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I’ve been really behind on posting to tumblr, aah! I promise it’s because I’ve been working on some very cool secret stuff. This assignment was a nice break! 

I made this set of three gifs for the BBC Three show Clique. I really enjoyed making them, and indeed watching the show–it’s glitzy and pulpy, but I found myself instantly sympathetic to their struggles, and I found their complex relationships so intriguing! Thanks, BBC!

in light of the recent explosion at ariana grande’s concert in manchester, please keep in mind that the most important thing right now is not celebrities’ reactions on social media, or your personal opinions of those reactions. please, do not spread any more hate, and focus on what is actually important: keeping everybody safe and mourning for those who have been killed. this is a terrible thing to happen, do not undermine it with celebrity drama. 

I’m still waiting for the art

I still have a hard time believing a few of my most popular posts are silly theories about how stupid/reckless Phoenix and Edgeworth can be. Time to throw more fuel into the fire.

Guys, if you haven’t seen (well, heard) the audio dramas for the Ace Attorney series yet, check them out! I’ve translated complete transcripts of all the dramas to date.

For those who don’t have a lot of time, though, I’ve compiled a list of things from them that are basically canon in Ace Attorney.

Turnabout from Space:

  • Larry (and Gumshoe) almost got the entire Investigations main cast killed. It was a fireworks display he was planning to use to propose to his gf, but got dumped before he could. He and Gumshoe struggled over the switch and somehow set it off.
  • He also messed up one of the letters in that display and was so desperate to hide it that he got himself suspected of being involved with an international band of thieves that Interpol was chasing.
  • He’s also responsible for knocking Edgeworth unconscious, though it was an accident.
  • Missile is a super sweet-tooth. (Tonosamanjuu have been localized as Samurai Dogs.) He also bit into a jewel while eating one and had to take the day off.
  • Missile got a day off before Edgeworth did.
  • Oldbag knows how to scuba. I know, terrifying.
  • She also suggested to Edgeworth (in front of everyone else) that he strip for her sometime. He refused.

Turnabout Animal Circus:

  • Phoenix and Apollo publicly embarrassed Athena by being dorks at Trucy’s show.
  • Athena (accidentally?) pushed her boss off on a trapeze. She and Apollo didn’t realize he was screaming his head off until they realized he went missing.
  • There is an actual yeti (supposedly) in this series. People call him “Yayti” since he says “yay” so much (and so aggressively).
  • Apollo’s official girlfriend is a male calico cat. Their relationship was short-lived. Trucy made the cat disappear since Apollo and Athena argued over who got to keep him.
  • There’s a contradiction with the canon timeline in this drama: Apollo says he never figured out a magic trick before this, but we all remember THAT case.

Turnabout Combination:

  • The entire premise to this “case” is because Edgeworth doesn’t know or want to get involved in the chief prosecutor’s daughter’s romantic affairs, so he hoists his problem onto Phoenix.
  • Team Edgewright, coined by Maya. (It was really the only way I could translate “Mitsuruhodo”.)
  • Mia gets pretty excited about scandalous affairs. Or maybe she was just excited about their stealth missions. Not sure.
  • Edgeworth had a standoff with a gangster.
  • Franziska flirted with said gangster. (Edgeworth made her do it.)
  • Godot splashed hot coffee on said gangster. He also played as the CP’s daughter’s boyfriend briefly. (Edgeworth made him do this.) He happened to get away with both.

Turnabout Exorcism / Turnabout Training:

  • Phoenix objected at a ghost. He later objected to the ghost for not being a ghost.
  • He also played shaman for a bit (Maya made him do it) and actually got someone to believe him.
  • People in Khura’in enjoy partying with the deceased.
  • Meanwhile, Apollo and Athena are very terrified of Edgeworth. Even in the aftermath, they still are.
  • Phoenix got from someone (probably Will) a special edition Steel Samurai figurine where the SS is dressed as a “boss”. He didn’t tell Edgeworth. The latter found out later anyway.
  • Apollo and Athena tumbled into the streets and made Edgeworth, who was driving, screech to a halt. They were racing back to his office with some important documents, but one of them bumped into the other and they crashed, spilling documents all over. Salary cuts ensued.
  • Athena publicly embarrassed Edgeworth in court by forgetting to bring the evidence. Apollo was held responsible too.
  • They later challenged his case during the trial. Unfortunately for them, neither is Phoenix Wright.
  • Apollo doesn’t know how to play baseball, but he ends up in a game with Athena and their client.
  • For once, it’s a trial that isn’t about murder or assault! One of two cases in the series that was purely about a theft.

I just ruined these dramas for everyone, didn’t I? Thanks for reading.

“Isn’t it pretty?” // “Yeah…”

translation found via @todomomo

I originally planned to do a mini comic of the festival scene but then I got carried away. go figure.

kttygirl  asked:

How is Otayuri not pedophillia? I'm just wondering your argument ahh I don't wanna start things, you just said you did have an arguenent :V

Hello, that is okay, I am more happy to provide you answers :)

Meta about power imbalances

Like I said many times. Age of consent is different in a lot of countries. Yurio is 16 years old which means that for example in Poland where I live he could get married if he had the permission from his guardian. In Russia, I believe, the age of consent is 16 years old.

I also think people on Tumblr have this vision of Yurio being an innocent 16 year old, pure as snow and blushing at the mere word “sex”. Well, I must disappoint you, boys are not that innocent, especially in that age.

Relationships between 18 year old people and 16 year old people exist in real life. 16 year olds ARE having sex with people older than them. In most European countries it is perfectly legal. If there is a consent from both sides, there is nothing wrong about that. If the older side takes an advantage of younger one, it is NOT okay, which was mentioned in the meta I posted above.

Otayuri is not pedophilic ship.

Me scrolling through fandom discourse while I just quietly ship my OTP

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Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883)

From our stacks: Front matter, title page and cover detail from Das Rheingold. Richard Wagner. Mainz: B. Schott’s Söhne, 1899.