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Aquaman and Black Manta # lunch break

Imagine your favourite WWE Superstar's face when they find out that you like them..

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Things I’d rather see than Jinder vs. Brock:

  • Dolph reenacting the entrance of every single WWE superstar in history, no matter how long that takes
  • Aiden English’s one man choir recital marathon
  • Sister Abigail!Bray cut promos on every single person in the building
  • A Hell In A Cell match between Michael Cole and JBL
  • James Ellsworth striptease
  • Daniel Bryan teach Kurt Angle how to discipline his wrestlers for the entirety of Smackdown
  • Another “This Is Your Life” from Alexa
  • Erick Rowan and Luke Harper try to explain their new gimmick in character
  • Literally anything else