GOT7 Moriagetteyo Recording with Wooyoung 

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160129 Real GOT7 Season 3 DVD - JB measuring Junior’s chest size + Jackson helping Junior out 


Discotek Media have just announced that they will be bringing TV special “Voyage to Danger” to DVD in the US during “mid-2016.”

The release will include both English and Japanese dubs. No details on any potential extras or special features have been revealed at this time.

The TV special “Alcatraz Connection” is also planned for release during the middle of this year, at around the same time as Voyage to Danger.

This is the first time this TV special has ever been officially released in the US, and will feature the original Japanese dub with English subtitles.

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Yuko’s Instagram 2016-02-05 03:30



Knit: #frayid
Skirt: #muveil
Denim: #cheapmonday
#ロマンス #ootd

Yuko’s Instagram Translation

The time ended up being as such while I was doing various things(°_°)
Clothes during the DVD release event for the movie Romance

Knit: #frayid
Skirt: #muveil
Denim: #cheapmonday
#romance #ootd

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160205 EXO FROM. EXO PLANET # 2 “THE EXO’ luXion” in JAPAN LIVE DVD Teaser.


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Wooyoung ‘the producer’ with GOT7 recording Moriagetteyo 

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