I don’t agree with kids being allowed to see themselves as transgender because what if it’s a phase?

“I think it’s dangerous, I think it’s bordering on child abuse”

You would not sodding believe how often I come across this argument.

So, okay, let’s look at it from your point of view. You think it’s a phase, so let’s go with that. Let’s even compare it to your kid going through a goth/emo phase.

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So, when your kid goes through their goth/emo phase, did you say “put down that eyeliner, you won’t feel like this forever, so why bother exploring it?” or did you buy them the My Chemical Romance tshirts and smile when you saw how excited they got? Let’s be honest, you did the latter, because unless you’re an arsehead you actually DO like seeing your children happy, and you KNEW for certain that this particular self expression was a phase. You didn’t get why they liked this style so much, but you liked how much they seemed to like it. You let them dress how they wanted and express their tortured teenage soul regardless of you knowing it would be seen as “weird” and “unpopular” in school, because you know that your child is unique; they’ve always been different and you’re proud of that (even if you’re tired of spending half the family budget on purple hair dye and twenty pairs of strappy combat pants (soz Mam)).

So, in your view, why is allowing them a “phase” of expressing their gender any different? Why is this something to be quashed?

If you’re not trans you might find it impossibly difficult to even imagine being in turmoil over your own gender. It’s something you might take for granted, the comfort of being told you’re a girl or a boy and your very being saying “why, yes, yes I am”. So you might not understand why it’s important, I get it, but your lack of understanding doesn’t trump a child’s need to express themselves.

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So here’s some facts for you, for those who think it’s dangerous:

You can’t get surgery until you’re an adult, so no one’s lopping off or adding ANYTHING to a 6 year old that’s allowed wear a dress, okay?

♥ Any drugs that are administered to someone under 18 are puberty blockers, to help an easier transition later in life and to reduce gender dysphoria. Even if, and it’s incredibly rare, but even IF the child changes their mind and it actually may have been “a phase”, this treatment is 100% reversible, so, again, nothing ACTUALLY physically changes until they’re an adult

♥ They could get bullied. They definitely could, I’m not gonna lie to you, they have about as much likely hood as being bullied as absolute anyone - but you can’t help that part (hell, if you don’t get bullied for your gender identity, bullies WILL find something, trust me). You can’t stop them from being THEM to help stop them from being bullied! What you’re basically doing is bullying them at home to hopefully stop them getting bullied outside, and that’s fairly messed up. Better to show them that they have love and support at home so that if they do get teased, at least they know someone at home has their back.

- - -

No one is giving children surgery. Gender exploration isn’t dangerous.

Your child actually MIGHT have more of an idea about their gender identity than you do. I know you have more world experience and they don’t, but christ, LET THEM EXPERIENCE the world themselves - you can’t control what they will think, what they will like, and what they will feel. Use your worldly experience to sympathise and support, not to dismiss because it wasn’t your personal experience and you “know better”.

This time, for once, maybe you don’t.