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what do you think of the jc combi h2 math, f math, computing and econs tbh haha

brb searching funeral services for you anon 

Unless you are really into maths, don’t take double math lol..maybe do H2 economics ? instead and do another H1 instead? 

Advice for new A level kids: 
1) know what you are getting yourself into
2) give yourself options because you might not want to pursue that certain job the next year 
3) why your life hard when you can make your life easy

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This neurogenders or whatever they're called (those bordergender etc bullshit) just make me so frickin aggressive. Sorry but this makes transgender not only look like a joke but also like it's a fucking mental illness. Like fuck that shit, some therapist assumed I might have bpd (even if I literally show no to about 1-2 symptoms lol) and this is the reason why it will take double the time until I'm able to transition. So could this bastards just like... stop?

Fucking exactly.
No mental illness is a gender.
Feeling empty due to depression is not voidgender. It is DEPRESSION.
It’s kinda ableist, really - and you give good proof.
-Mod OJ

Memes of 2017
  • Changing the Hollywood sign
  • Gordon Ramsay in search of lamb sauce
  • “If you or a love one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may be entitled to compensation”
  • Turning pre-existing memes into wholesome memes
  • Putting characters/places/things into a hierarchical tier system (God Tier / Mid Tier / Shit Tier etc)
  • Tumblr ads that are so weird they might as well be shitposts
  • That awful anime clip of the girl eating the meatball
  • “take a fucking sip, babes”
  • Teen Comix strip (a.k.a. “No Fear; One Fear”)
  • Emoji reviews
  • lov the cronch
  • Stating something in a life-hack-y kind of way then posting that picture of the guy pointing to his forehead
  • The old man in the red sweater shrugging and the caption is “guess I’ll die”
  • “cash me ousside howbow dah”
  • “While you were [doing something] I studied the blade”
  • The weird gray alien that sits and waits for stuff?? Or something?? He has no legs and a weird nose
  • “y’all mind if i…”
  • “what in tarnation” variants
  • Tumblr turning 10 and The Confetti™
  • That one too-close-up gif of the white guy awkwardly blinking
  • Brain expanding meme
  • Taking the piss out of @writing-prompt-s
  • [something] machine broke
  • A smattering of memes making fun of student athletes
  • Finishing song lyrics and that picture of Meryl Streep shouting
  • “yeah can I get a fucking uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
  • “some people??? [do things]??? to cope?????”
  • The shutdown of Club Penguin
  • Tumblr’s April Fool’s joke this year was just a horse tamogatchi and people seemed to genuinely enjoy it
  • A sudden call to arms to make McDonalds bring back some sort of Szechuan dipping sauce
  • “Come visit the Jungle we’ve got [weird names for stuff]” powerpoint slide thing
  • Those ditty.it videos where you type in a phrase and a robot voice sings it to you
  • “Bitch I lived”
  • ? Do fidget spinners count as a meme?
  • Editing panels from Erica Moen comics (e.g. the infamous Cuck Comic)
  • “In case you haven’t noticed, i’m WEIRD. I’m a weirdo. i don’t fit in. and I don’t WANT to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird.”
  • Bone-hurting juice
  • “I confessed to my crush through a Spotify playlist”
  • Wendy’s mascot as a smug anime girl
  • Fyre Festival
  • thanks! I hate it
  • Okay we’re literally FIVE WHOLE MONTHS into 2017 and I still see so much talk about vore on my dash. Seriously? Why y’all gotta be so fixated on vore? It’s ruining my health and needs to end
  • “thrussy”
  • .
  • okay nvm I preferred the vore
  • Regular People vs. Creative People
  • Bill Wurtz back at it again with the history of the world
  • Mocking people with the Spongebob chicken image
  • “[X] is dead and replaced with a lookalike: a conspiracy thread” (more of a twitter thing)
  • mood & big mood
  • “sir you’ve been in a coma for [X] years”
  • “do you take constructive criticism on your posts”
  • respecting women
  • a post stopping mid-sentence and somebody else comments “[X] killed them before they finished”
  • cracking open a cold one with the boys….or something
  • covfefe
  • Saying you love [X] by saying “I’m love [X]”
  • I keep seeing this CGI anime girl with a pink bow and a pink streak in her hair and I have no idea who she is 
  • The Babadook as a gay icon
  • “This Post Can Be Reblogged by Anyone” (also, “[X] do not interact”)
  • A cat photo with a caption in Russian, which someone else then plugs into Google Translate
  • “The floor is [X]”
  • Nothing but respect for MY president
  • Some sort of Woody the Cowboy rp collective that takes over old accounts of toxic people??
  • Tumblr fucking things up with their “““Safe Mode”””
  • “How to Talk to Short People” comic but it’s been altered
  • Crash Bandicoot goes “WWOOOWOWOWOOWO”
  • “Swear Jar” vs. “[X] Jar” that has more coins in it
  • “she protec but she also attac”
  • Powder that makes you say [X]
  • A bunch of memes heralding the sudden revival of Owl City’s “Fireflies” (most notably the ‘you would not believe your [X]’ meme)
  • A 3x3 grid of (usually anime) characters with a “thank you” message written over them except the one in the middle usually says “not you”
  • “Sometimes…things that are expensive…are worse”
  • oh worm?
  • Something about……piss in jello….?
  • just the phrase “piss yourself” in general has become very popular
  • Using cutesy language like “hewwo”
  • Pennywise in the sewer
  • Textposts made with a weird cursive font (I still don’t know how to do that)
  • I know the “Who would win?” meme predates 2017 but an honorable mention to its revival
  • Not really a meme but everyone banding together to combat the hurricanes/other freakish natural disasters was so uplifting
  • that guy who’s with his girlfriend but ogling the girl in the foreground
  • To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty
  • While we’re on it, turns out the whole Szechuan thing was a Rick & Morty stunt and it didn’t end nicely
  • “then perish”
  • Neo Yokio
  • Overlaying a picture of a monkey getting its hair cut on photos
  • Mario and Luigi walking into places?
  • that’s pussy, babe!
  • kin drama
  • Edits of the Griffin McElroy Roundabout vine (“I don’t understand [X] and at this point I’m too afraid to ask”)
  • The overwhelming urge to eat detergent pods
  • Screaming seagull
  • “My bike got stolen recently. I was pretty bummed about it“
  • incels and chads
  • “omae wa mou shindeiru”/ “I diagnose you with dead“
  • haiku bot
  • People reacting to outrageous comments in a double-take-style “you WHAT”
  • Eric Andre Show screenshots
  • “Who?” “The girl reading this”
  • Zootopia pro-life comic
  • Scam messages asking for bitcoin