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They were sitting on a couch watching a movie when it happened. Virgil felt Logan’s hand hesitantly brush against his, his fingers slowly moving to cover Virgil’s.

Not really sure of what to do, but also worried that he would say the wrong thing, Virgil tilted his head to look at Logan, hoping that his confusion was clear in his expression.

Logan flushed slightly.

“I, I just thought,” he began stiffly, “That since we’ve admitted to romantic interest in each other, we could perhaps engage in signs of affection. Hand-holding being one such example.”

Virgil blinked, not really sure how to respond. Honestly, it was still hard to believe he and Logan were actually dating, especially given how much of a mess it was when they got together. He looked down at their hands, where Logan’s fingers were tentatively covering his. It, it wasn’t bad. It was actually kind of nice.

“Yeah, okay,” he muttered ducking his head to hide the red rising on his cheeks.

Logan gave him a small smile, and his fingers tightened briefly before he turned back to the move. Virgil couldn’t do the same though, still looking at Logan out of the corner of his eye.

He’d never held hands before. He’d never really done physical affection before. Part of him was terrified that he’d mess it up. But on the other hand, Logan seemed almost as nervous as him. Maybe they could learn together.

The very next day, Virgil yawned as he walked into the kitchen, planning on grabbing some breakfast. Well, lunch really. He’d ended up staying pretty late, so he’d slept through most of the morning.

When he walked into the kitchen, he was greeted by Logan and Roman.

“I see Sleeping Beauty has arisen,” Roman teased from where he was leaning against the counter. “And here I thought you wouldn’t wake till dinner.”

“Shut up,” Virgil said grumpily, making his way to coffee pot, pulling out a mug from the cabinet.

“I see someone is a little more briar than rose today,” Roman laughed.

Virgil didn’t dignify that with an answer, focusing only on filling his mug as fast as possible. Once it was full and he has taken a few sips, he shuffled closer to Logan who was standing in front of the stove cooking quesadillas.

Logan looked up at him.

“Hello,” he said softly. And then looking at little bit nervous, he- held out his arm?

Virgil wasn’t sure what he was doing, so he just stared in confusion. It was only when Logan began to pull his arm back towards himself with a look of quiet disappointment that Virgil’s half-awake brain realized what he had been asking.

Internally berating himself for being an idiot, Virgil quickly stepped forward, ducking under Logan’s arm to lean ever so slightly into the embrace. He held his breath, glancing up at Logan to see if he’d gotten it right. He still felt a bit tense.

But Logan didn’t say anything, only turning back to the stovetop. Studying his expression though, Virgil decided he did look pleased.

The longer he stood there, Virgil could feel his exhaustion creeping in again and as his eyelids grew heavier, he let himself leaning more and more against Logan.

Eventually Logan spoke up.

“You know if you’re going to fall asleep standing up,” he said, “You probably shouldn’t do it in front of an open flame.

Virgil just grumbled in reply, too warm and content to move, too tired to be coherent.

Logan sighed, but it was a fond sound.

“You should really go sit at the table,” he said, his arm lifting off of Virgil’s shoulders to give him a small nudge towards the table. “The food’s ready, and you do require sustenance.”

Virgil let himself be directed, slinking towards the table and plopping himself down on the nearest chair.

He adjusted his jacket absently, pulling it more tightly around him. He could have sworn the kitchen hadn’t been this cold when he’d come in. He dismissed the thought though, choosing instead to focus on the plate Logan was setting in front of him.

A week later, Virgil was pacing in front of Logan’s room. He didn’t really want to barge in and annoy the other. But Logan had been his room all day, and Virgil was worried about him. He’d seemed super stressed out about work yesterday, and well, Virgil knew better than anyone what it felt like to be overwhelmed.

Making up his mind, Virgil took a deep breath and slipped into the room. He could see Logan in the corner hunched over his desk, which had papers scattered all over it.

“Hey,” he said cautiously, creeping closer. “You okay?”

“Virgil,” Logan said curtly, “Salutations. And yes, fine, I’m fine. I’m just- well, I’m just busy.”

Virgil was now standing right next to Logan, running a critical eye over him. His boyfriend looked exhausted. He was paler than normal, his hair was mess as though he’d been running his hands through it, and his shoulders were hiked up around his ears.

Virgil wasn’t sure how to help. If there was only some way he could get Logan to relax. That was when the idea came to him.

He hesitated, staring at Logan uncertainly. It might help, but he was nervous. Although he and Logan had gotten more affectionate recently, Logan had always been the one to initiate the contact. Would he be okay of Virgil tried to? What if he made things worse?

After another moment of dithering, Virgil looked at Logan’s face again. He had it cradled in his right hand, as he slumped on the desk, far from the perfect posture Virgil was used to seeing. With that, Virgil’s mind was made up.

He slipped behind Logan and slowly, shaking a little bit, he let his hands come up to rest on Logan’s shoulders.

He could Logan shift a little at the contact, but before the other had time to ask him what he was doing, Virgil dug his thumbs into the knots of muscles next to Logan’s neck.

There was a pause, in which Virgil desperately hoped he hadn’t miscalculated, but then Logan leaned into the touch, a soft groan of contentment passing though his lips.

Emboldened by the noise, Virgil resumed his massage. After about fifteen minutes, he’d gotten the worst of the knots out, but he didn’t move just yet, letting his hands still rest on top of Logan.

“Thank you” Logan murmured, one hand reaching up to cover Virgil’s. “That was wonderful.

Feeling his face heat up, and glad Logan couldn’t see him, Virgil tried not to squirm.

“I’m just glad I could help,” he finally said.

Virgil stormed into his room, swiping at his eyes in frustration. Why did things never go right for him? He sat down on his bed, trying hard not to cry. Today had been the worst.

First he’d slept through his alarm, and then he spilled orange juice on his hoodie, and then he’d found out he’d lost one of his notebooks, and on and on and on. It had just been a string of incidents, one after another, and he hadn’t gotten a break!

Virgil tried to take in a deep breath, but his chest felt far to tight, and his vision was beginning to blur. He pressed his lips together tightly trying to stop himself from letting out a sob. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Virgil?” Logan called out. “May I enter?”

Virgil cleared his throat, trying to make his voice sound normal, and quickly wiped his eyes hoping they weren’t too red.

“Yeah,” he called out before wincing. His voice sounded raw.

The door creaked open, and Logan stepped inside. As soon as his eyes landed on Virgil, his face filled with concern.

“Are you alright?” he asked coming and sitting beside Virgil on the bed.

Virgil looked down at his lap.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “I’m fine. It’s stupid really. It was just a lot of stupid little things, and just a really shitty day, and I just couldn’t catch a freaking break”

Much to his shame, he felt his voice crack and tears began to threaten again. He let out a long shaky breath, trying to gain back some measure of control.

“Virgil” Logan spoke up. “I don’t want to impose, and you are well within your rights to say no, but I was just wondering something. Would it be alright if I hugged you.”

Not even bothering to give a verbal answer, Virgil just turned and pressed his head against Logan’s shoulder, shaking with the effort of keeping his sobs from breaking though.

But as Logan’s arms came up to wrap around him, he lost the battle completely, and the tears began to soak Logan’s shirt.

When he finished crying, he shuddered again, and pulled back a little, although still not leaving the circle of Logan’s arms.

“Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to freak out on you.”

“It’s fine,” Logan said, shaking his head. “I’m just glad I could help, I was worried I would make the situation worse, that you would be uncomfortable with physical affection right now.”

“You always help,” Virgil said. “And, um, well, I liked the hug, really. It felt nice.”

After that last part he had to look away for a moment in embarrassment. But when he glanced back at Logan, he could tell the other felt equally flushed, small spots of red having risen on his cheeks.

As he sat there staring up at Logan’s face, his arms still carefully draped around him, Virgil’s mouth opened without his permission.

“Can I kiss you?” he blurted out, his cheeks going straight to scarlet when he realized what he had just asked. But before he could bury his head in shame, Logan replied.

“Always,” he said, ducking his head to press his lips to Virgil’s.

Leaning into the kiss, Virgil let himself get wrapped up in it, the warmth, the softness. This was perfect.

As they broke apart, he couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips.

“That was, that was nice” he said, his brain to blissed out to think of a better word.

“Indeed,” Logan said, sounding a little dazed. “That was a most enjoyable form of physical affection. Perhaps we would engage in it more often?”

Virgil laughed.

“Just shut up and kiss me, you dork” he said, pulling Logan closer once more.

Out of Range

Here is a Voltron Lance Whump Fic for @taylor-tut for her prompt:

What if Pidge modifies the suits to monitor vital signs and send an alert if someone’s is out of a certain range? So like they’re walking and Lance is quiet and snippy, and all of a sudden they all get this alert that someone’s vitals are way off and that someone is burning up with a fever? And Lance is so out of it he doesn’t even know it’s him? .  

I hope you enjoy



Lance had muttered under his breath but Keith still heard it.  He spun to look at the blue paladin who had been walking behind him, “What did you just say?”

“Nothing.” Lance glared at him as he shoved past Keith, bumping him in the shoulder on the way past.

“What is up with you today? You have been more of an ass than normal. When you aren’t muttering under your breath, you are glaring at everyone and just being annoying!” Keith exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air in frustration.

“Maybe I am just sick of all your crap Keith!” Lance snapped.

“Well maybe you should have stayed back on the Castle if you are so sick of me!”

“Maybe I should’ve!”

“ENOUGH!” Shiro shouted, tired of the two boys bickering.  Both Lance and Keith had the decency to duck their heads in shame of being told off for fighting again.  “If you can’t be professional enough to leave your petty squabbles on the ship then maybe I should send you both back right now!”

Hunk moved over to where Lance stood and put his hand on the shaking paladin’s shoulder, “Come on man lets walk together.”

Lance shook him off, “Just leave me alone Hunk!”

“Keith come on.  Just ignore him,” Pidge said as she moved to grab Keith’s arm.

But Keith wasn’t about to let Hunk, who had been so patient with the douchebag, get treated like that, “OI! Don’t talk to Hunk like that!”

“Stay out of it mullet!”

“That’s it!  Both of you are heading back to the castle now!” Shiro ordered, “You will stay there until I get back from this mission and then we are going to have a very long talk on how to treat your teammates and family!”

“Move,” he growled when they stood still in shock.

“Whatever,” Lance mumbled before stalking off in the direction of the ship.  Keith followed after him a few feet behind, glancing at Shiro on the way past with a sheepish look of regret.

“Sorry Shiro,” he tried but bit back the rest of his apology when Shiro glared at him with the look he knew well from back in his Garrison days when he was busted for fighting.  ‘Well this will be a fun lecture to look forward to,’ he thought grimly as he continued walking.

Keith could hear Lance grumbling under his breath as they walked, stupid idiot didn’t even remember that his coms were still on!  The noise was starting to get to the point that Keith was about to say something when he noticed that Lance was not walking in a straight line, in fact it looked like he was drunk with the amount of stumbling he was doing.


“Go away.”

“Lance are you ok?” Keith sped up to try and catch up with him.

“I said go away!  It’s bad enough I have to listen to that dammed ringing noise all the time, I don’t need to listen to your annoying voice as well!”

“Ringing?  Lance what are you talking about?  There isn’t any ringing.”  Keith finally caught up with Lance and the instant he saw his face he knew something was wrong.  

Lance’s normally clear complexion, not that Keith would ever actually admit to taking notice of it in the first place, was marred with a sickly red tinge and he saw that Lance was sweating profusely which was another warning sign that he wasn’t well.  The planet they were currently on was quite cool, in fact it was almost too cool for Keith’s liking.

“Lance, are you sick?” Keith grabbed Lance’s arm and pulled him to face him.

“No but I am sick of you. Now piss off!” As he said that, Lance wrenched his arm away from Keith and spun away on to stop abruptly.  He swayed on the spot for a moment before his legs gave way and he dropped to the grass underneath them.

“LANCE!”  Keith dropped to the ground and pulled Lance onto his lap, “Hey stay with me!”

Lance groaned but didn’t open his eyes.  Keith tore off Lance’s helmet and could hear a ringing sound coming from inside it but focused on the now shivering boy in his arms.  “Lance?  Talk to me. What is going on?  Shiro!  Pidge! Hunk!  Someone come in!”

“Keith?  What is wrong?” Shiro’s voice came through the coms.

“Lance just collapsed! He isn’t responding!”

“What do you mean collapsed? What happened?” Shiro demanded.

“I don’t know!  He was complaining about a ringing in his helmet and when I tried to talk to him he just collapsed without a word!”

“Wait, did you say he could hear a ringing in his helmet?” Pidge asked as she and Hunk both came on the channel.

“Yeah.  I couldn’t hear it until I took off his helmet.  Do you know what it is?”

“Give me a sec,” she said and it only took a moment for Keith to hear a gasp on the other end of the com.

“What?  Pidge?  What is it?” Keith was starting to get worried, Lance was starting to moan again and it sounded like he was in pain.

“Dammit!  Keith, does he feel hot?  Like he has a fever?”

Keith looked down and touched Lance’s forehead and hissed at the intense heat that was coming off his bare skin, “Yeah he does!  How did you know that?”

“Remember when I mucked around with our armour a few weeks ago?  Well I upgraded them to help monitor of vitals when we were on missions. The beeping he was hearing was an alarm that his body temperature was too high and that he needed to get help quickly.”

“How does that help him when he is already too sick to know what the alarm means?” Keith snapped.

“We were all supposed to get the same alarm telling us that Lance was in trouble but I think when we turned our coms off earlier during the meeting it must have turned off the alarm as well!” Pidge explained.  Keith could hear that she was upset about what had happened but he didn’t have time to worry about her guilt, Lance needed help and he needed help now!

“I’m going to carry him back to the castle.  Can someone contact Coran and Allura and get them to meet me as fast as they can.  A pod will be quicker than walking,” Keith said as he shifted Lance so that he was able to carry him piggy back style.

“Done, we will wrap things up here and get back to the castle as soon as we can.” Shiro said before he sighed, “Thank you for looking out for him Keith.”

Keith stumbled a little at the unexpected words, “I, uh, I am only doing what I should do.  I mean we are family after all.”

He swore he could hear Shiro smiling, “Yeah buddy we are.”

Keith smiled as he hefted Lance’s body to shift the dead weight a little, “Come on Lance, let’s get you home.”

empressarisu  asked:

Do you know that post about an uber driver surprising passengers with puppies inside their cab? Because I dreamed about it last night but with victuuri. Like, driver!victor with makkachin and his pups at the backseat, then passenger!yuuri enters and victor just stares at him bc wow what an angel??? 'pls marry me we'll travel the world and raise these puppies together???' Lmao it's just so cute too bad i woke up right after that it's such a nice dream ;//

On Victor Nikiforov’s Uber profile it says: prefers passengers with pets.

Yuuri doesn’t have a pet with him, but he does need a ride, so he figures ‘prefer’ is going to have to be the operative word in this situation. Phichit hadn’t been able to give him a ride, something had come up, so he’s leaning against the brick wall outside of a diner. There are waves of rain beating down on the sidewalk in front of him and a tiny, maroon awning is his only savior.

When he sees a white convertible pull up, he squints, wondering if this could possibly be his driver. Deciding to take the risk, he hurries into the rain and peers into the window. There’s a man inside, too blurry to make out, but he’s waving to him, so Yuuri opens the back door.


(No, this can’t be the right car.)

“Come in, you’re going to get soaked!” the man calls, and there’s a playfulness to his voice, an invitation.

“You have dogs,” Yuuri blurts, as though the man doesn’t know that there are currently five brown poodles habituating the back of his fancy convertible.

The man–Victor, Yuuri reminds himself–nods. “That one is Makkachin, he’s the oldest. And that one is Spot–do you see the spot on his back?–and that one is Bella, she’s the troublemaker, and then that’s Charlie…”

“Right, okay,” Yuuri blurts, and he gets into the car, shutting the door behind him. A dog lays down on his lap. He can’t buckle his seatbelt.

“Where are you heading?”

Yuuri swallows. “Um, doesn’t it say in your, uh, thing?”

Victor looks at his GPS. He’s definitely attractive, Yuuri notes. “Yes, I suppose it does. Just trying to make conversation.”

“Oh, right, sorry. Um, I can’t get my seatbelt on.”

“Oh, Makka!” Victor scolds, looking over his shoulder. “You can just push him off, it’s fine. Just be gentle, please.”

Yuuri tries to push the dog off, but he whines and keeps his head on Yuuri’s thigh. He doesn’t have the heart to try again, so he just prays that Victor is a good driver. “So why, um, why the dogs?”

“Why not?”

(Fair enough.)

Victor turns a corner and Yuuri holds onto Makkachin, trying to keep him from slipping. “Aren’t they cute?” Victor asks, sounding hopeful.

“Yeah, they are,” he admits, patting Makkachin’s head. “Are they all poodles?”


“I used to have a poodle.”

Victor frowns, looking at him through the rearview mirror. “They’re very loyal dogs. They like riding around, meeting passengers. I’ve never seen Makkachin take as much of a liking to one as he has to you, though.”

He blushes and ducks his head. “Really?”

“Really. In fact, it’d be a shame if he were to never see you again after this ride, so maybe you should give me your phone number. So that you can visit. For the dog’s happiness.”

(Well, that escalated quickly.)

He tries to figure out whether or not Victor is asking him out.

But, it’s for the dog’s happiness, after all.

“S-Sure. I mean, I do need rides sometimes….”

“You’ll be my priority customer,” Victor promises. “Now hold on.”

“Haha oka–what?”

They swing around a tight corner, Yuuri is thrown against the door. The dogs don’t look at all disturbed, they maintain their places and pant happily at the man in the front seat. “Sorry about that!”

He clutches his heart. “Yeah… Yeah, no problem.”

“Wow, you’re even cuter when you’re flustered,” Victor muses, watching the rearview mirror again.

Yuuri, on the other hand, watches the road. “Look out!”

He glances down at the road, swings their car to the right. “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“D-Definitely fine,” Yuuri repeats, unsure.

Then, they’re at his stop. “See you soon?”

(For the dog, Yuuri thinks.)

(For the dog, and for that man’s stunningly gorgeous eyes.)

“Sure. See you soon.”

Chicken Pt 1.

Finally! My story for MLM March ^_^ 

Part 1 is Adrino part 2 (coming soon) is Ninoir 

This definite has set up for OT4 potential because I can’t help myself, but the story itself WILL BE just Adrino/Ninoir  with background Alyanette and unrequited Adrienette. Where it goes after that who know ^_^

anyways hope you enjoy part 1

It was all Alya’s fault.

To be fair Adrien probably should have been paying better attention to the conversation around him, but still…

One minute he was happily enjoying his iced chai latte, distractedly scrolling through the Ladyblog and only catching every third word of his friends conversation and the next he was drenched in said Chai Latte stuttering and blushing like… well like Marinette. He still wasn’t sure what that was about.

The two had been arguing about flirting. Nino and Alya that is. Something about chickens… he really should have been paying more attention.

The important thing was he had not been prepared for his best friend to lean over and whisper “you know you are incredibly attractive right?”

Then came the blushing and the spilling of drinks.

Alya had doubled over laughing while Nino had helped attempt to clean up the mess. But even his traitorous best friend hadn’t bothered to hide the extremely satisfied gleam in his eyes.

The afternoon just got worse from there.

It started small. An innocent ruffling of his hair, sitting just a little too close in class. Little compliments messaged between their tablets when the teacher wasn’t looking. At first Adrien was flattered. It was always nice when his friends were affectionate. Given the lack of physical and vocal attention he got at home, Adrien was always desperate for more of the casual affection he saw his friends display so easily. Sadly he was still not secure enough to general initiate or ask for it himself.

Once class ended though it picked up to a whole new degree.

They had made plans before hand to go to the arcade together after school was out given Adrien’s surprisingly free schedule.

The had barely made it more than 10 steps from the school when he felt Nino casually lacing his finger through his own.

Adrien felt the blush returning with force while Nino continued his casual conversation with Alya, who shot them a glare before all but climbing on top of Marinette, who simply laughed and rolled her eyes before reaching back to toy with Alya’s hair.

It wasn’t that he disliked anything Nino was doing. In point of fact he rather enjoyed the increased affection more than he wanted to admit. He just wished he had any clue what was happening.

By the time they reached the arcade hand holding had morphed to Nino’s arm wrapped around his waist. At one point he was pretty sure Nino had sniffed his hair before commenting that ‘all those showers are paying off because you smell really good.’

Adrien was fairly certain that his make up artist was going to kill him because his face seemed to have morphed into a permanent shade of red. Of course there was also the chance that Alya would kill him first. She had been shooting daggers at them while Marinette giggled and occasionally whispered things into her ear.

“Ok,” Adrien asked when Alya and Nino disappeared off to get tokens, “what is going on today?”

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“What is with the two of them?” he gestured in the direction their friends had gone, “I mean you and Alya have been hanging all over each other- which is fine, I mean it’s not like it’s the first time but you are being kind of… extra, today. And Nino is… just what’s going on?”

Marinette’s expression morphed into a look of amused pity, not unlike the look Ladybug tended to shoot him after he had crashed headfirst into the pavement. It wasn’t very reassuring.

“Oh… weren’t you paying attention at lunch?”

“Yes… no… it wasn’t that interesting listening them to bicker about movie troupes so I kind of tuned them out.”

Marinette bite her lower lip in a clear attempt to bit back another giggle and Adrien felt his heart sink.

“So you’ve really have no clue what’s going on?” she asked.

Adrien said nothing, wondering if maybe his father had been right about sticking with home schooling.

“They’re playing chicken.”


“You have no idea what I am talking about do you,” Marinette sighed. “It’s a game… sort of. More like a contest. You try to see how far you can flirt with someone until you get scared and have to stop.”
“Oh,” Adrien said softly, not sure what to make of the swell of disappointment he felt at her words. “So all of this was just a game?” He tried to keep his voice light, but he saw Marinette’s eyes widen in understanding.

“Well, yes and no,” she said hurriedly,  “I mean part of the challenge is that it should be someone you actually like. Otherwise it’s too easy you know?”

Adrien gave her a somewhat pained smile, still not sure how he felt about this whole revelation.

“Honestly we thought you knew,” Marinette continued looking honestly concerned, “we just thought you were really bad at it.”

“Hey!” Adrien protested, although he felt his smile widen in genuine amusement at her guilty confession.

“Sorry,” she said, ducking her head in shame.

“Eh, it’s not your fault,” Adrien said “I should have realised something wasn’t right when Nino started flirting with me.”

Marinette stared at him. “Just how oblivious are you?” she blurted then immediately slammed a hand over her mouth.



“Seriously, what am I missing now?” Adrien sighed and trying to give Marinette his best puppydog expression.
“Well I already told you- the game isn’t fun unless you are flirting with someone you are actually at least a little bit interested in,” she said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“Oh…” Adrien said stupidly. “Wait, so Alya… and you… did you know?”

Marinette gave him a bemused smile. “She isn’t exactly subtle, and this isn’t our first game of chicken.”

“Oh… so are you guys, like an official couple then?”

Marinette flushed. “It’s complicated.”

“Something holding you back?” Adrien asked curiously.

“Well that answers my question about how oblivious you are,” Marinette muttered, no longer meeting his gaze her cheeks still stained a charming shade of pink.

Before Adrien had a chance to ask her to elaborate on what THAT was about Nino and Alya came back with two cups full of coins.

“So what are you two kids talking about,” Alya said leaning over and giving Marinette an eskimo kiss which she happily returned.

“Marinette was explaining the finer points of chicken,” Adrien said.

“Oh, you told him? There goes half my fun,” Nino complained.

“Wait he didn’t know?” Alya said her eyes lighting up, “Well no wonder you were beating me so badly! You were basically playing on easy mode.”

“Hey,” Adrien sputtered indignantly feeling more than a little put out by this whole thing already, “maybe I will beat all of you at this game.”

All three of his friends gave him a wide eyed look before bursting out into laughter.

“Adrien you don’t flirt,” Alya said between chortles.

“Yeah dude,” Nino said slinging an arm over his shoulder, “don’t get me wrong you are adorable and I love you, but you are about as smooth as a cactus.”

Adrien glowered. “I can be smooth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Marinette said soothingly, “besides as much as Alya hates to admit it, no one ever beats Nino at this game.”

“I will some day,” Alya said smirking at the boy in question.

“Is that a challenge?” Adrien asked looking at his gloating best friend.

“Its not a challenge bro. It’s just a fact,” he smiled, leaning in a little too close. Adrien forced himself to hold his ground.

“What if I like a challenge?” 

“Trust me,” Nino continued with a smile, “there is nothing you could do that would phase me when I am involved in a game of chicken.

Adrien smiled as he got a terribly brilliant idea.

“We’ll see.”

The Name Game

A/N Somewhat a sequel to Always the Bad Guy’!

Pairing: neutral/prinxiety (Prince/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort kinda

Word Count: 1260

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any??


Anxiety doesn’t think he’ll ever reveal his name, not when he’s still viewed as the villain. He takes comfort in Roman’s insults - as weird as it sounds.

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Soulmate AU! Wonwoo

A/N: I couldn’t find this gif and i gave up trying to find one if there is one. so have a pic friends. also based off of going seventeen ep 2 but i switched some events.
GOD im so lazy writing this w/e sorry for bad quality my dudes

The first time you see your soulmate a red string appears faintly, every time you see them it gets more visible till it reaches a bright glowing red.

  • So you know svt was in LA for filming
  • and how they have free time
  • also how they were recording??
  • so basically who wouldn’t notice a bunch of tall handsome foreigners holding up cameras filming themselves speaking in a foreign language
  • or cameramen?? idk man

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live it proudly

a little ficlet about robert and bisexuality, because its bi visibility day. or. robert goes to his first bi pride event. 

Robert Jacob Sugden was never going to be a poster boy for the LGBT community. He’d known that from the moment he first said the world bisexual aloud, trying it out for size, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, and wondering if the label fit.

He’d known then, that even if - even if the label fit, even if he was bisexual, if he came out as bisexual, he wasn’t going to be any sort of activist, wouldn’t even much like to be involved in the community.

It just wasn’t for him.

It was for Finn, the youngest Barton always happy to involve himself in whatever the Hotten LGBT scene had to offer, movie nights, and coffee evenings, Finn in Bar West every Friday night without fail, no doubt with a group of his equally as enthusiastic and proud friends.


That was the part Robert struggled with, he knew. Aaron - Aaron had always been quietly proud, accepting of himself and who he was in a way that Robert was secretly jealous of it. He wasn’t like Finn, no - Aaron had no interest in discussion nights, or pride parades, but he carried himself like he was proud.

He was proud. Aaron, despite all he’d gone through to accept he was gay (and Robert knew, Robert had spent hours listening to Aaron open up about it all, had felt his heart ache in his chest for days afterward as he realised all that his boyfriend had gone through to accept himself), was proud. Aaron wasn’t afraid to hold tightly to Robert’s hand in the Woolpack, wasn’t afraid to brush a hand across his back when they were in town, had never been afraid to be out, and proud, and open about who he was, in his own quiet, unapologetically himself way.

Robert wasn’t proud.

What did Robert have to be proud of, really? He’d ruined lives, trying to keep his deepest, darkest secret. He’d done everything he could to make sure no one would ever know that he liked both, that he liked men as much as he liked women. Robert had broken Aaron’s heart, just to keep it quiet.

That wasn’t anything to be proud of. No, Robert should duck his head in shame, thinking of all he’d done to try and keep a lid on a secret he’d held to his chest for close to fifteen years, should be ashamed he’d dragged so many people with him, in his sick determination to never let himself, be himself.


It was funny, really, how the world expected you to be so proud, so unapologetically yourself when you came out. It’s as though you had some sort of obligation to be proud of this part of yourself you used to hate, the part of you that you’d desperately wished you could rip out, throw away, make yourself normal again.

The world gave him plenty of opportunities to be proud, he’d just never taken any of them. Robert had simply raised an eyebrow at Victoria’s suggestion of going to Leeds pride, telling his sister in no uncertain terms that he’d rather throw himself under a bus than get doused in glitter and rainbow paint and listen to people tell him how brave he was to be out.

He’d seen the advertisement for the bi pride event in the Woolpack, of all places. At a guess, he’d assumed Finn had shoved the bright purple and blue poster up in the toilets, advertising Bar West’s first ever bi pride evening.

September 23rd, bisexual visibility day, apparently.

Robert had laughed, initially, at the idea of a visibility day for people like him, people who were bisexual. Why did they need a day of their own, honestly? What was - what was so special about him, that he needed an entire day to celebration his sexuality?

But he couldn’t deny how a strange feeling of comfort had settled in his chest as he’d stared at the poster, long enough for his vision to go blurry.

There was other people like him. People - people who would understand was it was like, to not have the people you love the most understand who you are. Other people who’d heard the comments, the ‘you’re gay this week then?’ and the snide remarks thinly veiled as jokes.

Maybe he needed this, Robert decided, staring at the bustling Bar West in front of him. He’d worn his favourite maroon shirt, in the spirit of it all - the closest he’d ever get to getting into the spirit of things, at least, the shirt a few shades too dark to match the purple and blue bunting that hung over the entrance of Bar West.

Close enough, anyway.

Robert took a deep breath, willing his nerves to settle.

Robert Sugden, nervous. Maybe hell was about ready to freeze over, Robert’s heart in his mouth as he forced himself to push on the door of Bar West, the sound of thumping music and laughter catching him off guard.

The bar was heaving with people, scatterings of blue and purple balloons everywhere, the queue about a mile long for drinks.

“Hey, do you want a sticker?”

Robert turned to look at the man waving a sheet of stickers at him. “Uh - yeah, sure,” he found himself saying before he could really think about it, the man grinning at him as he passed over a purple and blue sticker.

Bi and proud.

Was that Robert was now? The kind of person who could wear their sexuality on their jacket (literally, the sticker fixed in place on the pocket of his shirt, making him feel like he was back in primary school, wearing a name label and telling everyone proudly that his name was Robert, and he was five) and be proud?

Maybe -

Maybe Robert had grounds to be proud, in the end, he figured later that evening, brushing a finger over the crumpled sticker, remembering how he’d spent the entire evening talking to strangers, other bisexual people, people who just got it, no questions asked.

Glancing over to his bedside locker, and his precariously placed laptop, Robert had his decision made before he could talk himself out of it, fixing the sticker in place on his case, the purple and blue bright against the black.

(And if he noticed Victoria’s bright smile as he wandered downstairs the next morning, laptop in hand, noticed the little proud smile that appeared on Aaron’s face as Robert opened up his laptop in the portacabin, well - maybe it made him feel all the prouder.)

Summary: Just a little blurb about Harry being a stepdad.


When Evangelique and Harry had first met, It hadn’t been under the best circumstances. Evangelique had been running late for work because her babysitter had bailed on her at the very last minute, something that was starting to become a common occurrence, but what could she do? She didn’t trust anyone else with her child.

She was walking quickly with her three year old tucked safely into her arms, asleep, which was a good thing because Evangelique didn’t want her little girl to see her like this. Crying, her makeup smearing, hair flying all over the place as it came out of her neat bun piece by piece, breathing harshly- A little too harshly. She was an absolute mess.

The tears blurring her vision and her head ducked low in shame, she hadn’t noticed that someone was in front of her until it was too late. She bumped into their hard chest and let out a loud, frustrated groan, cursing under her breath before making sure she hadn’t woken up Bella. 

“I’m sorry.” Her head snapped up as she heard the voice. The accent was beautiful and quite thick, Obviously, an English one, which was strange considering this was L.A. “I-I’m sorry, It’s my fault.” She muttered before looking down again quickly. She blushed as she realized how horrid she looked, and how attractive he looked. She hadn’t looked at him for too long, but just long enough to realize that he was a very, very, nice looking guy.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked, frowning as he stared at her. The strong and dreadful feeling of worry slowly found its way in the pit of his stomach. It was 8AM and this woman, no older than him, maybe even a tad bit younger, was sobbing her eyes out and looking like a nervous wreck.

“It’s alright-Really. It’s okay.” She choked out, sniffing a little and swallowing harshly. His frown deepened and he reached out to touch her arm gently, causing her to hurriedly back away from him. She muttered a quick apology as she realized he hadn’t meant to scare her or hurt her.

“No, It isn’t. You’re upset.” He mumbled. “Do you want to grab some coffee and talk about it?” He asked. Why not? They’d bumped into each other a short way away from a small coffee shop anyways, and he wanted to make sure that she was okay, especially since she was holding a little girl in her arms.

“No. I have to get to work.” She sighed as she glanced sadly towards the shop. Coffee sounded so good to her in that moment. She hadn’t had any earlier as she’d been rushing around trying to get her and Bella ready for the day and find other arrangements.

“When was your last day off?” He questioned, hoping she’d decide to just call in sick or something. By the look of things, she really needed the break.

“The last time my babysitter bailed on me. A week ago.” She muttered through clenched teeth. Somehow, the strong smell of the warm beverages being served only a few steps away made its way to her nostrils. She looked up at the sky and took a deep breath before looking towards the worried looking man in front of her. “I’ll probably get fired soon anyway. Let’s go.”


She’d downed her coffee in only three minutes, and she regretted it as she watched him slowly sipping his latte, wishing she could have that too. She always preferred lattes over black coffee, but she didn’t want to complain because he’d insisted on paying, and considering she was more than sure she’d be searching for another job before the week was even out, she figured it’d be smart not to object.

“So…Why are you so upset?” He asked softly, staring at her with piercing green eyes. She shrugged her shoulders as she moved around in her seat a little, rocking Bella as she started to stir. “I…My babysitter decided not to show up at the last minute and…Well, that’s no reason for me to be running around like a mad woman.” She sighed. “I’m just stressed.”

Harry hummed to show her he was listening and then it was silent for a moment. He stared at her for a bit as he sipped his latte, causing her to shift around awkwardly in her seat. She wondered if she’d gotten something on her face, and then mentally facepalmed when she realized that she still had smudged makeup on. She must’ve looked like an absolute joke to him!

He ignored the makeup, though, and instead focused on her eyes. They were a beautiful chocolate brown color, one he knew he’d probably seen a thousand times before, but not like this. Not so pretty. Sadly, there were still tears in those gorgeous eyes, and he didn’t like that one bit.

“Too much stress isn’t good at all.” He sighed. “We’ve got to get you calm. Happy. When I’m upset, a nice stroll through the park always cheers me up. Even better than that, a run.”

“I don’t run.” She stated flatly.

He tilted his head as to ask why and she shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t have time to run since having Bella.” She explained. He nodded. “I could watch her while you take a jog. Clear your mind a bit. Yeah?”

“It’s a no from me.” She hurriedly stated. “I only use Bella as an excuse to not exercise, for one thing.” She admitted. He chuckled, his eyes crinkling up, and she had to look away because wow. Who the fuck made this guy? He was beautiful. “And no offense, but I met you like ten minutes ago. I don’t trust my child with just anyone. That’d be stupid.”

“You’re right.” He nodded. “But you can trust me. Obviously, that doesn’t mean much of anything to you right now. Few months from now, though, maybe it will." 


“My names Harry. Forgot to mention it earlier. Yours?” He changed the subject. She gave him a skeptical look before slowly stating her name. “Evangelique." 

"Wow…That’s beautiful.” He complimented. “Would you like another coffee?” He asked. She shook her head shyly. “I don’t really like black coffee. More of a latte girl.” She admitted. “I thought so. I got the black coffee for me and the latte for you. I’m not really a fan of milk in my coffee.” He shrugged.

“I’m sorry!” She whisper yelled, her eyes widening adorably as she thought back on how she’d grabbed at the first mug she saw in front of her without even giving him the chance to pick his beverage up first.  “That’s alright. I can get you a latte if you want?” He smiled.

She shook her head. “I can finish that one.” She said, gesturing to the one in his hands. “I’m assuming you don’t have too many germs.” She smirked. “I’ll buy you a black coffee. The least I could do since I chugged yours." 

"Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, handing over the latte. “So, tell me about yourself.”

“Harry sucks at this, mama.” Bella whined as she yanked at her mom’s dress. Evangelique swatted her daughter’s hands away gently and gave her a look. “What did I tell you about saying stuff like that? Be polite. At least he’s trying.” She said sternly. “He can make broccoli and Carrots and peas and every other suck-Nasty food just fine, but I ask him to make me one bowl of ice cream and suddenly he don’t know how to do nothing?” Bella pouted. Harry let out a hearty laugh before ruffling the four year old’s hair, causing her to push at his large hands angrily. “I’m sorry, bug, I don’t know how you and your mommy usually make your sundaes but this is how I make mine. Why don’t you tell me again so I’ll know next time?”

“You said that last time, but I’ll explain one more time.” She growled, pointing her finger at him. In her mind, she was scaring the poop out of him, but in reality, he could barely keep himself from laughing as he watched the little girl dressed in a pink princess shirt, a tiara, and some ‘football tights’ try to intimidate him. “You put the sprinkles on the bottom, then the banana-No, half the banana, then some ice cream-but not too much that mommy makes you stop there-then you put some chocolate and then the other half of the banana and then more chocolate and then more ice cream and then more chocolate and then the sprinkles.” She explained, waving her arms about to get her point across. “He been here for three years and still don’t know how to make ice cream.” She huffed to herself.

“A year, hun. One year.” Evangelique corrected her.

“Same thing, mama.” Bella insisted around the mouth full of ice cream she’d shoved into her mouth. “What did I say about talking with your mouth full?” Evangelique sighed. Talking to this child was like talking to a wall sometimes. “But mama-” She swallowed before continuing after receiving a glare. “You only seem to wanna talk to me when I got food in my mouth.” She said.

“You sure were complaining a bunch about my ice cream just a minute ago, but I see you’ve got no problem shoveling it all into your mouth now.” Harry teased. The little girl rolled her eyes at him. “There’s people starving in Atlanta. We don’t waste food in this house.” She sassed before going back to eating. Evangelique didn’t even bother trying to correct her, instead she sent Harry a small smile and shook her head.

Later that night, when they finally got Bella to go to sleep after promising her that Harry would be back to visit again tomorrow, Evangelique walked Harry to the door and sent him a tired smile. “Thanks for today. She had a lot of fun and so did I.”

“Always fun when I’m 'round.” He smirked. “Thank you for today. I love it here. Spending time with you two.” He told her before pushing his hands into his pockets awkwardly. “I know your mum has plans on getting her this weekend, and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to…Well, I don’t know. Maybe grab something to eat? Or watch a movie? Or…”

“Go on a date?” She asked softly, leaning against the doorframe and looking up at him with admiration in her eyes. “Yeah.” He mumbled. “Yeah.” She nodded. “I’d absolutely love that.”

Only a short month or so ago, he’d admitted that he had feelings for her, and it’d gone much better than he’d thought it would. He thought she’d laugh in his face or tell him to never speak to her again, but she didn’t. She’d sent him a warm smile, squeezed his hand, and told him she felt the same way.

He was beyond happy about that. He’d known her for a year and he’d seen her go through so much. She’d go on dates with guys who only wanted her for sex and didn’t care about her feelings at all. She’d go on dates that were beyond awkward and she’d come back and tell him about how she felt like she just wasn’t good enough for anyone and how she was just too awkward for love. She’d spend hours getting ready for dates only to receive a text an hour after she was supposed to get picked up that always read something along the lines of 'Something came up. Sorry.’ He hated seeing her so upset. He hated the fact that these douchebags kept letting her down. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to take her out on a proper date and show her a good time. He wanted her to realize that it wasn’t her, no, she was the closest thing to perfect that he’d ever seen. He wanted a chance, just one chance, to show her that he could give her the world.

“I’ll see you then.” He grinned before leaning down to give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her heart fluttered and she sighed a little as she waved him off. She was so happy that he’d come into her life. She didn’t know how anyone could get so lucky.

“Kick his bum! Bloody opposite of heaven!” Bella screamed as she watched her favorite wrestler beating up John Cena. Harry tried to stifle his laughter as he watched her jumping around the room trying to imitate their moves and yelling out every remotely British sounding thing she could think of. She was going through a phase. She wanted to have Harry’s accent so she payed close attention to everything he said and tried to imitate him, something he’d caught onto quickly when he heard the six year old screaming all sorts of curses in a weird sounding accent. Deciding it’d be better for the both of them if he didn’t mention it to Evangelique who hadn’t been around at the time, he’d quickly informed her that she’d be in lots of trouble if her mother heard her saying the things she was saying, and he’d vowed not to swear either, because if she wasn’t allowed to why should he be? That was her logic, at least.

“Daddy Harry.” Bella sighed as the wrestling went on commercial. He hummed as he watched her tiredly climb onto his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, clinging to him tightly. He was shocked, to be honest. She wasn’t much of a hugger, just like her mum. She didn’t like to be touched most times, not by him or anyone else, something he was hoping would stick around even in her teenage years. “You and my mum are getting married soon? Yeah?” She asked. He chuckled a little and nodded, rubbing her back softly. “Then you’ll live with us and we’ll see you everyday?” She questioned. “Well, it isn’t like we don’t see each other every day already.” He laughed. “But yes. We’ll all live together.”

“That’s good. I like when you’re around. You help me hide my vegetables sometimes and you learned how to make my ice cream properly. That’s good.”

“Thanks.” He smiled. “Do you want me to tuck you in? You seem tired.” He teased. She shook her head and yawned. “Raws only been on for an hour. Sleeping’s for losers. Gotta watch the main even.” She muttered.

“Goodnight, bug.” He whispered as she drifted off almost as soon as she’d finished talking. “I love you.”


Intro: So this fic was requested by none other than the lovely @outside-the-government​ (go follow her btw). 

-REQUEST: A fic with Bones and reader with the line “You blossom under kindness, don’t you? Like a rose.” where Bones is being his usual gruff self but he realizes it’s scaring reader, and he instantly changes, outwardly becoming the kind, loving, compassionate person we know he is under the prickly exterior.

So to preface this: I am not sure how I feel about this piece, and it was actually very difficult to write, for some reason.  Maybe it is because I am not used to writing stories where the reader is just meeting Bones, but I felt that I needed to write it that way because of the request. I hemmed and hawed around what I had written and actually rewrote it before I was generally happy with the idea.  It came out a lot more angst-y and deep, and much longer than I had anticipated so I hope it is okay!  Enjoy!

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 3084 (longer than I had anticipated haha)

Triggers: description of wound, blood, description of sexual assault (no details though)

Summary: See above for request. 


Every time you had a physical in the medbay, you had an anxiety attack.  You consistently dreaded going there because of said reason, so when you cut your arm while digging through a box of old parts in the engineering room, Scotty had to force you to go.  

“Lassie, you need to go get that checked out by Dr. McCoy.” Scotty drawled, gesturing to your dripping, red arm that you had wrapped a dirty cloth around and now held to your chest.  

“Nah, it’s just a scratch, Scott.” You reassured, but you knew you were a terrible liar.  

“I’m no doctor but that looks like more than just a scratch, now get going.” Scotty directed and you wondered quietly if you would get kicked off the Enterprise for knocking your boss out and running back to your quarters to hide. 

“Fine.” You muttered and headed towards the door, silently swearing when you heard Scotty following you. 

“And I am going to walk you, to make sure there you get there.” Scotty assured, grabbing your elbow to make you change directions and head down the hallway towards the medbay. 

You groaned and felt your chest tighten with anxiety as you strode quickly down the hall, Scotty’s hand never leaving your elbow. 

When you reached the medbay, you surveyed the chaotic room, your throat dry, and your mouth tasting like chalk.  

“Scotty, I really don’t like the medbay.” You squeaked and this time you were the one grasping his elbow. 

“And I really don’t like it when my engineers die of blood loss.” Scotty badgered and when you didn’t move, he gave you a little shove. 
“Get goin’, lass, and I expect you back at work in the morning.” Scotty saluted and strode out the doors, leaving you completely alone in the busy medbay. 

You forced yourself to step forward, but jumped back when you were almost run over with a bio-bed someone was pushing.  Adrenaline coursed through you and you heard your heart beating in your ears.  You considered making a run for it, but someone’s voice stopped you.

“Another injured engineer?  What did you do this time? Slice yourself on a keyboard? Lacerate yourself reconnecting a motherboard?” As you followed the sarcastic voice to its source, you saw it belonged to Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer. 

He looked down at you, his arms crossed, and his brown eyes sparkling with amusement.  Seeing his face reminded you of the scheduled physicals that he performed, and you felt your anxiety grow.  

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I’m Just Glad You’re Speaking

This is the fic I wrote for that headcanon I wrote yesterday! It’s not exactly the same but I made it a thing! I did as much research about mutism and traumatic mutism so I hope I wrote about it accurately…

it’s also on AO3…


Lance knew he was pushing it. He could tell by the twitch of Keith’s hand and the way his shoulders tensed every time Lance so much as opened his mouth to breathe. He was being too loud again but he couldn’t help it. As fucked up as it was, he would prefer annoying others by being too loud than never speaking at all.

Lance would know – he’d done both.

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Start A List

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(I don’t own the gifs)

Summary: You were Sherlock’s only friend when he was a teenager. Mycroft calls you to come over to help get Sherlock out of his room to discover he was not there.

Characters: Teen!Sherlock, Teen!Mycroft

Warning: mentions of drugs

Word Count: 1,841

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72 for the drabbles please? ❤

“Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” AU where Dimaria did blind Lucy.

Natsu stares. He doesn’t mean to, but he does. There’s something haunting about her eyes, the rich hazel turned milky, glossy and unseeing. Lucy stares back at him, but her gaze is too low, too far to the right. 

And that’s his fault, isn’t it? He was too late.

Lucy’s words ring in his ears and his heart breaks when he finally registers her question. Natsu inhales sharply through his nose, taking a half-step back and knocking into the table by her bed. “What?” he mumbles, watching her gaze flicker, confused.

Her lips twist into a sad little smile, something that curls around his heart and squeezes painfully. “Just smile,” she repeats, holding out a hand for him to take. She gropes blindly for him, lost in a permanent darkness. He edges into her reach, lets her fumble for his hand, her palm slowly smoothing down his arm. Her fingers curl through his and she gently tugs him forward. Natsu comes willingly, sliding up beside her, settling between her legs tossed over the side of the bed. “I really need to see you smile right now,” she tells him softly.  

He ducks his head, shame coursing through him. “Lucy…” he trails off, the words sticking in his throat.

Her exhale is shaky, her hands smoothing up his arms, his shoulders, his neck, cradling his jaw gently. He leans into her touch. “I know.” Lucy swallows, blank gaze flitting across his face. “I know,” she repeats, “just–humor me.” He leans further into her, resting his temple against hers. “Please.” She breathes it against his lips, thumbs brushing along his jawline so softly that a lump builds in his throat.

Natsu smiles for her, sad and small, but a smile nonetheless. He leans in, nuzzling against her cheek, and feels her smile back.

“Thank you.”

Pairing: Kookmin.

Rating: C for cute. 

Words: Literally not many at all, haha. 

Prompt: Jimin was a chubby boy in high school and almost refuses to go to his 10-year Highschool reunion in Busan. But, even through his insecurities, he goes and ends up getting a much-earned apology from the renowned ”heartthrob.”

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I love D.va, there is so much to her and what she’s fighting for. I feel like Lucio is one of the few who can understand what’s going on with her. So this fic is a combination of the prompts for the day~

BunnyRibbit — Day 3: Misson Gone Wrong/Reminds Me of Home

The rain plasters the glass of her MEKA, though her instruments shine bright and direct her. Lúcio skates alongside her, but she fears the stones underneath their feet will make it hard on his movements. He doesn’t slow.

Lightning strikes, and she jerks. Her heavy breathing would fog the glass if not for the natural airflow through her MEKA, but she still struggles to control it. White light touches for a moment, close enough to rumble their bones as the thunder spreads across the nearly colorless sky.

“Hana,” he calls, their comms useless with the electrical storm’s interference. Mercy will not be happy they split off from the main group, but they had no choice with Talon bunching between them. Through the last static words, she instructed everyone to fall back and seek shelter, least someone get struck down with a lightning bolt.

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Boss [Part IV] (Happy x OC)

A/N: This part is violent as all hell. Those warnings are there for a reason. 

Word Count: 4,054

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5: Coming Soon

Playlist: The Ave in You - Clairmont The Second

WARNINGS: Physical violence, Implied Torture/Abuse, Firearm Use

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I approached the doors to Diosa, a lot later than I had planned. I promised Capri I’d come through and check on her. From the information I was given, by my other girls and Capri herself, everything was running smoothly at Diosa. I never let them in on my doubts, but I was happy to hear that Nero’s new alliance wasn’t proving to be a bad thing.

I scanned the parking lot behind me, keeping a keen eye on any suspicious movements. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I pushed the door open and was greeted to the sound of classical rock blaring. I winced momentarily, unprepared for the onslaught.

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Imagine Your Otp #29

Person A comes home late at night from a party, completely drunk. They walk in the door as quietly as they can and peek around the corner to see Person B watching them with raised eyebrows. “Why are you late?” Person B asks them with a cold, stern voice. Person A ducks their head in shame and quietly admits they got too drunk and it took a while to find a ride home. Person B realizes their anger is unjustified and it fades near instantly. They help Person A to get some water and get to bed.

Person A wakes up the next morning with Person B curled up against their side. They smile and prepare to snuggle back down when the first wave of nausea hits them. Quickly sprinting to the bathroom, they just make it before they throw up. Person B spends the rest of the day comforting them and at the same time chiding them for getting drunk in the first place.

Jealous Boy

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character: im youngmin

genre: crack-ish??? fluff and like a bit of angst but not really

word count: 486 (im sorry it is so short ㅠㅠ)

summary: youngmin is jealous…..of rhymer????

requested: yeppo

*the ending is shit im so sorry

He shouldn’t be jealous.

He knew he shouldn’t be but he couldn’t help the feeling of anger rising up.

When he invited you over to the BNM studio to hang out with him a bit, he expected you to actually hang out with him, not Rhymer.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Garfield stifled a growl. Stupid, confounded furniture instructions, never being clear enough. He twisted the wrinkled pages this way and that, trying to gauge exactly what secrets the papers were trying to tell him. He squinted, trying to decipher the thickly inked diagrams into something digestible, only for his head to start pounding and the page to grow blurry. 

“Dammit,” he hissed. 

“Everything all right, Gar?” 

Raven’s voice echoed through the hallway, and he looked up just as she peered into the little room. There was a smile on her lips as she surveyed the disaster zone around him, though Garfield wasn’t sure why she found it so amusing. 

“Yes,” he huffed, “everything’s just dandy.” Garfield tossed the instruction pamphlet aside, scrambling to snatch a tool. Any tool would do. Like this screwdriver, for instance. He forced a grin, holding the screwdriver in an awkward death grip. “See? I’m just about to put it together!”

Raven chuckled, and shuffled into the room. She wore one of his t-shirts, though her swollen belly still peeked from under the hem. It was a look that had his heart swelling with an indescribable bliss, and his irritation quickly melted away. He watched as his wife carefully stooped and plucked the instruction pamphlet off of the floor, amusement dancing across her features. “Hmm, this is a rather confusing instruction set,” Raven mused as she peered down at the paper. Garfield sighed. 

“Yeah, I have no idea how to build this thing.” He offered her a weak smile, and ducked his head in shame. “I suck at this,” he muttered, his cross emotions bubbling up once more. There was a shuffle, and a gentle hand on his shoulder. Garfield leaned into Raven’s touch, peering cautiously up at her. She smiled, and pressed a kiss to his forehead. 

“It’s okay, Gar, I don’t expect you to be an expert. I don’t know the first thing about building, either.” 

“Yeah, but, I should be able to do it!” he said. Gar reached out and caressed her belly with a sigh. “What kind of father will I be if I can’t even build our kid’s stupid cradle?” 

“A human one,” Raven said. She clasped her hand over his own, and gave it a squeeze. “Neither of us have any clue what we’re doing. That’s okay. You know why?” 

Garfield met her gaze and blinked. “Why’s that, Rae?” 

“Because we have each other. And we can figure this,” she paused, gesturing at her bump and the nursery they stood in, “together. Okay?” 

There was a heavy degree of truth to her words, and Garfield couldn’t help but smile. Why was it, that she always seemed to know what to say? It was strange, how well they’d come to just get each other, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He pressed a kiss to her hand and smiled. “Okay,” he breathed. Raven chuckled. 

“Good. Now, I’m craving some pizza. Do you want delivery?” 

Garfield laughed and clamoured to his feet. “I’ll go call the pizzeria,” he said, before giving her a peck on the lips. “Large pizza, with olives and banana peppers?” 

“Yes, please!” 

He gave her hand a squeeze. “Anything, for you, my love.” 

Maybe he wasn’t going to be the most handy man around, but at least he had a wife who loved him for who he was. And for Garfield, that was all he needed.

Here, have some sappy domestic stuff, ‘cuz I’m feeling sappy. XD

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