*double size*

my hope for Goten in Dragon Ball Super SOMEDAY (since he still looks like a seven year old and he’s ELEVEN which is OLDER THEN WHEN GOHAN FOUGHT CELL WTF He wAS LIKE TEN?) is that one day he’ll come into the Son Family kitchen to eat breakfast and literally OVER NIGHT he grew from tiny boy to looking like he does at the end of Z with a lowering of his voice and everything- just an overnight shoot right up like Goku did, and Chichi has a fricken heart attack because her baby doubled in size overnight

and then he gets a haircut b/c he looks too much like Goku.

s/o to sapphic girls with defined jawlines, broad shoulders, cold hands. s/o to girls with bony elbows and knees who feel like no one will think theyre pretty and soft and want to cuddle with them. s/o to every girl who doesnt fit the mold of short, soft, skinny, white sapphics, who think they wont be loved and welcome in the wlw community. youre the bomb.com and girls will love you just as much, i promise!!

Guys expect girls to have huge breasts, a small waist, a big butt, long hair, a flat stomach, tanned skin, a cute face, long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, full lips, a thigh-gap, long legs, wide hips, thick thighs, know how to cook, show a lot of skin but not dress “slutty,“ be sexually experienced but not be promiscuous, love wearing snapbacks, sneakers and high heels *but not be taller than the guy while wearing said heels*, has to love watching sports, won’t call them on their b.s., won’t be jealous of their female “friends”, has to love wearing lingerie, push up bras, yoga pants, thongs and g-strings but can’t wear uggs, heavy makeup, big sunglasses, high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts, red lipstick, fake nails, fake hair, leggings, pantsuits or their hair in a bun, must always in the mood to have sex, be “open-minded” in bed, can’t have beauty marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, too many tattoos, kinky hair, dark skin, body hair or a vagina or breasts that don’t look like what they’ve seen in porn and can’t weigh more than 120lbs.

And yet they’re deeply offended when girls say they don’t date guys shorter than 6 feet.


The beautiful @itcouldntbe tagged me to share 10 selfies of 2016. These are the ones that I felt the most beautiful and alive in. I have come so far this year in loving myself. In being myself. And being true to myself. (And had more hairstyles than necessary) I can’t believe it’s almost over. Here’s to a better year full of love, truth, and creative journeys
I’ll tag @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman @ewipperling @shed100please and @journeytobutterfly