and that applies to like. both how you present yourself and also how you are when confronted like. i guarantee a trans girl using mid 2000′s internet style typing and stuff would get ridiculed but for others its ok and also i can think of one specific cis girl who gets away w being bad by saying like “im dumb” or “im autistic ok” like. im autistic and dumb too but i dont get that excuse

In My Veins (2/?)

Title: In My Veins
Rating: K+
Pairing: Ten/Rose, human AU
Summary: –Telepathic bond soulmate AU– Everyone kept saying kids couldn’t develop telepathic bonds, that it was completely impossible. John Smith and Rose Tyler defied the impossible.

Notes: Well I finally managed to hash out a soulmate AU enough to be happy with writing it. All the blame for this entire story goes to @lastbluetardis​, who not only encouraged it, but also allowed me to yell at her about it until I was happy enough to start writing it. Blame her entirely.

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John: 11; Rose: 9

John, JohnJohnJohn, Johnny, wake up!

John groaned, burying his face in his pillow. Roooooooose it’s early, he complained. Rose giggled in his mind.

I know, but I have to do this before my parents wake up.

Wait, do what?

Just pay attention.

John sighed and forced himself to tune into Rose’s mind completely. He was surprised when the first notes of Happy Birthday, on Rose’s flute, flitted through his head. It was beautiful. He loved listening to Rose play.

Since I can’t give you a real present, she said when she was done. I was gonna make you something, but I didn’t know how I’d get it to you.

It’s okay, John said. I don’t need a real present. Thanks for playing for me.

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I saw someone ask you about how Coups looks at each member with heart eyes. Can I have a say in this? He looks at them with such happiness and love, you can tell he loves and cares for them so much, and have you seen the way he looks at the carats? He loves his members so much, and treats them like they're his own brothers, really, Seventeen is just one big happy family. They love each other so much and love us too~ I really love Coups, he's so caring and loving to his brothers <3

THATS EXACTLY IT, they really are one massive family! A year or so ago, I made a post that said “The reason I love Seventeen so much is because they truly seem like brothers to me, while some other idols seem more like colleagues” (no hate, I’m multifandom too) I think it’s because they grew up together from such a young age so their closest friends and family ended up becoming each other, and us as fans can see that too. 

That and the fact that Seungcheol is huge cuddly bear by nature, so putting him in a house full of younger brothers, you get the most loving and protective older brother/dad ever haha

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China Rose

Day eight of Advent.

1527 words, rated T for swearing, Twelve/Rose

Summary: She’s distracted him for months - her smile is intoxicating and he wants more. The office Christmas party affords him the opportunity to see that smile directed towards him.

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He had no idea what had possessed him.

Well, that was a lie. He knew exactly had possessed him, it was the same thing that possessed him every time he saw it. He was a powerful man, but Rose Tyler’s smile was his weakness, and he wanted to see it all the time. Preferably directed at him.

That wasn’t possible, though. She was laughably out of his league. Rose was young and beautiful; a bright spot in everyone’s day. He, meanwhile, was - well, he was not. He was old, crotchety, bad-tempered, and had earned the nickname he knew was bandied around behind his back: the Oncoming Storm.

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@celesteela I JUST GOT ON DESKTOP TO LOOK AT THE COMIC.. good comic but anyways i was referegin to the fact that ppl with pkmn urls will like my posts about me wanting a url from like. WEEKS AGO and its out of nowhere.. and it sort of scares me bc it is from such a long time ago that they shouldnt be finding it in the pokemon url tag.. but anyways

not that i’ve Ever watched doctor who in my life but. you know those slitheen fucks. the one from raxicoricofallapatorius. what the fuck. how are they dangerous? giant, plastic babies. those claws ain’t gonna do anything. u could spend 20 bucks @ spirit halloween and look scarier and be 1000 times more effective than one of those shités. i just don’t know what they hope to gain or do. their eyes? too big. solid black. how can u see. their face? the roundest cheeks. it’s like they’ve got asscheeks on their face. those claws? barely useful. look like they’re made of damn skin. flimsy af. it’s like growing ur fingernails to be 8 feet long and then expecting to win a knitting competitions. im just saying.