Announcing Tomb Raider Archives 

Exciting #TombRaider20 news out of SDCC continues. Today at our panel – 20 Years of Tomb Raider: Lara Croft’s Multimedia Empire – Dark Horse and longtime Tomb Raider artist Andy Park helped us reveal Tomb Raider Archives, a nostalgic offering for fans.

Tomb Raider Archives collects all 50 issues of the best-selling Top Cow comic, which debuted in 1999 with industry veteran Dan Jurgens at the helm as writer. It will also compile Fiona Kai Avery’s Tomb Raider Journeys, as well as a variety of one-shot Croft adventures. Within its oversized covers Tomb Raider Archives features the art of superstar comic talent such as Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, David Finch, Andy Park, Billy Tan, Adam Hughes, Randy Green, and more. 

The Tomb Raider Archives collection includes:

  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 1: Issues #1-15
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 2: Issues #16-24, #26-34
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 3: Issues #35-50, #0, #½
  • Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 4: Tomb Raider Journeys #1-12, one-shots

Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 1 will go on sale 11/30/2016, with the following three releases slated for 2017.

About Tomb Raider Archives Vol. 1:

With a forward by Andy Park, this hardcover 8” x 12” offering comes in at 408 pages of globetrotting adventures.

There’s only one woman capable of tracking down the world’s rarest artifacts: Lara Croft. Armed with her iconic twin pistols, and aided by roguish playboy Chase Carver and her buttoned-up assistant Madeline Hovan, Lara crisscrosses the globe in search of adventure. Join Lara as she fights against a shadowy organization intent on her destruction, faces the ultimate betrayal, and uncovers legendary treasures.

This deluxe hardcover collects issues #1–#15 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series and features the art of superstar artists Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, David Finch, Andy Park and many more, all in an oversized format.
Keep an eye out for preorders through Diamond Previews Plus and Amazon starting next week.

How to make me dislike a ship:

K.Lance Edition:
Have a good portion send hate on your own ship and at others while simultaneously mentioning how they “prefer k.lance either way” and how much better it is because the dynamic is “so much more interesting”.

study tip #2

rewriting your notes

you go to class, and you’re taking down so many notes it’s sometimes hard to process what you’re writing. on top of that, writing quickly tends to lead to messy handwriting (if it doesn’t you clearly have your life together in ways i don’t)

my advice would be: to spend some time everyday, before you start your homework (trust me, neat notes make homework so much quicker) either completely rewriting your notes in a new notebook, or going over your notes and tidying them up. you don’t have to make them pretty, and you definitely don’t have to add color, but going over your notes to make them neat helps you out in a couple different ways:

  • you get a chance to review what you learned in class (built in study/revision, seeing it twice in one day really helps it stick)
  • you can use this as a chance to identify any topics you don’t understand (see study tip #1)
  • you can rework practice problems to see if you fully understand the process (because you already have the answers this is a great way to check in on your understanding)
  • neat notes = a better time studying in the future
  • if you really want, you can make your notes pretty (which might also help the info sink in more)

anonymous asked:

BYE they've took another step in their relationship and went on a date. Holy hell, I swear joeck is getting more real each and every day! I can't handle it, it's to much. Imagine them going back to Joe's house after and snuggling together, I am in love with this ship.

i know omg. and joeck snuggling :((( i feel like itd be cuddling with a lot of quick kisses thrown in. like joe would be trying to get comfy on the couch but jack would already have his arms wrapped around him, pressing small kisses to joes cheeks and the underside of his jaw. and itd kinda tickle so joe would laugh as he tells jack to fuck off and tries to push him away (jack also does it whenever joe is trying to get up off the couch and joe gets all annoyed bc he cant move so he does it back to jack as revenge but jack loves being pinned down and kissed by joe so it doesnt rlly have the same effect)

also i can see jack always going up to joe with his arms outstretched saying lame things like “can i get a hug from my sugg?” and joe rolling his eyes before wrapping his arms around him (and when i say always i mean always bc jack would be so needy lbr)

also also like,,,domestic!joeck where jack tries cooking in joes kitchen one morning and joe comes up behind him and wraps his arms around jacks waist, pressing the side of his face into the back of jacks shoulder (he also reaches up and rests his chin on jacks shoulder and sleepily watches him cook until he bursts out laughing, suddenly wide awake, and says “wait what the fuck are you even cooking??” and jack shrugs like “idk i was trying to make something romantic and also i dont rlly know how to cook”) (and joe cant stop laughing at his dork of a boyfriend and he fondly presses kisses to jacks neck until jack suggests that they forget breakfast and just make out instead) 

My most recent essay deals with the ways that YouTube can be situated within a much larger history of participatory culture, and in particular, it tries to understand why some communities embrace the platform and why others have been more reluctant to do so. The point I want to raise is that a participatory culture is not necessarily a diverse culture, and we need to create mechanisms that embrace and promote diversity. YouTube offers such a vast array of materials that it is hard for many of us to see what is not there or to ask what mechanisms may block it from appearing.
—  Henry Jenkins, interview with Transformative Works and Cultures

FR - Découvrez l'artwork exclusif de Justine Malcontento pour le Projet 20 Years Art collection de Tomb Raider Univers.
Un saut de l'ange qui retrace la licence Tomb Raider à travers les âges !

“Pour fêter ces 20 années passées avec Lara, continuons l’aventure en plongeant avec elle vers des nouvelles expériences plus excitantes que jamais.” - Justine M

Découvrez plus de détails et de surprises sur cette illustration sur: http://tombraiderunivers.com

Portfolio de l'artiste: http://jujusaurus.deviantart.com

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EN - Discover the exclusive artwork of Justine Malcontento for the Tomb Raider Univers Project - 20 Years of Art collection.
A swan dive that retraces the history of the Tomb Raider franchise!

“As we celebrate her 20 awesome years of being with us, let us continue to embark on new adventures with our ever evolving heroine as we dive into new and exciting experiences with her. …” - Justine M

Discover more details and surprises on this artwork on:

Artist Portfolio: http://jujusaurus.deviantart.com

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Dynamic Duo || Peter & Kurt


Peter, known as Quicksilver since he was in his mask, was out to catch a few muggers and then call it a night. Until, of course, he ran into (not literally) the young man the papers were calling Nightcrawler. He’d been curious about him for weeks but had seemingly been a couple seconds too late to meet him every time he tried. But now here he was. And damn he was pretty.

Leaning his elbows on the short brick wall between them and propping his chin on one hand, he grinned. “Hey gorgeous. Come here often?”

#HardAtWorkChallenge: What?

Charlie Countryman/Jane Austen Book Club
Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Grigg Harris
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Verse, Alpha/Omega, Alpha Nigel, Omega Grigg, Accidental Bonding, OOpS!, Nigel stalking Grigg at his job, with good reason! HardAtWorkChallenge

After accidentally bonding during a one night stand, Nigel and Grigg are both not dealing well with what happens next… other than to start making out again…

Nigel had initially woken up feeling pretty good. Sort of light, boyuent. And then the dark cloud of his hangover had descended and the omega had returned from the bathroom.

George? Greg?

“Oh… hey.” Nigel avoided use of a name he was unsure of and discovered the roughness of his throat, caused by way too much alcohol and cigarettes.

The omega smiled an unsure smile and damn if that didn’t make Nigel’s gut drop! What a beautiful fucking creature. Shame he could only remember flashes of the night before. The ache in his muscles at least told him that it had been quite an active evening.

“Well… I better get going.” Nigel started to move from the bed.

“Yeah, um… about last night…”

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