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You keep saying you love representation but hate on "the demon show" as you so disrespectfully call it. At least my favorite show has female characters that are queer while you stan a bunch of straight white girls. Instead of wishing the show was cancelled why don't you die.

Y’all love to call out blarkes for their bullshit but turn around and send death threats to people for their opinion on a show :) Not that I need to explain myself but my three favorite fictional characters are Peyton, Clara, and Lexa.

  • Peyton was, as far as we know, straight but she was quite open to people’s sexualities and had I believe two f/f kisses in the duration of the show. Sure they weren’t purely romantic but it wasn’t something she was grossed out by.
  • Clara Oswald, canonically bisexual who had a thing with Jane Austen and loved to talk about it:
  • Lexa, the thirtiest gayest gay to ever gay:

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Yes, my faves are so straight. You’re absolutely right. How could I have missed it?


Nitori Kawashiro - Mountain of Faith (first 3 pictures) and Double Spoiler (last gif). She also appeared in Impossible Spell Card and had the same sprite as in MoF.

In the second picture I hope you can see how Nitori is rotating. And in the third one I tried to capture her optical camouflage but there are lots of bullets on the screen and it is very difficult to see it.