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SCANDAL; “HELLO WORLD” Documentary DVD (Translations) Part 3

(Part 1 and Part 2 have been translated respectively. Thanks for waiting!)

The approach towards the arrangement for the songs in this album, as compared to the other songs, are a little different,” says Haruna. “To have Rina be singing in the band is again, something special.

Meanwhile, Rina gathers her things and head to the recording studio. She’s singing the lyrics she’s written and it’s the beginnings of something new. Rina explains that it’s not like they started out wanting to self-produce everything, but it’s more like they definitely have to churn out good songs. That is why they felt they have to try all kinds of things. Rina is then shown to be going over Haruna’s solo song, “Graduation”, which she feels is extremely fitting of the member.

Tomomi looks back at Haruna during their very first album release, where Haruna was always troubled about them not being able to sell. Rina says it’s like sometimes she feels like there are certain things that only Haruna sees, and that’s why she sings as if something might break if she didn’t. At this time, Haruna is seen recording for “Graduation” in the studio, in which Mami comments that it shows a different side of Haru once again, through this song. It is a different person than what everyone imagines when they see Haruna on stage. She thinks it is interesting, as one looks at the lyrics of this song.

Haruna explains that when she writes lyrics, she’ll feel somewhat gloomy on the inside sometimes, as if she’s troubling. Although basically nothing changes, she probably tends to write lyrics regarding love and relationships. She laughs, and says this is girly and since she’s poor at displaying it, (writing lyrics) is her way of finally releasing it. That’s how “Graduation” came about. Rina adds that this means she (Haru) wishes to ‘graduate’ from the person she was and then look towards what’s to come for her next. Previously, one may not see it, but inside, Haru is a person that’s pretty revved up and when she sings with that tone, it surely will touch you.

The band’s finally now together for rehearsals, in the studio. Rina says they’re always at the same place, and they’ll, at first, joke about doing sudden lives such as 'Kyu ni Kite Gomen.’, and laugh over whether anyone would even show up for such a live. They’ll rehearse varied setlists per day and be happy playing whatever they felt like playing. It gives them strength and Rina feels that the band has became stronger. Meanwhile, Haruna looks back at the Osaka-Jo Hall and says it’s became an important milestone for them. After going past that, the goals seems to have became easier in that sense, and they just go wherever they can go, trying whatever they can try. It is not that SCANDAL’s giving up, but there are the feelings of going upon all that they can, and going for new things. Be it meeting with new songs or new places; It is just that they haven’t decided where are their limits.

Now, SCANDAL’s rehearsing for their '10 Days’ live. As the band has never really played any song so new that nobody’s heard of it yet, there’s a sudden nervousness, but they’re also excited for that fact. It’s a brand new feeling. Rina is now seen doing the 'Kage-anna’ (background MC), but she’s so nervous she messes up after the 3rd paragraph. SCANDAL is now at the first day of their 10-days live, and they’re welcomed by a rousing crowd. Mami looks back at it and said her heart was really pounding then, since nobody’s ever heard these songs before yet. She’s worried about the reaction and wonders how the crowd will receive it. Still, they went all out and did it.

The band plays “Image”. Tomomi says that making and creating songs have became a part of their everyday lives, and these songs were made out of their daily encounters. Thus, all their songs carry an 'everyday life’ feel (laughs). Rina says it’s not that they think of doing brand new things, but they go with the band’s mode at the point and carry it out, and they wish to celebrate being a girls band.

Be it the content, approach or themes, it’s all fresh, explains Mami, and it carries new feelings. They think they’re not really there yet, but they’ll take it one step at a time, and go jumping over even higher walls as they go. At last, Haruna parts saying SCANDAL, in short, lives by doing live performances. When they record for songs, they’ll think of how the atmosphere will be like when they play such a song, and see how the sound of the song may change even during the studio recording. These become new discoveries, and they stir things up quite nicely indeed.

Translated by fyscandalband. You can also watch the video HERE on Youku. Thank you very much for waiting so patiently and hope everyone has enjoyed the entire HELLO WORLD DVD translations!


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