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When Mikey lost his arm was Donnie allowed to make his prosthetic right away or did Mikey have to 'earn' the privilege of having two arms again?


@lydjachan ((Very complicated indeed, Mikey had to finish his mission to be cleared in Shredder’s eyes. But Donnie also had to learn how to make a prosthetic. Took him awhile but he worked day and night)) ((Art by the wonderful and talented @hynmy-art-and-aus ))

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How would the turtles feel if their girlfriend is a foot ninja

I’m going to make this as so if you’ve just told them and have been dating them for a while.


He feels betrayed, and honestly all of his brothers do.  You’ve been keeping this from him all this time, and now you tell him?  His breath hitches, and it’s not long before he leaves you standing there to go and collect his thoughts.  Maybe you were forced into this and had no choice but to serve Shredder, but that made you Leo’s enemy technically.  He shouldn’t even be seeing you.  But yet…. he knows that he couldn’t tear himself away from you; you’ve brought so much happiness in his life, and somehow you find the time to be with him with all that you have going on.  Eventually, he finds you a couple hours later, the decision made.

“This is going to be rough (y/n), but we’re going to make it work.  We WILL make it work.  I love you, and there is nothing in Hell or on Earth that will tear me away from you.  You may be working for Shredder, but that doesn’t make you my enemy and it never will.  We’ll keep this between us for as long as we can, but if Shredder catches wind that you’ve told me about this, DO NOT hesitate to come to me.  I WILL protect you, no matter what.  I love you.”


.Hell yes, he’s pissed.  How could you not tell him something like this?  At last minute!  He’s more frustrated angry than ‘angry’ angry; you knew you could trust him so why hide it?

“What if I didn’t know it was you under that mask, huh?!  Dammit (y/n), if I hurt you without knowing it was you I wouldn’t be able to live with it!  Why did you keep this from me!?”

Expect to not hear anything from him for a few days, because this is taking a big toll on him.  You may not be a danger to him or his family, you’ve proven that, but it’s hard for him to accept what you’ve told him.  You’re supposed to be his enemy, you’re working for Shredder, you could be followed to the lair without knowing and put Raph’s family in danger.  But after a couple of days, he calmly and boldly walks up to you….

“Baby, I love you.  You know that.  But this, working for Shredder and lying to him, to me, to my family… one of them has to go because it’s only going to get you killed.  Stop working for Shredder and be with us…me.  We’ll protect you, you can have a good home….

But you gotta choose for your own good….  Shredder…. or me.”


“…W-wait… What?  Y-you’re– nononono…” 

He paces and paces and paces, biting his fingernails and his lower lip.  He doesn’t believe what he heard, doesn’t want to, there’s no way…. You’re lying, you must be!  You?  Working for Shredder?  After all that Don has given you, the love, the kisses, the affection, gifts, and the teaching of ninjutsu…. Was it wasted time?  Wasted moments? 

No…no  no no.  Don’t think that Donatello!  We can find a way to get her out of this!  I know I can!  She doesn’t have to keep hiding like that from Shredder!  Or from us!

He’s very persistent on getting you out of this…’arrangement’ you can say.  He’s coming up with plans, schemes, ways for you to come out unharmed…unless that’s not what you want.  But that’s absurd!  Why would anyone want to work for Shredder?  He’s not letting this happen…. you don’t have to be hiding from Don anymore.  He’s going to help get you out of this.


“Ha!  Very funny!  A little late for April Fools isn’t it?”


“…..Wait….You’re not serious…..are you?”

“Yes Mikey.  I am.”

After that last sentence from you… he has to sit, or he feels like he’s going to vomit.  He’s so still, so silent that it’s maddening, and terrifying.  What’s he thinking?  Mikey sits there for so long that you have to sit yourself because of your legs aching now.  You wished he would say something; it was like he was in shock, and to him it felt like it.

But suddenly he looks over at you, eyes brimmed with tears and puts his hand on your cheek.

“No…” he says.  “The next time you have to go to that monster, you’re not going anywhere.  You’re staying right here.  With me.  With my family.”

His other hand rests on your other cheek now, his face close to yours.

“Please (y/n)….. don’t go back.  Don’t ever go back.  We’ll protect you, and you won’t have to worry about him or his stupid asshats coming after you.  You don’t have to do this….”

Never in his life had he pleaded this hard.  If you left again, it would surely crush him, knowing that your life is in even more danger than it already was.  He’s not letting go…

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all you can see is a dull, muted orange. “It’s alright, my dear,” he soothes in that raspy voice of his. “You’re alright…” You sniffle loudly, and nod slowly. “It’s alright Jebby, Donny is here for you,” he reiterates slowly, pressing his pruny hands under your armpits, absorbing the sweat that accumulated there.


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More parent!sanzedrine. More of them trying to figure out what to do because they keep getting turned down by adoption agencies. More of them persisting after about two years and they finally get their wish. More of them meeting their little babies, a boy and a girl, and Sandman bursting into tears because he's never thought he'd make it this far. More of them having domestic debates about who's turn it is to change the diaper or feed them or calm them down at night. 1/2

More of the children learning to accept Sandman’s shadows and what to do when they cover his neck. More of the kids helping their dads cook dinner. More of Benzedrine being proud of his babies for standing up for Sandman when he’s talked down upon by other kids. More babysits from Horseshoe and Donnie and then having no idea how to handle them. More of them being just the greatest family and Sandman falling asleep with everybody he loves in the same room, glad he chose to stay alive. 2/2 💕

awwwww fuck this is pure and good, they r so happy awwww