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The water had broken just after midnight. Maleficent and Regina had retired early, which had allowed them a few hours of sleep. Her duedate was still a week off, but Maleficent was prepared and had been for a long time. 

She had had two major concerns about her pregnancy. One being Henry and Lily’s reaction and the other being the fear of loosing another child. She feared being weakened once more, causing not only her own vulnerability but also her child’s.  

A home birth had been planned and the midwife arrived just after two in the morning. By four Maleficent had given birth, remaining quiet and poised through the pain, and was now seated with her and Regina’s newborn daughter in her arms, tears of joy and emotional overload, streaming down her face.

Maleficent was cleaned up while Regina called the family to announce the birth of Rosalie Faery Mills. Maleficent reminded her once again to make sure Lily and Henry knew that they were welcome to visit at any time. 

She leaned back against the pillows in the bed and looked down at the baby in her arms. She had a head full of dark brown hair, just like her siblings, and while her eyes were blue as other newborns’, they were dark with the promise of turning darker. In Maleficent’s mind no baby had ever looked more perfect. 

Seasoned Mom to New Mom Part 2

I’ve received such rave reviews for my first Seasoned Mom to New Mom post (thank you so much) that I thought I’d make a part 2.

Read Reviews – When you’re a new parent use the knowledge of other parents. Many sites online have a section for reviews. When you have things to purchase that you’ve never purchased before like cribs, strollers etc read what other parents have to say. What I do is I judge the item by how many negative vs. how many positives. If there are more positive posts then it seems like it might be a good product. Also take into account the time in which the post was written. If it were written years ago the product may have changed or been updated.

Purchase Transitional Pieces – With children you will spend much more than you anticipate. Try to find things that will transition with baby as he or she grows. For example purchasing a crib is a necessary expense. However now there are cribs that transition into toddler beds and even full size headboards. There are also transitional high chairs that turn into booster seats. Even toys transition as baby grows.

The Ride Home – Pack a comfortable outfit for yourself. The ride home can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you had a c-section. I would suggest packing some comfy maternity pants and a top. Let’s face it all you’re doing is going home be as comfortable as possible.

Before you leave the hospital – Make sure that all of your questions have been answered before you leave the hospital. I would make a list of questions prior to going to the hospital that you may have thought of and just forgot to ask. Make sure you keep that list in your bag because when it’s time it’ll be the last thing on your mind. Also make sure you feed baby prior to leaving the hospital, that way baby will sleep all the way home and you can relax.

Visitors –. During your stay you’ll have friends and family that want to come and see you and baby. Now handle this however you like but weigh all options. Some may not want a lot of people coming to your home when you get home with baby. Some may want that time in the hospital alone and prefer your visitors come to your home. Whichever you decide make it known prior to going into labor that way you avoid hurt feelings.

It seems to me that the years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.

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I can’t believe how many adventures I’ve had with you babe. How many days and nights you’ve been a part of my world. Since day one every single day has been a special event that plays a role in not only our relationship, but our lives together. You are THE BEST thing to have ever been been put in my life and I can’t thank the universe enough for you. I don’t just love you because of all the time…

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what timezone is the 3pm september 1st duedate in? Because it's already past that time on that date where I live and no one has uploaded any of their stories, I'm a bit confused.


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