Possible deleted scenes or Director’s cut for Naruto The Last DVD special features:

(1st photo)

We never seen Hinata wear the scarf in the movie. Maybe there’s a scene she wears it after finishing and feeling it’s love and warmth knitted into it~

(2nd photo)

When Naruto sadly see Hinata alone knitting, it occurred in a different setting unlike the picture shown. We see this scrapped background is a much bigger room unlike the small one in the movie.

(3rd photo)

there’s lots of scenes here that didn’t happen in the movie. (From top to bottom)

- Naruto feels hot when exploring the village.

- they only use the sharing drinking water scene from this~

- Hinata poking a blushing Naruto’s cheek. This could be a role-reversing scene of Naruto taking spider-webs off Hinata’s hair. Maybe this scrapped scene is supposed to make Naruto fall for Hinata because of her kindness.

- Hinata almost falls and Naruto catches her. In this different scene, she falls through a fragile floor and Naruto catches her on time. This could end up differently than the dorky love scene in the movie~

(4th deleted scene) I can’t find the pic. >

There’s a scene where the rescue team set up camp at a forest which Sakura and Hinata are cooking, cooking shenanigans sure to happen~


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