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I dare you not to cry.


Tragic Documentary about the Magdalene Asylums

In the mid-19th century, secular asylums in Ireland were taken over by the Catholic Church and converted into Magdalene Asylums. They were originally intended to serve as a refuge for prostitutes, but their numbers grew, along with the number of abandoned children due to the Potato Famine. The industrial orphanages that arose as a consequence were exposed long ago for their cruelties in the treatment meted out to their helpless charges. Yet amazingly, the last Magdalene Asylum didn’t close until 1996.
These supposed Brides of Christ took charge of women from poor or nonexistent families, some for having children out of wedlock, others for having “provoked” their own rapes by possessing potentially “sinful” attributes, still others for simply being judged too dangerously attractive to avoid being plunged into sin with pitifully susceptible males. Curiously, oversexed boys and men were never consigned to monasteries to repent of their sins, and as we’ve now come to know, misbehaving priests were never, ever disciplined.

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That gif with George ashing his cigarette on John's head, where is that from and do you have the link?

It’s from the ‘Eight Days A Week’ documentary film. You can watch it online here: http://putlocker.live/The-Beatles-Eight-Days-a-Week-The-Touring-Years-online-free-putlocker-116-1304.html

or here: http://movietv.pro/the-beatles-eight-days-a-week-the-touring-years/


Netflix’s ‘Audrie & Daisy’ Tells Two Haunting Stories Of Sexual Assault

When Daisy Coleman was 14 years old, she went to a small house party at the invitation of her older brother’s friend. Within mere hours, Coleman says she had blacked out and had been sexually assaulted. Afterward, she was left on the front lawn of her Maryville, Mo. home in the dead of winter with her hair frozen to the ground.

Nine months later, on the other side of the country, 15-year-old Audrie Pott was sexually assaulted at a house party by a group of her classmates. Photos of the assault were circulated around her high school in Saratoga, Ca. A week later, Pott had committed suicide.

A new documentary from Netflix, “Audrie & Daisy,” tells the young women’s stories side by side, detailing the horror and shame of sexual assault, as well as the infuriating backlash that survivors often face when they seek justice.

“I’m not one of those photographers who fell in love with the craft at a young age. In fact, I remember promptly destroying the first camera I ever got by painting it with Tipp-ex (don’t ask why, I was young, and Tipp-ex has way more dangerous chemicals in it then should ever be allowed around a child!). I first got into photography after graduating from high school and taking a year off, in which I travelled to Fiji. That’s where I first started to take photographs, but also realised that perhaps I’d one day be able to use photography as a way to explore the world and get paid for it. I think my interest in war came a little later, with me wanting to explore places more off the beaten path where most couldn’t or wouldn’t want to go.”

The Fight Against Al Shabaab by Tobin Jones (2/5)

splinteredstar replied to your post:Reno: "Hey, Rude. Who do you like?“  (Rude turns…

I maintain that one of the standing rules of the turks (the Real Rules, not the ones that get written down) is that turks will invariably fall in love with the least appropriate person possible.

It’s one of those Turk Things, a risk of the job.

(the only people they’re half way honest with are coworkers and enemies, anyway, so it’s not /that/ surprising.)

“Protect company interests and do Stupid Shit for love” is how Reno normally phrases it.

(He also has a running commentary on the ranking: who made the worst choices for a cute girl. Was it Vincent’s entire life? Was it Tseng getting stabbed on his way to Aerith? Is it how Rude keeps falling for Avalanche members?)

i hope you know that this is canon to me from now on


Here’s a Playlist of TRAILERS from true crime Documentaries/Movies that I really adore! 

(Some of them are the full movies)

It’s still small, but it’ll grow every week! If you have some recommendations let me know! 

►►Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown S8 : Nashville


Air Date : September 25th, 2016
Season Number : 8
Episode Number : 2
Episode Name : Nashville
Guest Stars : Margo Price, Alison Mosshart, Josh Habiger
Networks : CNN
Genres : Documentary

Bourdain absorbs the tastes, sights and sounds of music city, from chef Josh Habiger’s Catbird Seat and Bolton’s famous hot chicken, to a night of cooking, drinking and rocking out with singer Alison Mosshart, and her bandmates. The episode features performances by The Kills, Dead Weather and Margo Price.

Anthony Bourdain

“One of the most frightening aspects of working in Somalia is that over the last few years the conflict has essentially morphed form one having distinct front lines into an insurgency. While in some ways this means the conflict is less constant now, the downside is that it has become much more unpredictable with IED’s and suicide bombers being able to strike at any time. Sadly, it also means that its not going to be a conflict that’s going to have a clear and final end, but instead will die a very long and slow death - with many more people likely to get hurt." 

The Fight Against Al Shabaab by Tobin Jones (5/5)