5,950 words)

Noya wants to practice how to kiss. Has anyone else realized this is the 3rd fic w/ this plot? so good

The Rhythm of the Rain by PotatoButt

(G / Kuroken / 2,338 words)

Kuroo has a habit of kissing Kenma to make everything better.

Fleckled with Blue and Silver by LazuliTears

(M / Tsukkiyama / 4,343 words)

Everyone is born with a mark for their soulmate but Yamaguchi doesn’t have one.

raising the waters by daisuga

(T / Bouaka / 1,858 words)

A quick read. Akaashi is a sex worker and Bokuto is enamored.

Üzerimde karınca geziyormuş gibi hissettiğimden uyuyamıyorum. Gerçekten geziyordur diyenler 1'e, vesvesedir diyenler 2'ye bassın. Seyirci jokerimi kullanıyorum hadi

In famiglia siamo in cinque.
Io, le mie due sorelle maggiori, mia mamma e mio papá.
Ciò vuol dire che siamo 4 femmine (di cui due fortemente lunatiche) e 1 maschio.
A ogni gravidanza della madre, padre sperava che nascesse un maschio, anche se mia mamma era sempre certa che avrebbe avuto una femmina e infatti non aveva neache pensato ad un nome maschile.
Fatto sta che un maschietto non è mai arrivato, ma nonostante ciò mio papá non ci ha mai fatto pesare di non essere nate maschi, e sopporta le paturnie di mia mamma e di mia sorella e ci accontenta in tutto.
Grazie papi.

Just got my schedule for my first semester of high school! I’m kind of nervous, but I’m excited in a way too.

I have ap world history, p.e, honors English 1, and lifetime wellness (which is a required class for freshmen. It’s basically half health and half p.e). The only thing that I’m upset about is basically having 2 p.e classes a day. I might try to talk with my counsellors to see if that can be switched around a bit.

I still haven’t finished my summer reading though, which is really stressing me out!!!!!! I did some math, though, and if I read an hour every day, I should have it finished in time.

Gonna make some little magic sachets and things to help me out for when school starts. I definitely want to enchant something to keep with me to help increase concentration and memory, and I definitely want to keep something with me to help with anxiety. Maybe some sigils on my binders or book bags or something?

unlucky things that happened to me this summer:

- accidentally broke into an elementary school and had to talk to a cop

- there was a huge maggi recall RIGHT before summer and it SUCKS because having instant noodles esp maggi for lunch is the highlight of my summer and do you know how many instant noodles i have had in the past month? ZERO

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Ideea era daca si vrei sa imi faci. Textul e: 3 august 2014 (1 an) Timpul trece, dar tu nu-mi mai treci

Poate o să fac cu “timpul trece tu nu-mi treci”