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Amazing how in print Dan says Louis said the reunion was all dependent on whether Harry would want that or not, and now on video, with Dan as well, says they for sure will reunite at some point and that they are ALL on the same page.... On a interview with the same guy! Amazing... just shows on much shit Dan writes. Same thing with Larry. We got a video of what Louis actually said, and then in print there was a bunch more.... What a truly despicable journalist, if you can even call him that

No, defintiely can’t call him a journalist.


Bill Potts—The Pilot S10E01

Okay, so my first day here, in the canteen, I was on chips. There was this girl. Student. Beautiful. Like a model, only with talking and thinking. She looked at you and you perved. Every time, automatic, like physics. Eye contact, perversion. So I gave her extra chips. Every time, extra chips. Like a reward for all the perversion. Every day, got myself on chips, rewarded her. Then finally, finally, she looked at me, like she’d noticed, actually noticed, all the extra chips. Do you know what I realized? She was fat. I’d fatted her. But that’s life, innit? Beauty or chips. I like chips. So did she. So that’s okay.

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The more they keep adding lies on top of lies the more likely their house will blow down. I mean they're using fan reactions to tailor their lies. First they said BTY was about E but then of course people comment on the lyrics not being perfectly romantic and now Louis' favorite song Always You is about her because the fantastic queen Eleanor can only have the best things written about her. It's ridiculously disgusting how manipulative they are. I'm not sure I can stomach anymore of this☹️

I rememebr DW going “oh, wow, amazing song, all about Eleanor, she should stay around as she inspires such great lyrics” and a coupe days later Louis “nope, no, defintiely not about Eleanor”, then it’s been Dan going with “1D boys aren’t getting along well, Harry doesn’t want to come back, unsure future” and Louis “nope, no, we love each other and we will 100% come back as a band, I’m so proud of them all”. And Dan has been going on for years about “delusional larries, making stuff up about poor L&H who are the straightest straights”, so, dude, I am living for the day in the distant future when Louis will smile and say “nope, no, actually Harry and I are getting married next month and you’re not invited. Assohole” :)