we’re all familiar with the casual ableist

now get ready to meet… The Qualified Ableist™️

“As the sister of an autistic guy, daughter of a special education teacher, and past tutor of several disabled kids …”

^ Actual quotation from a real live Qualified Ableist™️

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Film still from Le Grand Bleu aka The Big Blue, 1988 French drama film directed by Luc Besson (French, b. 1959, 15th Arrondissement of Paris, France). The film is inspired by the life of Jacques Mayol (French, 1927-2001, b. Shanghai, China) and Enzo Maiorca (Italian, b. 1931, Syracuse, Italy), two free-diving champions.

yoongi; behind it all

❝yoongi was the one behind it all, but you were the one behind his smile
►4701 words // scenario, school!au, the heirs’!influence
♡i’ve also been watching the drama cheese in the trap and have been obsessed with it so there are implications from the drama here and there. also, there are plot holes and certain parts are sketchy because i wrote this out for fun, not so much focusing on anything but i hope it’s still enjoyable!

Yoongi thought he had it all played out, in his mind, that is.

If he was being honest, it was his father’s ruling to have it all planned out for him but either way, he’s the one actually finalising it so Yoongi would like to think he’s the one making his own plans and anyway. It would all be perfect and smooth sailing… if it wasn’t for you.

Ah, the remarkable Y/N that gave not even a rat’s, cat’s or dog’s ass about anything that revolves around the school committee. Even donating the littlest bit could be something as so difficult to make you drink poison. At this rate, Yoongi thinks actually making you drink poison would be easier.

But it’s not everything like he seems, is what he chooses to believe.

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anonymous asked:

Ohmygod i just cried at this fic and lost it straight away, dan is an actor whos contract ends in like 9 months and he has a secret relationship with phil who lives above a chinese resteraunt and sells drugs to get money for his ill brother?

Secrets are the Sweetest Things - Actor!Dan AU – When contract-ridden, “clean cut” Dan Howell is moved out to L.A. for his last movie shoot, the last thing he expects is to enter a relationship with a poor, drug dealing waiter. Be it from the tabloids, his controlling agent, or the authorities – the two must hide their secrets, especially if fate – if you even believe in that stuff – has other plans.

- Sam

/ ay with eid al-adha coming up which is a very very important day for muslims  i just want to bring up to light smth. if you’re not directly involved with cultures that use henna/mendhi. then you probably shouldnt be putting it on @ all. its not “a temporary tattoo for fun!!” or something you can just do on occasion because it “looks nicer. “ 

its something VERY important to my culture and very traditional. as a Moroccan i hate seeing henna being treated with NO RESPECT and treated as a “free-for-all.” its not. people use it for good luck, celebratory holidays, weddings,festivals , an ancient practice. 

im sick of going through the henna tag anywhere only to find only white photos. shit like this happens. click it. its a fucking link.

im sorry but you cant just nit pick certain things from different cultures and TAKE THEM and apply them to yourself. this is just the same. 

same thing goes for hijabs. its not a “style” or “pretty aesthetic” to wrap a scarf around your head. dont do it lmao

so. psa: be respectful. dont go to walmart and buy those shitty henna kits cuz you wanna look good infront of your friends. 

my culture isnt an aesthetic