Guys, I’ve made a thing… If anybody’s interested. I know it’s not a masterpiece, but I just wanted to do something like that!!!.

Imagine after having been the Doctor’s companion a year ago, your time, he finds you at a swing set. He has a new face, and doesn’t tell you it’s him, somehow you know it’s him immediately. You go along with his little game and pretend to not recognize him, confusing him immensely when you casually call him “Doctor”.

“You know how it is, Doctor.”
“Yes, I suppose so.”
(He looks around for a minute, then slowly looks back at you, a smile grows across his face)
“… *smirking* How’d you know it was me?”
“It’s like that feeling when you’re randomly attracted to a stranger. I just kind of felt it.”

(If any of you are wondering why I haven’t removed the “hiatus” from the blog title yet, it’s because I feel like once I remove it I’ll stop posting again XD. It’s like a challenge for myself. Like AM I REALLLLLYYY IN A HIATUS? NO. GUESS NOT TODAY.)
(Funnily enough, I keep forgetting to put #imagine on all of my past few imagines. I took way too long of a break.)

“If you happen t’ see a tiger cub wanderin’ round, don’t panic. He’s just… wandered off a bit. Should find him within th’ week though, so really, nothing t’ worry about.”

Rock and roll girls

pairing: Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter) x Clara Oswald (Ten x Rose implied)

genre: Roller derby AU, enemies to friends to lovers

summary: Clara “Sleazy Bennet” Oswald and Jenny “the Anomaly” Smith  are members of rival roller derby teams. They are enemies on the tracks, but what about after the match? 

rating: T going on M

word count: ~3500 

A/N: for the DW femslash week, it actually fits 4 of the prompts


Clara Oswald lived a double life. By day, she was Ms. Oswald, beloved teacher at Coal Hill High School, spring dance chaperon and amateur soufflé baker. By night, she was Sleazy Bennet, captain of The Impossible Grrrls roller derby team, and literary columnist for Sniffin’ Glue, an independent zine. Under the cover of darkness, she knocked other girls off their skates to punk music and wrote about reclaiming sexist slurs in the name of women’s empowerment. 

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.master of puppets - metallica
.drugstore perfume - gerard way
.3’s & 7’s - queens of the stone age
.video killed the radio star - the buggles
.when hell freezes over - metallica
.the first punch - pierce the veil
.stillborn - black label society
.foie bump - joji
.medicine - joji
.save yourself, ill hold them back - my chemical romance

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