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Dr. Morgan’s daughter, Cicely volunteers and is assigned under nurse Caroline. Recently Cicely broke up with Caroline’s son, Alex and fears things might be tricky at the hospital.

But Caroline has no hard feelings and asks Cicely to help Percy burn off some of his energy so he can get back to resting.

This is the exact field that Cicely wants to study for, pediatrics. Her afternoon flies by when she spends it with Percy.

He’s going home the next morning and Cicely will miss having him to dote upon. She dreads cleaning out bedpans, Percy was a nice break from that type of work.

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Ok so in a Modern setting when it came to Epo and Hughes (Did I get the names right?) I can kinda see Travis being the parents that constantly gushes over them, while Katelyn congratulates them quietly... Until it came to their chosen sport, in which case Katelyn's all up and about yelling and jumping in support? Or do Katie and Trav just gush over how proud they are forever?

I feel like, on the outside, it’s kinda true– unless it’s something competitive, Katelyn comes off more of the reserve but definitely supportive parent while Travis would be a step away from raising his child up and saying “WITNESS THEM.” Both gush over their kids esp when they were young, though. Katie tends to whispers it and get thosw childish giggles while Travis, again, is the loud and more active sort that swings his children around, calling them nicknames and literally. He is a doting father that spoils.

Safe to say the kids grow up in an extremely loving and happy home, Epo (yeah that’s correct– at least her nickname, her full name is Éponine, a nod @ Katelyn’s love of theatre and her pretty much having a go-getting attitude of a ‘heroine’) and Hughes are gonna be sweetest peeps. Or well try to be, though Epo might be a little too cocky and Hughes somehow ends up *extremely* lazy despite his proactive dad and athletic/competitive mama… and being a total mama’s boy.

Man i need to write them more!

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Russia's reaction to finding out that Ukraine is preggers with Estonia baby

He would be confused, but happy. He didn’t know his sister was with Estonia. He will be happy that he will have a nephew/niece to dote on. Unfortunately for Estonia, he only feels these emotions of Ukraine. He will be very mad at Estonia for  “getting it on” with his sister without him knowing, not that he would allow it, but still. Now that Ukraine is with a baby, he will force Estonia to stay with her and take responsibility.

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Allie Jane is so tall! And she has so much hair already! I remember as a 2 year old I still had short wispy hair. Those girls are so sweet and Alyssa seems like such a loving mama.

Allie looks like a little girl, not a toddler anymore 😭. Growing up so fast! Alyssa and John make cute kids, and they seem to absolutely dote on them! 

-Admin T 

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Good luck with your new blog!! Your scenarios are super cute :) Could I request some Bakugou x girlfriend relationship headcannons?? Hope you have a lovely day! ^^

why thank you (^ v ^)

Bakugou x girlfriend relationship cannons

  • Right from the start she should know what she’s singing for and that’s definitely not a loving and full of romance relationship
  • If his s/o is tempered as him (or even close to it) there will a lot of quarrels and things will be pretty tense
  • This guy needs a more doting partner (cuz the tsundere he is he’ll need it ) who can keep up with him and help him cool down whenever he picks a fight with random people
  • He’s going to say some insulting things but his gf will have to let it slide because he can’t express his feelings very well (except for anger) and doesn’t mean the things he says
  • This boy is so determined to become the best hero so some of the dates are just going to be training sessions. If she gets tired or doesn’t want to train he’ll be more than happy if she sits somewhere while observing him and pumping up his ego by telling him he’s doing great
  • Other than that he’ll take his gf hiking, camping or whatever outdoor activities he can think of (I don’t know why but I think he’ll take her to paintball)
  • The time when they’re alone together at home they will watch movies or play video games. If she’s winning she will have to lose on purpose because he’s a sore loser
  • He won’t initiate make out and cuddle sessions that much so this will be his s/o’s job
  • His way of starting a cuddle session is to extend his hand over her shoulder and let her lay her head on his chest
  • He’s quite the possessive type so he’ll mark his partner by leaving hickeys or letting them wear his clothes. This way she has “that’s Bakugou’s property” written all over her
  • As for jealousy this is the only time he’ll show his love openly. And may god help the poor little soul that made him feel jealous

“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))


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