sataeminism  asked:

so soph... could u answer this ask with a detailed appreciation of jinki's style throughout the mv of dtb

ohhhohohoohohohh yES ana i have always wanted to go off about downtown baby let’s GOOO

let’s start with this we can just take this body shot here!!! 

good jeans. (gooooooooo o ooo  d fuckign jeans) a decent short sleeved shirt, and a garbage bag. literally a garbage bag. he is literally. wearing. a garbage bag.

and am i ok? abSOLUTELY NOT. why?

The Hat. The Hat. that’s why this look is Eternal. check this shit.

the way it pulls his hair back, drawing attention to his forehead and his *praise the lord* brows, the way the black contrasts with the light colored hair peeking out the front and on the sides, the way it somehow manages to sharpen his jawline like???? i have always been an outward supporter of backwards snapbacks (like always) but this one straight up makes me want to write a personal letter to their stylists that just says “MORE SNAPBACKS” in bright pink sharpie. but anyway next…

i’m gonna do myself a favor and IGNORE WHATEVERS GOING ON WITH THAT MOUTH LIKE NO OK (also ignoring the faux guages like did i really need that kind of bad boy jinki in my head no!!! i didn’t!!!! but thank u!!!!!!) ALSO THE SMOKY EYE!!! LIKE NO!!!!!

but also-

they have him in just a regular ass black t-shirt and it’s like a Brand New Day over here woah. “comienzo your first time” like. do i need. u. to begin. to start. to commence. my first time. that’s…..not…………….a thing….i need to….even……..um….whatever that means……

let’s move on


this is my favorite one bc 

  1. sparkles 
  2. the hAIR 
  3. that sleek top shelf fancy ass lookin black and silver style like ok 
  4. always love a man in a good jacket
  5. HAIR

and yet…..throughout the entire video…there is but a few seconds that we get to see of this look up close. it’s strictly a dancing suit ok whatever i’m fine i’m not bitter or anything i’m kind of bitter but we were robbed.

but overall, dtbaby: perhaps one of the greatest works of art ever conceived in our modern society. a blessing in our time. and the reason i live and breathe today.

First night at Philippines and mate it’s already such a cute and happy atmosphere. My dad is so happy that his happiness is contagious, cutie. 

The first thing that hit me as we landed was the heat, omg it’s so hot. I can only imagine how hot it’ll be tomorrow because we came in the evening so it shouldn’t be too bad. I connected to the wifi straight away in the airport, told mi Cat that we’ve landed and then I got a message from my cousin telling me she can already see us. She didn’t intend to but her message came across as somewhat creepy as she said “turn around, we’re watching you.” LOOOL. 

So I see silhouettes behind this panel thingy, all waving at me. Cute. 

Then we met up with them, gave them their baggages and stuff then headed off to our dad’s sides family home. There was a lot of traffic but it gave me time to see the roads and gave me a feeling of what Philippines is like. You’d think after growing up here for the first 7 years that I’d know a bit more but everything just seemed so unfamiliar to me. So I took it as a chance to reintroduce myself to my former home.

I insisted that we get Jollibee because mateeeeee CHICKEN. So we did. 

When we got to the house, the first people that greeted me were the little ones. First Ysa- the only one I’ve met so far, followed by Asha and Phoebe. I’m surprised at how excited they were to see me and eager to give me a cute hug despite never really having met them nor do I know them, that well. Still, I found it really welcoming. 

Soon the food came and everyone just ate and it was just nice spending time with the family, though I haven’t reached my open stage yet. I take time getting to know people because I’m socially selective like that but I hope sooner or later I’ll be able to talk to my cousins more comfortably. I feel bad because I know they’re trying but I just don’t know what to say, yet. 

Then my uncles and aunties picked up my grandma and Tita from America and when they came that’s when the Gayo family spirit really kicked in. Everyone was so loud and cheerful, my dad started dancing and the best part was when the souvenirs were being given out and everyone’s just eagerly waiting for their turn. Cuties. My auntie turned to me and said “you’re gonna miss this when you go back to London.” to which I replied, “it’s alright- we’ve got 2 weeks, let’s make it count.” 

We’re still jetlagged so no one from my family is asleep, yet. Both my brother and I are on the laptops as my cousins are sleeping, whilst my parents are catching up with mi grandma and aunties. 

So that was my first day, well evening rather. Although my first thought was take me back to London, I’m excited for the next 2 weeks. I hope we’ll have a really cute time together.