Theoretically couldn’t you knit in the round with a total of three dpns (two for holding the yarn and one for knitting with)? I imagine it’d be a little clunky, but I think it would be doable. Maybe. Any thoughts?

Knitting feedback needed!!!

Do any of y'all do socks two at a time and toe up? If you’ve tried it, what do you think?

I got this book forever ago, and now that I’ve finished the Neverending Socks (knitted the traditional way: top down, dpn’s and the whole bit), I think I might tackle this method.

Thoughts? Reviews? Opinions? Warnings? Cautionary tales?


What did I do last night in my crazy 20 yr old life? I went round my bestie’s for a sleepover and it was like arts & crafts club, while she was sewing a super cool avatar (alta) plushie I decided to work some more on my first ever hat. This hat could have been finished in 2 days if I had not used really nice merino wool on it and then proceeded to frog and rework this hat 5 times due to my lack of experience with circular and dpn knitting and the fact I kept screwing the colours up and then I even finished it and it was like an inch too short so  I’m redoing the cap AGAIN but I swear it’s gonna be good when its finished. 

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I’m trying to knit mittens for my Grammy and I’m having so much trouble knitting in the round with double pointed needles. I’ve knitted with DPNs before, just not in the round. Every tutorial I’ve watched has made it look so easy and I just ugh. Does anyone have any tips that might help? I know I have to find a comfy way to hold all of the needles (which is hard with those) and I have to make sure that the stitches don’t get twisted, which is the easy part, but I don’t know. I feel so defeated because I usually am such a fast learner when it comes to knitting anything.

i lost my knitting bag when i moved in 2014. it had all of my favorite needles, my crochet hooks, my size 5, 7, and 9 DPNs, my stitch markers, my stitch counters, all my favorite notions, and two projects i’d been working really hard on. plus it was a super cute bag-

i seriously feel like the parent of a runaway or something. like, you don’t have to come home, i just want to know what HAPPENED to you, and that you’re okay.

i feel like, actual grief over it and it’s taken me a year to come to terms with the fact that it’s just gone :(

Nowadays people

Asal senyum dpn tepon je ingat pakwe –’ ohhmaii pemikiran zaman bile ahu gitu.

Banyok lagi bende buleh jadi sbb aku senyum lah wehh

Antaranya kawan kawan aku yg duk kutuk orang dlm group ws, gambar selfie sekni, gambar & video mengarut, banyok kot. Banyok sangat yg menggelikan hati aku dan mampu buat aku tersenyum.
Ingat pakwe je ke 😒😒😒

Lagipun kalu aku ni ade pakwe 😏
Lame doh duk sekung kurung dlm bilik
Dok bersosial nge sedara mara
Gayut dok breti
Henset dok lepas

Sekarang ni ade ke aku wak gitu 💁🏼 tadok pun kan.
You guys should learn how to respect other people life lah. Remaja dulu dan sekarang berbeza. Lansung tak same lah. Jangan samakan hidup zaman dulu dan sekarang. Banyak sangat bezanya okay.