“I danced from the age of three. I was always in amateur dramatics and I did a lot of public speaking. So when I told my family I was going to be an actress…well it was like when your camp best friend tells you he’s gay and you’re trying really hard to look surprised. Even so, it was one of the worst years of my life. I was an Usher at ‘The Lion King’. I was an office temp – the epitome of spiritual bankruptcy – and even a cocktail waitress…sorry, a mixologist. I can still free-pour a double vodka.”


Batman: The Long Halloween Fancast

Ben Affleck as Batman
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon
James Purefoy as Harvey Dent
Ed Harris as Carmine Falcone
Sam Rockwell as Joker
Natalie Dormer as Catwoman
Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy
Kate Mara as Riddler

I’m actually super stoked for Ben Affleck as Batman. I think it’s going to be amazing!!!

Fancast requested by thehypercombo