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Items found in Ted’s stolen Volkswagen

The following is a list of items seized from the orange Volkswagen after Ted last arrest in Florida.

Clothing Items :

  • One pair of white athletic socks with blue bands.
  • One pair of navy blue socks.
  • One pair solid white athletic socks.
  • One pair of white athletic socks  with green stripes.
  • One pair white tennis shorts “Court Casuals” size 32, double black stripes.
  • One white tee-shirt “J.C. Penny Towncraft”, size 38-40.
  • One yellow knit pullover shirt  “Hanes”, size Large.
  • Two pair jockey shorts, “Classic Brief”, size 32.
  • One bath towel, one hand towel, one wash cloth, gold, “Burlington House”.
  • One beach towel, one bath towel, one face towel, brown, “Burlington House”.
  • Three pair boxer type shorts, “Hanes”, size 32, blue, green, and yellow.
  • Two pair gym shorts, one red, one blue.
  • One shirt. Shirt is burgundy with gold, green and red stripes, with debris and ripped at the shoulder.
  • One pair of black socks with grey and red bands.
  • One black and navy belt.
  • One pair of brown socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with blue brand, price $2.35, “Super Sox” by SAI.
  • One pair blue terry-cloth stretch socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripe.
  • Two pair white socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripes and blue top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair black socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair brown socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair gray and charcoal socks with with red top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks.
  • One pair of Levis Panatela sportwear jeans, size 32 x34.
  • One pair faded Levis blue jeans.
  • One pair racket ball gloves.
  • One Sears brand stopwatch.
  • One pair blue jockey shorts size 32.
  • One red nylon down filled vest.
  • One pair of work gloves.
  • One pair ski type gloves.
  • One blue with red and white trim jockey type bathing suit, size 32-34.
  • One multi-color plaid shirt “Norman”, size M.
  • One blue terrycloth bath robe.
  • One brown washcloth “Burlington House”.
  • One pair corduroy cut-off pants.
  • One dark blue shirt.
  • One sky-blue knit pullover shirt.
  • One faded navy « See Bee » shirt.
  • Six pair of jockey type shorts.
  • One blue cotton shirt and one red windbreaker.
  • One brown knot pullover shirt.

Manicure case  :

  • One Gillette disposable razor.
  • One can of Noxzema, shaving cream; one tube Revlon Shampoo, one Right Guard deodorant stick, one bottle Sea & Ski suntan oil, one bottle of Jovan musk oil after shave cologne, one small pair of scissors, one large and one small pair of fingernail clippers, one full pack of Dentyne chewing gum, one small tube of Crest toothpaste, one Gillette  Tract II razor, one packet of five razor blades refills, one Goodie plastic comb, one Pepsodent toothbrush, one metal nail file, one pair eyebrow tweezers, one hair brush, one soap dish with used bar of soap, and one metal mirror.

Various :

  • Part of a Pensacola journal newspaper, dated Tuesday February 14, 1978.
  • One “Velox” bicycle tube repair kit.
  • Three sealed cans of racket balls “Wilson” two balls per can; one racket ball can with one ball “Wilson”.
  • Two bottles of Vitamin C capsules.
  • One bottle of Solotron multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • One bottle of Vitamin E complex supplement.
  • One Exxon Florida road map.
  • One map of Tallahassee and Leon County.
  • One Polaroid Land Camera Supershooter Plus with carrying case, camera literature, and flash cubes.
  • One Ken-Tech digital clock AM/FM radio.
  • One bottle of Sudden-Tan bronzing lotion “Coppertone”, appears new.
  • One box of tobacco “Rum Cake” from Smokers’ World.
  • Five books : “Navigation the Easy Way” by Carl D. Lane & John Montgomery, “This is Sailing” by Richard Creagh-Osborn, “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis, “Modern Marine Maintenance” by John Duffett, “Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling” by Chapman.
  • One magazine, Cruising World, Sailboat Manual.
  • Thirteen Heineken beer coasters.
  • One « National » radio and cassette player.
  • One Panasonic AM/FM radio.
  • One Panasonic LTD portable black and white television.
  • One grocery bag containing five cans Chicken of the Sea tuna, one 16 oz., can of Oceanspray Cranberry sauce, six cans Underwood sardines and two cans of Spirt of Norway sardines.
  • Two pipes, one pipe accessory kit, one Colibri gas cigarette lighter, one leather tobacco pouch with tobacco.
  • White and brown wrapping paper.
  • One sheet of imprinted letters.
  • Four « Megaphone » magazines.
  • One blue nylon tote bag.
  • One blue and orange sleeping bag.
  • One paper bag and one champagne bottle.
  • One pair of white shorts, half piece of chewing gum and white wrapping paper that items are wrapped in.
  • One jack and one screwdriver.
  • One note, one piece of paper, one match box.
  • One Underwood Letters 33 manual typewriter with carrying case.

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Hotel verse: Robin tells Regina he loves her and she freaks out because she thinks no one can love the EQ. Bonus points if Robin already knows who she is but doesn't tell her

Three Small Words

Regina stared at her closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. Bobby hadn’t been specific about where he was taking her for their date and his only clue was that he was going to treat her now that he was the owner of the Ever After Hotel. “My bank account has suddenly doubled in size,” he said, “and I want to spoil you.”

With that in mind, she imagined he was taking her some place a bit more on the pricey side, even though she always protested he didn’t have to. Regina had had her share of someone trying to use wealth to win her affection (though Leopold wasn’t so much trying to win her affection but hope to please her without really bothering to find out why his young bride was truly unhappy). All she needed this time was Bobby, their sons and time together. They could just have a movie marathon and she’d be infinitely happier than she ever was in the royal palace.

Yet spoiling her made Bobby happy and she doubted it would be as painful as sitting through a ball shrouded in shadows while her husband treated his daughter as a queen. Bobby always gave her his full attention and did everything in his power to make her feel special. In turn, she hoped she did the same to him.

Regina selected a green cocktail dress to wear. Green wasn’t one of her usual colors but it was one of Bobby’s favorites, so she had gotten the dress especially for him. It had a plunging neckline that gave a tantalizing–but tasteful, in her opinion–glimpse at her breasts before hugging her curves and ending just above her knees. Cap sleeves covered her shoulders but not her arms, so she pulled out a black wrap to wear as well.

She sat at her vanity, curling and pinning up her hair, when she heard a soft knock. “Henry, is that you?” she called out.

“Can I come in?” His little voice was muffled by the door.

“Of course,” she called out. “The door is unlocked.”

The door creaked open and Henry peeked in, hazel eyes gazing at her. “Are you getting ready for your date with Mr. Bobby?”

“I am. Do you need something?” she asked, pulling out her makeup as she sat at her vanity.

He shook his head, jumping onto her bed. “I just wanted to spend some time with you.”

She smiled at him, her heart melting at his comment. However, she was sure he would get bored. “I’m just putting on my makeup, sweetheart.”

“That’s okay,” he said, bouncing a bit on her bed. “I’m fine just sitting here.”

Regina turned around, concerned. That was a statement that usually sent him heading back downstairs to play with his toys. She frowned. “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong, Henry?”

“Yes,” he said, far too quickly for her liking. She kept her gaze on him, trying not to glare or stare, and waited.

He squirmed on her bed before asking: “Are you going to marry Mr. Bobby?”

That caught her off guard. She stood from her vanity and sat next to him on the bed, pulling him close to her as she wrapped her arms around him. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “Why?”

“Because I like him and I like Roland. I think we’d be a great family,” Henry said, hopefully. “A normal one.”

“Normal?” Regina felt like her gut was twisted into knots as the fear she was depriving Henry of something vital crept up again.

He nodded. “You know. Mom, dad, siblings…maybe a dog? Like I see on TV and what some of the other children have.”

She hugged him close, feeling sick from her guilt. “Do you feel like you’re missing out?”

“Sometimes,” he admitted, snuggling closer to her. “You’re a great mom but there are some things a boy just needs a dad for, you know?”

Fighting back tears, Regina gave him another squeeze. “I know, sweetheart. And I don’t know if I’m going to marry Mr. Bobby. But I think no matter what happens, he’ll always be in your life.”

“Really?” Henry perked up, smiling as hope filled his eyes.

She nodded. “I’m sure of it.”

“Great.” He seemed happier and she relaxed as he looked up at her, a sly smile on his face. “I hope you marry him though. That will be cool.”

“Well, I’m not even sure if Mr. Bobby loves me,” she said, fiddling with her necklace as her heart fluttered.

Henry giggled. “Of course he does.”

She glanced down at him, frowning. “What do you mean by that?”

“Please, Mom, it’s so obvious.” He rolled his eyes, something that was clearly her.

“Oh really?” she asked, her eyebrows rising to meet her hairline.

Henry knelt on her bed, almost eye level with her. “Mom, please. He has this goofy smile whenever he sees you, is always trying to touch you, wants to spend all his time with you, and kisses you all the time. He loves you.”

“Love is a bit more complicated than that, Henry,” she said, her heart speeding up as she realized everything Henry said was true.

“Why?” he asked, frowning.

She sighed, not sure she was ready to get into this with her young son nor if she had the time. “It just is. Now, let me finish getting ready for my date. We don’t want to keep Mr. Bobby waiting, right?”

“Right,” he replied, though looking a bit unsure. Henry slid off the bed. “I’m going to go back to watching my cartoons.”

“Henry, wait.” When he paused by the door, she approached him and hugged him. “No matter if I love Mr. Bobby or not, I love you. You’re my son and the most important man in my life. And that’s not complicated at all.”

He grinned and hugged her back. “I love you too, Mom. And that’s not complicated either.”

Regina laughed and then gave him a gentle push. “I’ll be right out, sweetheart.”

“Okay, Mom. By the way, you look really pretty,” he said before leaving the room.

She smiled and headed back to her vanity to finish getting ready.

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*huff, puff* I just finished trawling your archive from start to finish, strip-mining it for my own collection. You've nearly doubled its size, and I have narrower standards for what I'm looking for, so, kudos. I also wanted to say thank you especially for being so thorough in sourcing images - I'm kind of anal about proper attribution, so it's appreciated. If you'd like, I can send you my collection as a zip file - many will be familiar, but quite a few predate finding you.

Thank you!

And thanks very much for the offer, it’s really appreciated, but I’ll be honest: if I get a zip file, I’ll just procrastinate forever. (I’m particular with posting links to the artists’ sites, and I’d have to locate each and every one of them before posting them, and gah, I’m already feeling old and tired. :P)

s/o to sapphic girls with defined jawlines, broad shoulders, cold hands. s/o to girls with bony elbows and knees who feel like no one will think theyre pretty and soft and want to cuddle with them. s/o to every girl who doesnt fit the mold of short, soft, skinny, white sapphics, who think they wont be loved and welcome in the wlw community. youre the bomb.com and girls will love you just as much, i promise!!

I would like for y'all to meet my little 2 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy… Prompto! He’s the runt of the litter and a very sweet boy. He might be smaller than the rest, but he’s a tough guy!

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dude i would love to read an essay about Bellamy being a hufflepuff. i feel like too many people only put characters in hufflepuff if they don't really fit anywhere else and also i LOVE Bellamy and reading about him... so if you've got any free time, i mean...


Discussion: Is Bellamy Blake Really a Hufflepuff?
(answer: yes he is)

To begin, one has to note that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are both basically the two sides of the same coin. They’re both considered ‘heart’ houses as loyalty and friendship are things that these houses hold important. This is clearly seen in DH when during the final battle Hufflepuffs ‘virtually to a person stay, as do Gryffindors’ (JKR, Harry Potter: Beyond the Page). The difference she said is that for Gryffindors, bravery and showboating go hand in hand and Gryffs in general love to show off. They love attention. (Literally, a prime example of this is James and Sirius- the Marauders on the whole really) Us Gryffs are the ‘do it for the vine’ kind of people. As for the Hufflepuffs, they stayed because it was the right thing to do. Not because of bravery and showboating but because it was right and Puffs are true and just.

Also here’s the thing about Gryffindor: anyone can choose to be brave and that’s why every single Gryffindor could have ended up in another house. (this is a discussion for another day though)

Now let’s get on to Bellamy. I agree that at first glance he does seem to fit the mould of Gryffindor: he’s brave, daring, and reckless (quick check: HP Wikia) But at his core he’s loyal, he’s caring, hard working and dedicated… which are all Hufflepuff traits (quick check: HP Wikia). When Bellamy goes out there to risk his life for someone, he’s not doing it to showoff, he’s not being deliberately reckless (he is being reckless but that wasn’t his intent); he’s doing it because it’s the right thing to do. He’s doing it because he has such a big heart and cares.

(Also, just for funsies, another Hufflepuff trait is fair play and remind who was scandalised at the mere thought of cheating during the blood sport games? That’s right, Bellamy. Another just for funsies trait: modesty. If you search up modesty in the dictionary then you’re bound to find his picture next to it. The boy hates getting praise for anything.)

Argument: Gryffindors also care just look at Harry James Potter.

My counter argument: Let me introduce you to Nymphadora Tonks.

Tonks was a Hufflepuff. She was also a skilled Auror and member of the OotP. She died after leaving her home- and her son who was maybe a month old at most- to go fight in the battle. She was brave and courageous and reckless and yet she was still a Hufflepuff. Reasoning: she doesn’t prioritise being brave. She chooses to be brave but it is not her priority. When she goes to her death- the battle of Hogwarts- she’s not going because she’s being brave. She’s going because not only is it the right thing to do but because her loved ones are there- her husband, her friends, her found family, people who she’s come to know and love, and that’s why she goes.

And that’s why I argue that Bellamy is a Hufflepuff. Sorting doesn’t depend on what quality is your biggest; it depends on which one you think is the most important to you. That’s why Hermione isn’t a Ravenclaw. She’s the brightest witch of her age but she asks to be placed in Gryffindor. She chooses bravery over intellect.

So for Bellamy that’s why I see him as a Hufflepuff. He will never come out and say that he was being brave. He’ll always say that it had to be done and refuse to be praised. He does however prioritise his found family because he’s loyal to them. He’ll go through hell and back not for the sake of being brave but because he’s loyal to them, because he loves them.

And if you want to go even further consider this: his bravery is circumstantial. All the characters are brave because that’s what they have to be on earth. They don’t exactly have much of a choice. And yet no one is arguing that Clarke’s not a Slytherin or Raven isn’t a Ravenclaw because it’s easy to see that the former is resourceful and cunning, while the latter cares about her intellect more than anything else. And it’s that way for Bellamy too, who’s loyalty is essentially his core trait, it’s at the root of his love for the people who he considers to be his.