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Dear Americans who are worried about watching Class because they heard it got cancelled, 

 It has not been cancelled. That was a rumor that was confirmed to be untrue by the actors and the writer. BBC has not made a decision on Class’s future. The reason why they haven’t made any decision is because they are waiting to see how the show does in America. If you are wondering when it will be premiering in America, it will be airing on April 15th, right after Doctor Who. I would follow @bbcamerica for more information. The show has not been cancelled. If you are a teenager, I would recommend you watch it. If you’re an adult, I would still recommended that you watch it, but keep in mind that this is a show that takes place at a high school and it’s intended audience is for teenagers, so don’t be surprised if you find some of the lines cheesy (let’s be real guys, every high school based show/movie has its cheesy moments, it’s inescapable). 

Sincerely, The Person Who Is Getting Tired Of Hearing The Question Is Class Cancelled.

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Dating the tenth doctor would involve???

It’s a ride of ups and downs, emotional ups and downs, he’s a man with many moods and a man that isn’t as cheerful as perhaps he tries to make everyone believe. But it’s filled with adventure, danger too, but adventure and you’d never give that up, even knowing how dangerous it was.