the awaited prompts for N&D Week!

i took some time gathering all the suggestions i got (than you to everyone who sent some in!!) and put them together and picked from there

For these days, you can do whatever! Art, comics, fanfics, edits, gifsets, etc.. whatever you want really!!

and now, the prompts!

10/29 / DAY 1 - first kiss or humanity

10/30 / DAY 2 - crushing or alternate universe

10/31 / DAY 3 - birthday

11/1 / DAY 4 - free day!

11/2 / DAY 5 - angst / loss

11/3 / DAY 6 - reunion

11/4 / DAY 7 - future

rulewise for these, all i ask is no nsfw, and try to keep any blood/gore/etc as pg-13 as possible, beside that, go wild!!!!

tagwise, i will be tracking #nutsanddoltsweek and #n&dweek, so if you want me to reblog your work, please put them in those tags when the week begins

thank you, and i hope you enjoy Nuts & Dolts week!!

Tweek: “Y-you’re not real!”

Damien: “Are you sure?”


Tweek and Damien.

I feel like Damien would love messing with Tweek’s head. Like how Tweek is paranoid so much, Damien would just like appear one second and disappear the next into the shadows just to mess with him because he would find it amusing to himself. And Tweek wouldn’t know if what he’s seeing is real or not.

@nutsanddoltsweek day 2 - Alternative Universe!

Ay it’s a Little Witch Academia AU! Also fitting with the Halloween theme because witches right? For anyone that’s familiar, they have Diana and Akko’s colors and that wasn’t intentional until I noticed it anfsknld

  • Moffat fans: The Doctor won't shut up about Rose ugh omg get over it already
  • Moffat fans: *cries when the Doctor turns into a blubbering mess and sulks for a thousand years and is forever hung up about the Ponds*
  • Moffat fans: *babbles emotionally when the Doctor hoards every minute of River Song's timeline*
  • Moffat fans: *doesn't question a thing when Clara is photoshopped into every single second of every single regeneration of the Doctor's life*

Weeping Angels = Time Lords

1) In the End of Time the leader of the Timelords states: “The vote is taken, only two stand against and will stand as monument to their shame: the Weeping Angels of old!”

2) Angels are created at the beginning of the universe, as punishment criminal time lords were sent back them to be “time” locked at the beginning of the universe (like a prison) and angels are “quantum” locked

3) They both manipulate time.

4) The Doctors mother Moves like the angels, suggesting she was possible turning into one

(Now add the Crack, that stretches though Time and Space (even to the beginning) )

1) since it appeared there have been a large increase in the number of angels

2) We now see baby angels for the first time ever (this almost made me doubt my that they were timelords)

3) The crack original lead to a prison in another universe

4)We now know that the Doctor sent all the time lords to another universe and that they are trying to break though the crack

(Welcome to a Town called Christmas)

 Where the weeping angles seemed rather unimportant. So what were they doing there? Could they heave come on a ship, doubtful because none were able to land before the doctors arrival. They were not part of the effort to stop the doctor, so logically they must have come though the crack in time and space thus reinforcing my belief that they are in fact timelords.

First Meeting (Part 2)

request: First meeting part 2?? Pleeease

a/n: yikes this is short and not the way i wanted it to go but if you want other part send in a request :D

Weeks later, you and Shawn were pretty close friends. The two of you hung out often after school, when he was available. You obviously knew the kid was pretty well-known on Vine, and was going on tour with Taylor Swift soon. “So, how long are you gonna be gone?” You asked, sitting next to Shawn as he played some video game and you sketched in your sketchbook.

“Um, I think I leave in mid-May, and I won’t be back until like, September.” He said, pausing the game. “We can still talk, though. There’s Skype, and we can call each other, and I’m definitely gonna get you tickets to a show or two.”

“You better, I wanna see Taylor Swift in concert.” You smiled, poking your friend in the leg. “I guess seeing you would be pretty cool, too.”

Shawn rolled his eyes, standing up. “You hungry?” He asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Uh, I think I should probably head home. My mom wants to help me plan some get together for her coworkers. I’ll see you later, Mendes!” You waved goodbye as you left the house, and headed off to your own.

Shawn had some important news that required you to have dinner at his house for. “Hey!” He smiled when he opened the door. “What’s up?”

You walked into his house, and took off your jacket. “Um, nothing. Absolutely nothing.” You shrugged, hanging your jacket up on the coat rack. “What great news do you have?” You asked, following him into the kitchen.

Shawn looked at you. “Well, since your my best friend, I think I should tell you before I tell my parents.”

You felt your stomach turn. “What?”

“So, I met a girl.” Shawn smiled. “And we started dating a couple weeks ago.” He got out his phone, and showed you a photo. You felt your head spin, and faked a smile. 

“I’m- I’m really happy for you, Shawn.” You smiled, keeping your voice as even as possible. You checked your phone, and sighed. “My, um, my mom texted me. She needs me at home for something. Sorry, have a fun dinner!” You said, grabbing your coat and rushing to your car, where you felt your tears fall. It was not a secret that you had a crush on Shawn, but apperently he didn’t feel the same. You drove back to your place, and avoided your parents for the rest of the night, choosing to go to bed as soon as you got to your room.

a/n: so, yeah… feedback is fantastic 

To all the River haters.


Recently I came across a LOT of River Song hate. 


I get that a lot of people are obsessed with Rose, but hating on River won’t make Rose come back. And there are others who ship Whouffle. Okay ,we get it. But, seriously, some of the reasons as to why people hate River…I rolled my eyes at their stupidity, one reason was “I hate the way she talks, and she’s obsessed with her hair.” And then that person had written “People who actually like River are idiots.
Like, dude, what the fuck?

Some people said that her story is ‘meaningless’ and 'unimportant’ and that Moffat is just rubbing her in our faces so as to try and make us forget Rose? I’M PRETTY SURE THAT THE WRITERS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. 

“Seriously just stay at the Library”
“Her time is up, she is so annoying.”
“She doesn’t even need to be in the show, she’s just a waste of space, a clingy bitch who wants to impress the Doctor.”
“The Doctor loved Rose, River, as well as Martha, should fuck off.”

But the Doctor moves on. He even admitted it. AND, he does love River. HE DOES. The actors as well as writers admitted that he loved Rose? WELL GUESS WHAT THEY ADMITTED THAT HE LOVED RIVER AS WELL.

Her story is amazing, and people should use a bit common sense before saying things like “She’s a psychopath and thinks of it as a joke.” SHE WAS A PSYCHOPATH. She had been trained to kill. But people change, and so do feelings.

The Doctor loved Rose, he loved River, who’s next? We don’t know. The Doctor moves on. 

Believe me, I am not opposing any ship (lol it seems funny saying that), but I just want to stop this 'civil war’. You hate River? Go ahead and hate her, maybe you find her 'Hello sweetie’ annoying, or her 'Spoilers’ but come on, she’s not a waste. And you have to say, River’s story is pretty amazing.

Okay so, River-haters, Whouffle shippers, TenxRose shippers, whatever ship and whichever person you hate, guys please. We’re Whovians, we're family, in a way. Please let’s not fight? OKay you hate River, you hate River, you love Rose, you love Rose, but don’t hate, hating won’t do you any good. River is in the story, you can’t do anything about it, so just shut up and watch the show, but if you find her so damn annoying, you could screw off.

And to all those who think my rant consists of hating, a bit, lol, it does I suppose, but the message is clear.