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Uhmm how about iwaoi, iwaoi, IWAOI??! omg. I'm dying for this <33

Uhm …. I’m still workin on con stuff so D: no big new art for now. But how about this? (can you tell i love fighting fish?)

DTR headcanons


1. Tonys get together much better than Steves. Maybe shared history of those two, maybe that Steves are more possessive, who knows.

2. They different in subtle ways - T1 is more sturdy and has a bit more belly than T2, while S2 is more muscled and toned than S1. T1 has an outie belly button, while T2 has an innie.

3. S2, although he is more stubborn and firm, wishes to have good relationship with S1 and compromises more than him.

4. S1 still feels insecure with S2 being around, but secretly wants to get along with him, and is jealous of the bond both Tonys share. He often wonders why he and S2 can’t be like that.

5. T2 can act sweet and innocent, and to some extent is, but he learned to use it to get what he wants from his partners. So far, only Tony saw through him.

6. T1 is more prone to anger, while T2 rarely yells and closes in himself.

7. T2 really, really, reaaalllly wants them all to get along. T1 is confident that one day they will.


1. Their roles are as following - T1 and S1 are switches, T2 prefers to be the lee, while S1 is the most comfortable as the ler.

2. S2 tries to be a lee from time to time to make his lovers happy.

3. T2 loves being tickled by Steves, but he has this dark fantasy that he takes Tony apart, slowly and intimately and long. T1 can’t decide if that is arousing as hell, or plain scary.

4. Tonys favorite spots to be tickled are their bellies. They melt when touched there.

5. Steves loves their backs being scratched and tickled. Some gentle foot tickling is nice too.

6. T2 loves to be teased the most, that is why often the rest of them gangs up on him.

7. Officially, T2 is considered the most ticklish of them, and in overall he is, but T1’s belly button is way more sensitive. S2 is the least ticklish, and on some days he can turn off his ticklishness.

8. Both Tonys preferred tools to be tickled with are soft things - feathers, paintbrushes, they also use them for tickling each other or their boyfriends. Steves are more traditional and prefer to use their fingers and mouths, knowing that it gives a level of intimacy and closeness that drives Tonys crazy each and every time.

9. Tonys are very sensitive to raspberries. While T2 can find them fun and enjoyable, T1 just crumbles and gives up almost instantly.

10. Food play is an important part of their tickle kink - they adore licking off sweet, sticky syrups from each other.

Is Taylor Swift missing? Not so fast. Fans started panicking recently, when they realized Taylor hasn’t been seen in public since February 4, but a source tells DT Weekly exclusively that the singer’s just hard at work on her new album. And she’s laughing at these crazy claims!

“Taylor [Swift] has been splitting her time between NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles lately. Mostly spending her time in her studios in all three cities. She has not been purposefully hiding out, but has simply been super busy in the studio recording, editing and putting the finishing touches on her new album. Taylor is excited to deliver the best possible music to all of her fans. Taylor has been working hard and she can’t wait to release new music. She laughs at the reports that she is missing and finds them hilarious!” a source tells DT Weekly exclusively.

Phew! So Taylor is not missing. She was not kidnapped. She is not in hiding. Taylor Swift is 100% safe! But we can understand why her fans were alarmed. Taylor’s never been hidden from the public eye. Since the release of 1989 in 2014, she’s been seen anywhere and everywhere, but all of a sudden — on Feb. 4 — that just stopped. And Taylor hasn’t been pictured in public since, according to E! News. Heck, she hasn’t even posted a candid photo on Instagram since Thanksgiving 2016.

But as we told you, she’s just hard at work on her new album. So fans can breathe a sigh of relief and prepare themselves for her to not only release another outstanding record, but sweep the Grammys yet again in 2019. Are you ready for Taylor’s new music?

—  A new report from DT Weekly


S1: “Ummmm…. Maaaybe?”

S2: “Can we lie or are we obliged to tell the truth?”

T2: “No lying. Captain America can’t lie!”

T1: “I plan to lie in all my questions.”

T2: “You both are ruining everything! No lying! Steve, do something!”

S1: “The answer is yes. For both Steves.”

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Does it get you whenever David uses sweetheart/darling?? I nearly chocked when he said 'oh sweetheart noooo' in last night's episode of broadchurch

i love the endearments sweetheart & darling (when not said by creepy strangers late at night, ofc lol), so whenever dt says them………👌👌👌

dad!hardy in general is hot af, i need more of it.


Double Trouble turned two years old today!!

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and we will celebrate!!

(unfortunately not by a new part, because liiifeeee)


- have a post with my headcanons for Stony 1 couple and Stony 2 couple, and a short bio of them (tickle headcanons included!)

- both Stonys couples will make a special appearance on the blog to answer all of your questions! (you can also ask the author, so me *hint hint* about the upcoming parts and plans *wink wink*

- and I would love to hear from you! tell me your favorite part, favorite chapter, if there is something you would like to read about! can’t promise I will include all ideas, but I always have your ideas and expectations on mind,

celebrating will begin very soon!

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Am an actor and the last thing I want to play is a boring faithful wife/girlfriend pinning for prince charming, getting married and having 15 kids. I totally understand why David wants to play this kind of roles and he is awesome in them. Actors shouldn't choose a career path just to please a few of their fans. Am also a Davids fan and I know how to separate reality and fiction. Love it when he plays a bad boy.

1. Bit different, considering it’s vital there should be roles out there for women which encompass more than being the gf of protagonist. What’s not so vital are rich privileged womaniser roles…we have plenty of those lol. But I get what you are saying, it’s fun to play against his own personality, fun to play a bad guy, not a boring nice man
2. I’m not his agent, how dare I criticise his acting decisions, dt plays bad guys so well (so often…), i’m not clever enough to see the nuance in these roles, to appreciate the good in these terrible dudes, etc etc, yep I know, we’ve been here before lmao 😂😂
3. Separating reality and fiction is actually something I can do too…I can also separate criticising the writing of a play (not even that! mentioning other people’s criticism!) and liking the lead actor 😉
4. I’m using up my mobile data to have this convo but at least it’s making my commute from work go quicker lol ta

DTR bio

name: Anthony Edward Stark

nickname: T1, Ducky, babe 1

height: 5ft 8in

weight: 195 lbs

date and place of birth: May 29, 1970, New York

hobby: tinkering, building things

fav food: burgers, mac and cheese

least favorite food: celery stalks, except that he can eat everything

food allergy: none

fav place: his workshop, the beach


name: Anthony Richard Stark

nickname: T2, Minnie, Tony’s better half, babe 2, other me and double me by Tony

height: 5ft 8in

weight: 180 lbs

date and place of birth: May 29, 1970, New York

hobby: tinkering, building things

fav food: burgers, spaghetti and meatballs,

least favorite food: olives, except that he can eat everything

food allergy:  none

fav place: his workshop, the beach


name: Steven Grant Rogers

nickname: S1

height: 6ft 0in

weight: 240 lbs

date and place of birth: July 4, 1918, New York

hobby: working out, reading, sketching, riding on a bike

fav food: hot dogs, ice cream, spinach lasagna

least favorite food: sushi

food allergy: he is lactose intolerant, but loves ice cream anyway

fav place: his gym, living room


name:  Steven Kent Rogers

nickname: S2

height: 6ft 0in

weight: 250 lbs

date and place of birth: July 4, 1918, New York

hobby: working out, reading, sketching, riding on a bike

fav food: hot dogs, ice cream, pot roast with potatoes, he is a typical meat eater

least favorite food: not picky, but not a fan of nuts due to his allergy

food allergy: nuts of all sorts, but he can eat them, his tongue gets swollen, but serum tames it down

fav place: his gym, living room