Follows the transformation of Bruce Jenner from a man to a woman by showing the struggles and publicity of changing gender.

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‘M is for Autism’

‘M is for Autism’ is a new (released 1st July) book written by the students at Limpsfield Grange school a school for autistic girls in Surrey, UK. The school was recently featured in the ITV documentary ‘Girls with Autism’ which I think you can still watch here (video has self harm tw) (i know i said I’d upload it but apparently that would breach copyright laws so sadly I won’t be able to, sorry)

I read the whole book this afternoon as it is quite short (96 pages) and only took me an hour or so and I am a slow reader. 

It tells the story of M, an undiagnosed autistic girl and her struggles to ‘fit in’ at school and in the world before finally receiving a diagnosis and the effect this has. It was written with the idea to produce a book by autistic girls and for autistic girls and I really enjoyed it. I think it articulated many of my experiences as an autistic girl, especially since, like M, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was a teen. It also features illustrations by the students which help to convey the story very well along with coloured and bold text. 

It is a little pricey considering how short it is though. Downloads are slightly cheaper than a hardcopy so I went with that. I’ll link some places to buy it below the read more as I do really recommend it to autistic girls (and boys too I suppose) and anyone who is interested in autism or has an autistic relative. 

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The United States provided aid, weapons and money to the Indonesian military so that they could carry out this genocide… This is how Suharto came to power. And that aid started flowing while the rivers were still choked with bodies.
—  Joshua Oppenheimer, director of the new documentary “The Look of Silence” about the 1965 Indonesian genocide. Watch his interview on Democracy Now! today.
Help Bill Nye get his documentary made!


Bill Nye, for those of you outside of America, is a mechanical engineer and the host of the most scientifically prolific show in the 90′s, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” It’s silly, quirky, super weird, and completely scientifically focused. It was a staple for any middle school science classroom, and it shaped the lives of millions of children across the USA.

The coolest part? Bill Nye is an internationally acclaimed advocate fighting for scientific literacy, gender equality in male-dominated scientific fields such as coding and engineering, and a vehement supporter of combating global climate change… And we want to record his historic role in scientific literacy and advocation with a super cool documentary! This documentary aims to “start following Bill as he tours the globe, advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate change deniers, and attempts to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan – all at a time when science is under attack.”


The Kickstarter only has 10 days to go and it’s scarcely past 50% funding. We need your help! AND YOU GET SOME HELLA COOL PRIZES!

So please, please, PLEASE spread awareness of this! This man mentored under Carl Sagan, debated one of the most (deluded) popular anti-evolutionists, and travels the globe ALL THE TIME to raise awareness of the struggle a scientifically illiterate world can cause. Donate what you can, and if you can’t spare the monies, please reblog! Let’s make this happen!

Born in the Struggle

When I was in high school, things were really tight for me and my family. My mom had given me a little money for Christmas shopping and I really wanted to be able to buy gifts for my sisters so that they would be able to have a good Christmas. At school, there was a field trip. My mom had already given me her last. I couldn’t ask for more and I wasn’t going to sacrifice my sisters’ holiday just so I could go on some trip. My history teacher caught word of this, pulled some cash out of his wallet, and paid out of pocket for me to go. He knew I was a hard working student. I cried and he said, “It ain’t no thang.”

This teacher is now making a documentary of his own conception, “Born in the Struggle,” the story of the children of 1960s and 70s radicals. It is not a story we hear too often. We know the names of the activists, but when the movement is their baby, what happens to their children?

His African American History class inspired me to write and speak on social injustice. His kindness gave me hope. His documentary will show the world a new perspective. I’ve donated! You should too!

Click to donate here! The smallest amount helps. Even if you can’t donate, reblog so that others might! 

Dr. Hill – your kindness will not go unrewarded. 


The Kids of Burning Man

Children may be a couple of feet shorter than most burners at Burning Man, but, in Zipporah Lomax’s view, their behavior in Black Rock Desert isn’t too different from that of their adult counterparts. Like their parents, they like to climb things, ride bicycles, wear colorful costumes, watch awesome performances, and meet interesting people—essentially, the freedom to do pretty much whatever they want to do.

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Ok what is it with ppl getting angry at u for being on ur phone. Like what do u think I do on here? Stare at the bright white light for ritual purposes? Do u know the amount of stuff that is on our cellular devices in this magical year of 2015? I can learn sign language on youtube, I can learn maths on khanacademy, I can talk to ppl from literally all around the world on tumblr, I can talk to my irl friends on so many apps, I can watch documentaries, read horror stories. Like my mum says this to me soooo much but like what else am I supposed to do? Chores? Should I wash clean dishes for a second time for no reason? Should I vaccum a clean floor? Literally everyone in my family gets angry at me when I read books and annoy me so? And then parents get angry if u actually hang out with ur friends? Like can I live?

sugarforsalt asked:

Did you and Lori enjoy Shovels and Rope? I may have missed any mention you made and I was curious. I've been following them for years and have yet to see them.

I never did say anything, huh. Well, I was completely blown away by the opening act, The Black Lillies. I’ve Apple Musiced them and they were much better live. Their guitarist was borderline Richard Thompson amazing even though he had precious few solos. I recommend checking them out. When S&R came out, the energy was palpable and the volume was cranked. Just like their vids or the documentary, there they are on a sparse stage. My only very small criticism is that the do have a go-to groove that makes many of the songs sound the very similar after a point. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a blast but if I compare it to Isbell (unfair I know), there isn’t the deep quiet emotionalism followed by crazy musically precise dynamite. It’s pretty much all less than precise dynamite which has its own charm. That’s not bad and I’m sure that as they put out more music they’ll find more gears. You absolutely should see them.