Durarara!! Themed Poker Cards and Postcard Set

Ready to play some poker with the DOLLLARS or characters from Durarara!! ?

Illustrated by 坂月, the set of poker cards features special illustrations of the characters integrated into the design of the pokercards.

For example, the Ace of Spades has Celty’s special helmet and the Jack, Queen and King of each suit features a different character as well.

Even the back of the cards features a classy design, integrating the features and elements found in the series.

You can check out the characters featured on the face of the cards in the image gallery or in the list below:

  • Ryugamine Mikado
  • Kida Masaomi
  • Kuronuma Aoba
  • Sonohara Anri
  • Orihara Izaya
  • Yagiri Seiji x Harima Mika
  • Hijiribe Ruri
  • Simon Brezhnev
  • Horada
  • Mizuchi Yahiro
  • Kishitani Shinra
  • Heiwajima Shizuo

The above set of characters and illustrations are also featured in the included accompanying postcard set.

The default option is for the Postcard and Poker Card Set. The poker set and postcard set can be bought separately as well, while a set of both comes at a special discounted price.

Ready for a devious game of poker with your friends today?

Mun's unpopular opinion wops.

|| Ok. I have never truly expressed myself here as mun, BUT sorry this time I have to.

I hear and see all the time people complaining about the anime of Drrr!! and guys omg I do feel you because I know they do cut a lot of scenes and all, JUST LOOK AT WHO I AM RPING, Shingen needed more animation sob.


Durarara!! novels, anime and manga are three different and separeted things, three different approaches of Narita’s story. I might understand you can be disappointed because you expected them to animate your favourite scenes and characters the way you wanted to see them, but the dubbers and all the staff did their best into it! 

Narita always compliments for how the anime and manga are coming out, sometimes even showing more emotions and details than him! I even read that he is always afraid his readers will like more the anime or the manga than his novels lol. 

Another thing, Narita himself said it was impossible for him too to actually put and explain everything he wanted to into his novels, so even his novels don’t show the 100% of what he wanted to show to make people truly understand some things.

What I wanted to say is, just mmh try to enjoy the anime the way it is! 

P.s. We’re still missing Tsukumoya. Shingen isn’t still sure if he should call for Kuzuhara and report his disappearance.