It felt so sweet, it felt so strong
                 It made me feel like I belonged
                                                             And all the sadness inside me
                                                             Melted away like I was free


24 October 1537 – Death of Queen Jane Seymour

Just twelve days after giving birth to a baby boy, Prince Edward and the future Edward VI, Queen Jane Seymour died of suspected puerperal fever (childbed fever) at Hampton Court Palace. She had done her duty as queen, but it had cost her her life.

Jane had seemed fine after the birth even though it had been a long and arduous labour, but shortly after Edward’s christening on 15th October fever and delirium set in. The fever reached crisis point on 17th October and it was hoped that she had beaten it, but it returned and this time she couldn’t fight it. She died on the night of 24th October 1537.

“But Lorde what lamentacion shortly after was made for the death of his noble and gracious mother quene Iane, which departed out of this life the fourtene day of Octobre, next folowyng: and of none in the Realme was it more heauelier taken then of the kynges Maiestie himself, whose death cause the kyng imediatly to remoue into Westminster wher he mourned and kept him selfe close and secret a great while […]” Edward Hall, Hall’s Chronicle

On 13th November 1537, Jane Seymour was laid to rest in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, to be joined by her husband, Henry VIII, in 1547. Legend has it that her body was buried there but that her heart was buried in the Chapel Royal of Hampton Court Palace.