I got two socks!!! Woooooooo!! No second sock syndrome here!!

Pattern: ‘Dave’ by @coopknits / Yarn: 80/20 Sock in 'Graffiti’ by @spunrightround

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Demystifying the Magic Loop Method in Knitting
It may sound mystical, but the knitting magic loop is really so easy. Try a new way to knit in the round with this tutorial on knitting the magic loop.

I was super excited to see this! Does anyone already do this instead of dpns?? I for sure am excited to give it a try, especially when I decide it’s time to try a pair of socks!



This is from Cookie A’s book Sock Innovation, the pattern Vilai. As with all things crafty, once I master something I always want to dive in head-first into the deep end. These were started on an evening where inspiration struck (at 10 pm, like it usually does) and I grabbed the needles and yarn and went for it. I’m not sure, but this might be the second most complicated sock in the book. 

Foot. At the time of the photos (about last weekend), I only had that much worked up. I’ve gotten back into finishing these (well, the first of a pair) and I’m further along than this current picture, I’ll say to shortly before the ball of my foot. I had turned back to this, which was smashed in between the pages of the book containing the pattern, after having failed at tatting something more than a beginner item. (I told you this would happen: I get the first two steps down and suddenly want to improvise and hope that it turns out great…such was not the case).

My aim is to finish these by the end of next month, which would’ve been a bit more attainable had I not forgotten book and sock at home…

anonymous asked:

So, I'm starting a new thing, and it says "CO 6 stitches on three dpns" And I'm wondering if that means 6 on each needle or 2 on each needle to make six? Thank you

I can’t really tell from this short description. I’m guessing that if you read a little further in the pattern it’ll be clearer how many stitches you’re supposed to start out with.

ETA: the unanimous consensus among my followers is that you should cast on two stitches per needle. Good luck!

agustinor asked:

Oh baiklah, Mas. To d point ya, bgmn jika ada pria yg mengajak seorg wanita utk membuat komitmen utk menikah dlm jangka waktu 2 atau 3 tahun k dpn? Apa sikap terbaik yg mesti diambil oleh wanita itu jika ia setuju utk berkomitmen. Thx, Mas :)

Buat saya pribadi, itu terlalu lama. Lebih baik enggak usah ada komitmen-komitmenan. Komitmen pada diri masing-masing saja buat terus memperbaiki diri, buat siapapun jodohnya kelak.  :)

Tapi terserah juga yang mau ngejalanin sih. :)


As promised, here is the picture of my first knitted hat, the Butterfly Knit Beret by redheartyarns, as modeled by Rex the Pumpkin head! This project was problematic, as I bought the wrong yarn (Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, instead of RHB Midnight), used the wrong size needles (size 8 circulars and size 7 DPNs to finish instead of starting with size 7 circulars and size 9 circulars/DPNs; there’s a good reason for this, I don’t own a pair of size 9 circulars or DPNs), and a lot of stitches were dropped (and thankfully regained) towards the end.

Probably going to give that to Marah for her birthday, it’ll fit her head better than mine. I’m going to give the Daydream Hat a try; it uses yarn that I have, and needles that I have, so it should be nice :D