Castle: “The Cast Behind the Cast”


that’s got to be the best pirate i’ve ever seen (4/?)

That episode, for me, the last three minutes or so… when that song by the Old 97’s is playing, they’re playing the refrain, “All I want is you for Christmas,” and all Happy wants is to connect with her dad and all Walter wants is to be with Paige, and vice versa, but they can never get there. And Sylvester and Megan, their relationship is starting to blossom a little bit more than friends. And they’re all sitting around that table and exchanging gifts. It’s a classic holiday feel-good ending to what was a very intense, scary episode.

Nick Santora from “Unlikely Heroes: The Making of Scorpion Season 1″ on 1x12 “Dominoes”

“All Walter wants is to be with Paige” 


Since Nick Santora is the creator of Scorpion, I am now acknowledging the FACT that Walter WANTED to be with Paige for Christmas as a true statement. Nick Santora’s word is law in the land of Scorpion. :) 

Re: DVD-Release/Air Date

As inevitably-johnlocked discovered, amazon.com has added 12 January 2016 as the release date for the Spesh.

So I looked into the previous release dates in relation to the air dates on PBS and the dvd release in the UK. The dates aren’t very consistent (for PBS). For the BBC there’s definitely the trend of a dvd release 8 days after the broadcasting. And maybe PBS will continue this pattern of 8/9 days as well. 

As we don’t know with how much delay PBS will air the Special, it’s quite impossible to deduce the BBC air date. (Moffat only said on SDCC that the dates will be closer than for the previous series). It seems we have to wait for amazon.co.uk to give us a release date to make a substantial prediction.