Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

I got tagged by hugeselenatorswiftie Thank you, Lilly. :)

Name: Nicole

Nicknames: Nicki(I don’t really have any)

Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 6′4 (Still don’t know if I’m done growing. Lol.)

Favorite Color: Black, pink,blue and purple

Time: 9: 14 pm

Average Sleep: 5-4

Lucky Number: I don’t think I have one

Last Thing I Googled: ‘Drabble Prompts

Favorite Book: Watersong Series

Happy Place: Tumblr

# of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 sometimes 2.

Celebrity Crush: I have so many. Lol. Justin Bieber, Dave Franco, Paul Wesley,Ian Somerhalder, etc.

Words that Come to Mind: Pizza 

Last Movie: 
The In-Laws

Dream Trip: Hawaii 

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anonymous asked:

oh hey i think anon is confused bc america system, 6th graders are basically 13 yrs old so i really hope they aren't confused by this hhhaha keep doing what you're doing (aren't the 6th grade about 15 years old? idk but looks accurate to me)

OOhhh yeah ur right… lMFAO TT I forgot to mention gr 1 starts at age 10 and then so on thanks for reminding me!!!

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

I got tagged by jelena2k15

Name: Myrrhanda

Nicknames: Myrrvin ( don’t really have one)

Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Favorite Color: vintage blue, lavender purple

Time: 8:00pm

Average Sleep: 6-7

Lucky Number: 7

Last Thing I Googled: playland

Favorite Book: nah

Happy Place: Tumblr

# of Blankets I Sleep With: 1

Celebrity Crush: got sooo many. Justin bieber selena gomez ryan gosling gigi hadid ryan Reynolds josh dumahal or whatever lol

Words that Come to Mind: pie

Last Movie: 

Dream Trip:  Europe

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I was tagged by the wonderful Lilly aka hugeselenatorswiftie Thank you!

1.) Dream job? Successful artist or a model.
2.) How tall are you? 6′4
3.) Favorite subject in school? It used to be history and science.
4.) Favorite Taylor Swift lyric at the moment?  “It’ll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar. Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane. But I’ve got a blank space, baby and I’ll write your name.”
5.) What’s your favorite physical feature about yourself? Being tall.
6.) What’s your biggest fear? Dying alone/ being alone for the rest of my life.
7.) Biggest Dream? Be successful, be happy, live long enough to have a family.
8.) Ever been in love? Nope.
9.) Favorite sport? Swimming.
10.) What is your hobby? Writing, drawing, reading, dancing, singing, etc
11.) What do you like best about Tumblr? Meeting new people/my internet friends on here.

My Questions:

1.) How are you feeling?

2.) What’s one thing you like best about yourself?

3.) Favorite movie?

4.) What are your hobbies?

5.) Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?

6.) Is there a song that’s currently on repeat in your head right now?

7.) Have you done anything fun this summer?

8.) How many concerts have you been to?

9.) Do you have any cats/pets?

10.) Favorite time of the year?

11.) Who’s your otp?

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