A brother/sister/sister incest scene

Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because of their over-protective parents. So what happens when a horny teenage boy and his two sisters begin getting sexually curious but can’t leave the house? They fuck each other of course. First, little sister (Mary Tsoni) licks big sister’s (Angelika Papoulia) pussy. Then brother plays with his big sister’s tits in the bathtub while little sister watches. Finally, big sister gets her brother’s dick hard so he can fuck her.


2017년 1월 13일 오전 02:24

Dogtooth (2009)

송곳니가 빠져야 아이가 집을 떠날 수 있는 시간이 다가온다.
조금은 아득하고, 조금은 아늑한 아포리즘.

Teach me how to love you like I wrote
And say it like I mean it when I don’t
Teach me how to hold you in my arms
Without squeezing too damn tight and causing harm
I’ll learn not to look at you with scorn
I will if you promise to never have been born

By all means, give me your lessons in my ways
But damn it, don’t expect me to change
Mold me to the man that I should be
But don’t consider that man to be free
And how am I expected to behave
How when I’m alone with myself everyday

I never loved you enough, my love
And I’ll never hold you close enough

Teach me how to love you like I wrote
And say it like I mean it when I don't 

anonymous asked:

lucy could you recommend some movies to me that are one the shorter side? like under 100 minutes?

of course! recommendations under 100 minutes long: the fits, polytechnique, pariah, respire, stoker, short term 12, it follows, drive, mustang, tomboy, fruitvale station, obvious child, moonrise kingdom, tangerine, rushmore, another earth, the double (2013), enemy, gravity, mistress america, cloverfield, sound of my voice, green room, moon, hunger, appropriate behavior, the bling ring, heaven knows what, dogtooth, the grand budapest hotel, daydream nation, drop dead gorgeous, american mary, phoenix, comet, 500 days of summer, the fountain, what we do in the shadows, juno, the darjeeling limited, beasts of the southern wild, the keeping room, frances ha, zombieland, don’t breathe, all cheerleaders die, attack the block, submarine, bad words, welcome to the dollhouse, the one i love, bottle rocket, coherence, election, the virgin suicides, shame, the guest, the way he looks, smashed, high tension, the witch, closet monster, the loved ones, persona, raising arizona, young adult, the iron giant, igby goes down, lost river, two days one night, heartbeats, fantastic mr fox, the blair witch project, sun choke, beetlejuice, inside out, alps, faults, queen of earth, like crazy, best in show, your sister’s sister, me and you and everyone we know, primer, ida, the eyes of my mother, excision, elephant, for a good time call, creep, chronicle, always shine, safety not guaranteed, honeymoon, eagle vs shark, maniac and trainspotting

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hey! i'm sorry if you've been asked this but can you recommend any movies with gorgeous visuals and aesthetic? for me that would mean like lots of neon and one-color focuses if that makes sense. it's ok if not!!!

not sure about the one-color focus, but honestly i love recommending my favorite visual heavy films, it’s a hobby of mine, almost a sport: amelie, moonlight, it follows, the neon demon, stoker, the double (2013), melancholia, the guest, tangerine, american honey, the duke of burgundy, the lobster, drive, across the universe, her, la la land, lost river, the fits, starlet, enemy, a girl walks home alone at night, another earth, under the skin, green room, excision, requiem for a dream, ex machina, mommy, a single man, we need to talk about kevin, take shelter, dogtooth, the handmaiden, midnight special, victoria, the witch, the master, the fall (2006), the tree of life. also: wes anderson, stanley kubrick, david fincher and xavier dolan are all standouts when it comes to a certain signature cinematography among most of their filmography. and here’s a list of mine: letterboxd.com/deathproof/list/style-over-substance/


Let me explain. Dogs are like clay and our job here is to mold them. A dog may be energetic, a fighter, cowardly, or gentle. All this requires work, patience and care from us. Every dog is waiting for us to show it how it should behave. Do you understand? So the issue here is to decide together how we want your dog to behave. Do we want an animal or do we want a friend? Do we want a guard who will respect us as his masters and do unhesitatingly whatever we ask of him? - Dogtooth (2009)