INFINITE That Summer Concert2 DVD Special Show

INFINITE That Summer Concert2 DVD video letter cuts

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Translation - Mamo blog 25th May 2015

Title: Last “opening episode”



I would like to talk about the last “opening episode"(XD)

The last scene was,

Like this, this,

Mamo’s room, it was taken here(*^_^*)

Really particular about the smallest details, the great work of art staff san, Mamo room, was wonderful☆

Broke into the scene after having a shower(>_<)

This day was, filming in midwinter。。。

Actually, already the time was late night,

In midwinter, the scene of only one shirt, and the head was wet, as expected was cold(^^;;(XD)


Everyone gathered the power,

Filming ended without problem~~~~~☆☆☆

A refreshed smile(≧∇≦)(XD)

Being particular and particular and thoroughtly particular about details, the result,

Before I knew it, the time was, near 5am(゚Д゚)

Minna thank you for the hard work☆

And, this completed video, was off to the day of live concert………

Aah~Again that dokidoki, that touching feeling have came to my mind☆☆☆

Really fun "AMAZING!”(*^o^*)

Thought “want to have live with all of you soon”, such Mamo here is☆(XD)

This animated tale is charming, sweet and heartwarming. The characters are relatable and when they cannot find the words to express themselves, they sing familiar songs that say exactly what they are thinking. 
This story teaches the lesson that you can love anyone, no matter what they look like, because everyone deserves to be loved. Love can come in many shapes and sizes and this tale really drives home that love is much more important than appearances. The animation and music bring this story to life and make it eye catching and fun to watch.

[Eng Sub] INFINITE That Summer Concert2 DVD Special Show
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