So Stanley and LeFou ditched their original partners so they could wind up dancing together right?

So either those two women stopped dancing altogether and just stood on the sidelines watching or just like Stanley/LeFou wanted to slow dance together all along and were perfectly happy to switch partners and probably deliberately engineered things so Stanley could naturally twirl in to take the lead with LeFou.

Rogue One (SteelBox Best Buy) ordered

Amazon STILL does not have RO on their site in BR.

I just ordered Best Buy’s Steel Box version ($30) that includings the Digital Copy, DVD, Bluray and 3D Bluray for $30 - Reward Zone Points $15 = $15. FTMFW.

Now I just have to wait for April 4th, in which I will be in the hospital. So I have to wait till I get home from there and am sober and in the least amount of pain to watch and remember.


Amazon, you snooze, you lose bwords.

Sorry, I didn’t realise the word limit.

Went back and found my favorite part, so would this do? [That is perfectly fine!]

Frankly, Tobirama was becoming increasingly irritated that he hadn’t connected everything the moment he saw black fire [I actually did research on flame colors at different temperatures while deciding on Mad’ra’s appearance and the different colors of his magic. I was really annoyed with myself in hindsight because I forgot about the susanoo and how it had different colors for each user in canon. But fortune smiled upon me because even if I had taken that into account, I’m certain amaterasu has hotter flames than susanoo (if susanoo even burns at all) so I would have still gone with black as one of Mad’ra’s unique traits.] in the cafeteria yesterday, but apparently nine years was enough to blur mental associations. [“Mental associations” was a pain, btw, because it took me awhile to figure out how to phrase this sentence.]

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okay so i’m going to need a crack video featuring “Never Ever Getting Back Together” and the entire fandom changing its mind a million times just because one casting decision conveniently dropped the day after the latest ratings came back low, an announcement that was promptly followed by spoilers galore meant to make everyone forget why they were mad and keep watching.

for people so quick to ID toxic relationships, the lack of awareness that y’all are in one is impressive.